Minutes for September 8th, 2022

Minutes for September 8th, 2022

Minutes for September 8th, 2022
1. Call to Order – Chair
The meeting was called to order at 10 AM, MDC Credit Union, 2915 W. Truman Blvd, Jefferson City, Missouri (also by Zoom).
2. Welcome and Introductions / Roll Call / Proxies – Secretary
Misty Perry stated that there were 24 Voting Members in attendance, and that there were enough voting member attendees to have a quorum (18).
Ex-Officio Members
Thomas Vought – MSDIS – p
Tony Spicci – NSGIC Liaison – p
Tracy Schloss – OA ITSD GIS – p
David Nail – USGS – p
State Members
Misty Perry – MDA – p
Jerry Prewett – DNR – a
Amelia Aubuchon – Economic Development – p
Tim Bixler – MDC – p
Wiley Howell – MOARNG – p (proxy Nick Schulte)
Colin Duewell – MoDOT – p
Matt Hesser – OA Planning – p
Brandon Wolfe – SEMA – p
Cooperating Members
Jason Warzinik – Boone County FPD – p
Nathan Mattox – Boone County – p
Dan Rose – City of Columbia – a
Buster Schrage – City of Jefferson – p
Stacey Roberts – KC MO Water – p
Steve Marsh – City of Lee’s Summit – p
Andy Wagner – City of Maryland Heights – a
Melissa Johnson – Cole County, MO – p proxy Buster Schrage
Richard Perkins – CPS – a
Jennifer Bowden – Mid-MO RPC – p
Brian Maydwell – MO 911 – p
Chris Barnett – MU Extension/CARES – p
Ming-Chih Hung – NW Missouri State – p
Brad Arshat – Sanborn – p
Jeremy Tanz – SEMO RPC – p proxy Nathan Mitchell
Indi Braden – Southeast Missouri State University – a
Steve Kasten – Surdex– p proxy Jack King
Michael Gawedzinski – USACE – a
Katie Philbrick – NRCS – p
Mollie Webb – Washington University – p
Derek Smith – Wilson & Co – p
Woolpert – Jeff Lovin – p
Other Attendees (non-voting)
Joe Eckmann – ESRI – p
David Nykodym – OGI – p
Jeff Wann – CIO State of Missouri – p
Kayla Flamm – (MOBOT) – p
Curtis Copeland, Matt Matheney, Frank Nelson, Glenn Rice, Brandon, Loomij

3. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes – Chair
Motion to approve August 11, 2022 minutes by Buster Schrage, Seconded (without amendment).
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 OGI Report – Tracy Schloss
Esri Contract in place. Attending meeting to get MGISAC perspective. It is a first step: an outreach activity. Would like a multi-year (GIS) development plan.
4.2 MSDIS Report – Tom Vought
One Student Intern; Department of Geography undergraduate. Fantastic to work with.
Another interview this week, we will have two interns in one semester.
We have officially unleashed URL for replacement imagery server. Link in monthly update. Right now, basically a carbon copy of existing server (feeding a new imagery tile). We saw a significant uptick (in traffic) on MSDIS server. Looks like honest traffic, but looking into it.
Clearinghouse summit in Iowa: same questions, comments and concerns. Love that meeting. A good chance to compare notes. In the process of considering the hub as a platform for delivering their content.
New dataset from DHS “Primary Healthcare Providers” added to clearinghouse. Thank you.
4.3 Treasurer’s Report – Chris Barnett
Balance $19,178.93.
Save the date stickers. Expenses for Nathan to attend MMA conference.
Submission to Nikko directly working fine. Difficulty doing reimbursement with tax exemption. Will have more expenses after next week.
4.4 Membership Report – Wiley Howell (Nick Schulte)
18 total members (no change) with no current vacancy, Filled Eco Dev membership. the membership list will soon be refreshed and sent out. Quorum 18. Updated directory forwarded to Chair, updates to contact information needed.
4.5 By-Laws Report – Colin Duewell
No proposed changes
[6.3] Legislative – Tony Spicci
Meeting a week ago; outcome: decided to work toward goals of committee one step at a time. Work with legislature to draft legislation to codify MGISAC. Will outline: purpose, function, membership, roles, and responsibilities. Putting together a draft of the language. Use existing language to build ours. Look for Legislators to support our goal and sponsor a bill. We have a few people to reach out to, but if you know someone, send suggestions. Will advocate how it affects/impacts statewide activities as well as how those activities impact local government.
TB: We appreciate you leading this and it’s important to have this codified.
Met with Representative Tim Taylor. Very excited about this and we want to loop Tim back into the Legislative Committee. Will reach out to you, Tony.
TS: There is an expectation that the council has authority or budgetary power and we don’t. We are a volunteer organization being asked to do more. This is good timing.

