Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 15, 2001

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 15, 2001

Members Present

Beahan, Gary Dept. of Economic Development
Carey, Michelle City of Kansas City
Daw, Steve Shafer, Kline, & Warren
Dorge, Greg City of Jefferson
Duewell, Mark Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Falter, Jeff SEMA
Haithcoat, Tim MU – MSDIS
Holder, Renee Dept. of Revenue
Pitts, Debbie MO State Library – Census Data Center
Schloss, Jeff Dept. of Natural Resources
Shaw, Jo Ann Dept. of Natural Resources
Spicci, Tony Dept. of Conservation
Williams, Arnold Dept. of Transportation
Williams, Darryl USGS – MCMC
Yoest, Don Dept. of Agriculture

Others Present

Baird, Sue Dept. of Agriculture
Barney, Terry USDA – NRCS
Johnson, Zachary Dept. of Economic Development
McIntosh, Jane Dept. of Agriculture
McMullen, Wallace Dept. of Mental Health
Schloss, Tracy Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Stewart, Helen SEMA
Wilkerson, Chris Dept. of Natural Resources

Members Not Present

Cole, Julia East West Gateway Coordinating Council
Cook, Liz USDA – NRCS
Davis, Jim Dept. of Mental Health
Duncan, Mike St. Louis Dept. of Planning
LaScala, Jim (excused) City of Liberty
Peterson, Jennifer (excused) City Utilities of Springfield

Call to Order

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Reading of Minutes / Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved as posted on the MSDIS website.

Subcommittee Reports

GIS Position Development

Jeff Schloss reported that OA thinks six GIS positions are too many. There is a debate over the the entry-level position, because it is seven to ten steps below the next GIS position on the pay grid. There are three steps between the other positions: GIS analyst, specialist, and manager.

Chris Wilkerson addressed the committee on the development of GIS positions in the state of Missouri. He is now the chair of the ITAB’s personnel subcommittee. In his opinion, we need to keep GIS positions separate from IT positions. In addition, he proposes that we eliminate the training position and insert a technician level. This will give us three steps on the pay grid between each position. He agreed that it would be better to have the six positions as originally proposed, but he feels that four positions stands a better chance of being approved by OA at this time. Over time, we may be able to add other positions.

Tim thinks that we need to have more discussion on the need for a GIS trainee position. He said that if you take all of the geography graduates, they do not meet 10% of the need for GIS staff. Tony said that we need to try to meet the needs of all agencies. He feels that we should emphasize education in geography. He mentioned that MU will have a 16-hour GIS certificate available beginning in January 2002. Michelle voiced her concern about excluding IT staff who are currently doing GIS. Debbie said that we need to find out what the state most needs. We may need to open a path for people to enter through the bottom of the GIS position level.

ITAB Liaison

Jeff Falter reported that the state has spend approximately $700,000 on homeland defense since September 11. Gerry Wethington is on the state’s homeland security committee. Tim and Tony will attend the next ITAB meeting.

Strategic Plan

Mark Duewell stated that this committee has fulfilled its obligation as outlined by the group when it was formed.

Education and Outreach

Michelle asked each agency representative to fill out the questionnaire about hardware and software which will be posted on the MSDIS website. Send the questionnaires and any comments to Michelle by next Thursday, December 20.

Federal Initiatives

Darryl handed out the USGS National Map fact sheet for the Missouri Pilot Project. This project is a partnership between the USGS and Cape Girardeau. Darryl said that they need to get more state and local government agencies on board for the National Map. He also mentioned that we need to coordinate carefully, because several of the initiatives are redundant.


Renee said that the group has decided to hold off on producing theArcGIStraining, since ESRI is offering training online.

Tony is working on becoming authorized to teachArcGIS, and he may have some slots available for people from other agencies. The cost of theArcGISbook is $100. MDC is moving toArcGIS, and it seems to be working well for them.

Tim hopes to hire a GIS trainer at MSDIS who will be responsible for handling metadata andArcGIStraining in July 2002.

Data Standards

Renee reported that the group has a rough draft of the addressing standard for review. Arnold said that they will be scheduling another meeting soon.


No report.


No report.


Jerry Wethington is reviewing the bylaws which were approved by the committee.

State Architecture

The architecture review committee is in place in ITAB.


Tim met with the Census Bureau in Washington, D.C. They want to see all buildings located. They want the tiger line files to be within plus or minus ten feet. They are setting up a prototype. Tim would like to see Missouri get into this process, so we can use the master address file. If any agency has a specific need for tiger files, please let Tim know, and they will process those areas first.

Several members attended the panel session within Missouri for Government Technologies.

I-Team Discussion

Jo Ann suggested changing the Strategic Plan Subcommittee to the I-Team Subcommittee. Tony agreed to write two letters of intent to the FGDC for the state of Missouri. Darryl pointed out that we will need a formal strategic plan if we are going to participate as an I-Team. Jo Ann will serve as the facilitator for the I-Team group. This group will write the strategic plan and the I-Team plan for the state of Missouri.

Homeland Security

Tony handed out some information on the homeland security issue. The group discussed the issue at length to find ways that committee members can assist with Missouri’s homeland defense issues. Tony suggested that we work on a plan to make the committee’s GIS expertise available to SEMA in times of emergency.


Motion passed to be a benefactor at MAGIC 2002 which will cost $500. There will be two free registrations with this, and we can have a booth. Motion passed for Tim to purchase a portable display unit. Debbie, Jim, and Tim will prepare the booth.

Round Table Discussion

Tony asked the group to be thinking about what they want to do for the Missouri GIS Conference in 2003. He will be choosing the committee chairs in February.

The next meeting will beJanuary 10that the Runge Nature Center.


Motion carried to adjourn.

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