Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 16, 1997

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 16, 1997

U.S. Geological Survey – Mid Continent Mapping Center, Room 809
Rolla, Missouri
10:00 – 3:00 pm


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of October 24, 1997 meeting minutes
  3. Thursdays@10 presentation
  4. MSDIS web site changes to date
  5. MoGIS Conference postcard mailer
  6. MoGIS Conference Planning status
  7. NSGIC Survey update
  8. FY98 Workplan tasks – update
  9. Scheduling meetings for intro to MSDIS and GIS – status
  10. Missouri Data Sampler CD-ROM – status
  11. A tour of the USGS facilities will take place from 11:00 to 12:00. We will then break for lunch and reconvene till 3:00.

Present: Ryan Burson, Tony Spicci, Darryl Williams, Lew Davison, Ron Beck, Tim Haithcoat
Absent: Scott Totten, Mike Benzen, Liz Cook
Visitors/guests: Ann Peton (MDNR)

Ryan Burson called the meeting to order. The minutes of the October 24, 1997 meeting of the Missouri GIS Advisory Committee were read and approved.

Tim Haithcoat raised the question as to when we were supposed to make a presentation to the OIT Board. It was originally scheduled for the December meeting but Lew Davison said that our presentation was moved to a possible slot in a later meeting.

Several people were not seeing the changes that were being made to the MSDIS web site. Tim suggested that a possible reason may be that once the web site was loaded into cache that that view of the site would remain and be reloaded until they cleared their cache (or reloaded the site) and then the changes would appear. The committee brought up the need to create or point to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for GIS and possibly GPS related inquiries. Tim Haithcoat stated that the MoGIS Conference to be held on March 16-17, 1998, was going to be put on the MSDIS web site. The Committee agreed that it should, but that it should have its own ‘billing’. The MSDIS site already has a User Group / Conferences section and that the MoGIS Conference needs to stand out more on the MSDIS web site.

Tim reported that the postcard mailing phase 2 took place and we are now sending mailings to close to 5000 individuals in the state. Tim stated that the registration brochure would be printed and mailed out in January.

Tony Spicci reported that the program committee met and made some decisions regarding the program. We are trying to fill 4 papers per session which allocates approximately 15-20 minutes per presentation. This leaves slots for 80 papers. To date we had 12. Tony Spicci and Greg Breuer will be posting a call for papers via email to try to round-up more presenters. If a Committee member is contacted by a possible presenter have then send in the title and abstract via email and then forward it to Tony or simply pass on Tony’s email address to the presenter.

The Committee discussed the need for moderators in each session that are responsible for keeping the sessions on time and on track. These people will be acquiring the bios for their speakers for introduction purposes. The moderator should not be presenting in that session.

For the opening general session we are pursuing the Governor’s Office. The idea developed is to draft a ‘speech’ with accompanying slides that describe the status of GIS and applications of GIS within the state across all levels of government as well as the private sector and education. The talk might be entitled ‘Who are we?: GIS Success Stories’. Ryan Burson will coordinate. A deadline for submittal of slides would be January 21, 1998. Ryan would like to have the presentation pulled together and scripted by early February. This forum would allow us to broadly acknowledge good work as well as inform the Governor’s staff. Lt. Governor Roger Wilson was also mentioned as a possible opener for the conference. The committee recommended that we personally invite Roger Wilson.

Tim Haithcoat stated that he had contacted both Fred Limp and Kathy Covert. Fred Limp stated that he was interested and Kathy Covert needed to pass it through the FGDC conference schedule which would take place sometime in early January.

Ann Peton reported that the vendor call for participation was off and running. The pipe and drape with 2 chairs, table, trash can, and signage would cost approximately $28 with an additional $28 for electrical hook-up. A basic booth would cost then $56. Ann stated that any vendors that we could think of we should pass their address on to Ann. She is shooting for 30 paid booths. A mailing should go out to vendors in mid-January.

The Committee mentioned that a special invitation be made to the legislators to attend the poster and vendor reception on Monday night.

Tim stated that the registration brochure will be mailed out in mid-January to the full mailing list of over 5000.

Discussion then turned to the NSGIC framework survey. Ryan stated that we should call the chief executive in each county/city to find our who the designate should be to fill out the survey instrument. Ryan Burson will send to Tim Haithcoat a list of the Municipal Government Contacts and possibly a Missouri Roster to aid in this process. We have 400 surveys to distribute and we are hoping for a January mail date.

Tim reported on the status of the regional seminars on MSDIS and GIS. He has made plans to visit sites for one full day of presentation in the following areas: Springfield, Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Poplar Bluff. Ryan stressed the importance of having materials for certain groups or applications available so the participants have something to take away as reference material. Once firm dates are arrived at the dates will be made known to the committee.

Tony Spicci and Ann Peton then talked about the CD ROM product – the Missouri GIS Sampler. Tony would like to have each committee member send in their ideas as to what the content should be and who the intended audience should be, as well as a ballpark estimate as to the sizes of the audiences we would like to serve with this product. Tony reported that we have a verbal agreement with ESRI to develop the user interface tool for the CD and that these bills would be contracted through the University as a not-to-exceed-price contract of approximately $10,000. Tim is checking into the University side of this arrangement. The Committee will need to discuss what types of functionality we want on this product in relation to the funds that we have available. The cost of production for these CDs would be approximately $2.00/CD. Discussion will follow as to whether we charge or not charge for this product. The Committee agreed that we should cover the production and mailing costs at the very least.Meeting closed at 3:20.

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