[7.2] NSGIC- Tony Spicci
NSGIC Board elections. Annual conference and Annual Business Meeting.
1. By-law changes and voted upon
2. Board Elections: Sent out slate day before yesterday. 2 Nominations for President, 4 nominations for Board, with 3 spots to fill.
Discussion about how council want to vote, deferred to Tony’s opinion. Everyone who runs is qualified. Can’t go wrong but geographically we look at what happens in their areas.
CD: Did you make a motion? I would amend to include Tracy’s opinion, that Megan Compton is great to work with and very helpful. Buster 2nds motion and all are in favor of deferring to Tony for the 3 votes but that Megan is a top candidate for the Council’s vote.
Tony: Legislative meeting is at 11 then conference on the 19th, I will report back. NHD program evolving. Expect that there will be other good topics covered as well.
5. Discussion Topics / Presentations
5.1 Presentations
Daryl Rockwell- SEMA- State Floodplain Conference: Risk Map CTP Program. 30 counties using paper maps. Creating regulatory datasets. Put online for those without access. Full suite of products in development. Since 2016, using AGOL. “Free Board Requirements” use freeboard grid. They do workshops and training. Key data layers, LiDAR statewide.
Map maintenance phase, LOMR review. Would love to move the AGOL to an enterprise system. MO SEMA map online: “Public Awareness Experience” Demo. LiDAR derived DEM.
BS: I see this is served by AGOL…. Are the services going to be public?
DR: This is still very new, It’s view only at this time.
JB: Will this information reach FEMA and HAZUS?
DR: That is a good question for Heidi Carter; State Mitigation Officer.
JB: If FEMA isn’t going to update HAZUS we should defer to the state data
DS: Provide them with a full suite of products. If esri decides to destroy Desktop license, HAZUS will be destroyed. Now opened enough to mildly function on newer versions of Arc. FEMA will need to update.
JE: We are not destroying ArcMap, but it will not be supported. If you have no plan to upgrade your OS, you can run desktop. You have a long time before that becomes a concern.
TS: NHD and USGS toolsets in/out of compatibility with esri. At the local level, everyone is using esri but getting stuck in this old way of thinking. A
Are DEM’s hydro-rectified with culverts, bridges burnt into them?
DR: They come from USGS National Map, so no. Not sending links out yet, don’t want to crash the system.
What is the overall strategy?
DR: When information is available; progress in the risk map. Wait until the end of life cycles. We do them all at the end. 2D regulatory process is challenging. FEMA used 1D. They want to move to 2D. Done by 2026.

6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development – Buster Schrage
– Will not have meetings on Tuesdays moving forward.
Southern imagery effort: Release to MSDIS in 1.5 months.
TB: Sanborn password: will continue to have access to imagery. Cannot add any edits but do have access to view imagery as a “Thank you” for assistance.
Glenn Rice wins most tiles award for SE Missouri. He knocked out the most important things.
TS: I don’t know the best way to properly thank everyone.
Next Phase: Kansas City, 11 counties. Stick around after meeting if you want to know more about the Surdex Imagery QC tool and volunteer for the effort (estimated time: 30 minutes). Surdex flew these with Mid America Regional Council. Counties: Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, Ray, Saline.
6.2 Education – Richard Perkins
NM: Link to story map project CPS student interns for garden redesign project. A nice story map.
[6.3] Legislative – Tony Spicci (Temporarily Moved, see above)
6.4 Outreach – Dan Rose
6.5 Marketing and Communications – Chris Barnett
Apologies for the lack of communication. Don’t know complete definition of position. Don’t have access to server to make changes.
NM: Any updates to website, communication go through Chris to farm out and delegate tasks.
TS: A Question for Jason, but let me know if you need help outside of that.
Update monthly meetings and times
CB: We are an advisory council of the state?
TS: We don’t exist.
NM: That is why we need to codify. We do need to post the Agenda on website prior to meetings. Jason has a few updates. Gave you a power point with before and after, kind of a mock up. Leave it in your hands. If someone submits content, up to you to move forward.
6.6 MOGISCON ’23 – Jennifer Bowden
Organizing vendors; pricing. 10 “primo” spots near lobby. “Premier Vendor Site” $400, includes a time slot to talk, booth with power and mailing list, opportunity to give print media to add to packet to give attendees. $100 sponsorship offered: Logo on things and advertise sponsorship. $300: no talk time.
Registration: $225, maybe no early bird registration. Need cut-off date so we can order food. Will have a hard cut-off date for that reason. Updates to website. Some workshop talk, continuing education. Waiting to lock in, shuttle service is very expensive. May drive ourselves to off-site social.
TS: We have stickers?
JB: Yes! We have stickers! May use the little stickers in the registration packet. Will address more topics in planning meeting. We need to discuss how we will take payments. For social in 2021, we opened a tab and were reimbursed by vendors.
SR: Maybe Venmo or PayPal?
JB: There is need for further discussion. Wild Apricot: good because it will accept money and registration all in one place. That helps keep it as clean and neat as possible. In the past we usually open registration in December. Vendors usually earlier.
CB: Did we do 2019 without the University?
NM: No, we used Custom Meeting Planners in 2019. We went on our own for virtual conference in 2021.
November through February will be a busier time.
CB: We used Red Fox for another conference.
JB: We have access through Tony.
6.7 NG911 – Shawn Penman/ Brian Maydwell
SP: RFP’s for data aggregator. Still in same place, moving forward.
BM: PAQ’s for Northern flight in Missouri. Approval from the Board to proceed.
BS: Question about Aggregator: Will process be up to the County that wins the contract or will you be able to determine your own process?
SP: Most vendors have their own system but we should be able to customize. Since we are paying I believe we get to choose. We want this to be the most useful for communities. If you have experience, we would love feedback.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC- Steve Marsh
Set budget/plan this weekend. 2-year planning, support of state conferences, etc.
7.2 NSGIC- Tony Spicci -Temporarily Moved, see above
8. Cooperating Agency / Organization Reports -Brief by Exception
8.1 USGS – David Nail
8.2 NRCS – Katie Philbrick
Point QL2 bought across the state. Apologize to DNR to throw a wrench in that. Last minute budget, no control over. Priorities: Will be targeting areas with the oldest LiDAR acquisition as funds become available.
TS: David Nail shared a map of the vintage of the aerials. The oldest were in the SE of the state, 2013.
Frank: Data Acquisition?
KP: We synchronize data on the same page. Wappapello was flown and filling that in but the boot heel is priority next time we have funds.
8.3 Missouri Mappers Association – Amanda Bybee
8.4 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors – Jon Cole
MP: Annual meeting next month, I will ask State Surveyor for a representative for them.
8.5 Census – Craig Best
Last month released website, Federal design of the 2030 census. Post URL in chat.
TS: Did that announcement get out to the state demographers?
CB: It is public. Unaware of informing individuals.
9. Open Discussion
TS: When do we discuss Northern flight of the state?
BS: Brian said board approved RFP discussion
BM: Just got approval to start process, gathering deliverables
TS: 911 board is leading the charge?
BM: Board is willing to take that on
TS: Part of tradition is that we take turns?
BM: We will take our turn and then turn it back to you.
10. Next Meeting: October 13th 2022 10:00am at MDC Credit Union 2915 Truman Blvd Jefferson City MO.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 am.

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