Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes January 10, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes January 10, 2002

Members Present

Barnett, Chris MU – CARES
Cole, Julia East West Gateway Coordinating Council
Cook, Liz USDA – NRCS
Daw, Steve Shafer, Kline, & Warren
Dorge, Greg City of Jefferson
Duewell, Mark Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Haithcoat, Tim MU – MSDIS
Holder, Renee Dept. of Revenue
LaScala, Jim City of Liberty
Pitts, Debbie MO State Library – Census Data Center
Schloss, Jeff Dept. of Natural Resources
Shaw, Jo Ann Dept. of Natural Resources
Spicci, Tony Dept. of Conservation
Williams, Darryl USGS – MCMC

Others Present

McIntosh, Jane (Proxy) Dept. of Agriculture
McMullen, Wallace (Proxy) Dept. of Mental Health
Poole, Jim (ITAB Representative) Dept. of Conservation
Smith, Jason Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Stewart, Helen (Proxy) SEMA

Members Not Present

Beahan, Gary Dept. of Economic Development
Carey, Michelle (excused) City of Kansas City
Davis, Jim (sent proxy) Dept. of Mental Health
Duncan, Mike St. Louis Dept. of Planning
Falter, Jeff (sent proxy) SEMA
Peterson, Jennifer (excused) City Utilities of Springfield
Williams, Arnold (excused) Dept. of Transportation
Yoest, Don (sent proxy) Dept. of Agriculture

Call to Order

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Reading of Minutes / Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved as posted on the MSDIS website.

Subcommittee Reports

GIS Position Development

Jeff Schloss reported that the subcommittee met on January 4th. Their recommendation is that the MGISAC send five positions forward as follows: GIS Technician 1-2 (multi-allocated), GIS Analyst, GIS Specialist, GIS Coordinator. Liz asked if staff who are currently working in GIS would be grandfathered in. Jeff responded that they most likely would. Mark warned that there is a possibility that some could be reclassified to a lower paying position.

JimLaScalamade a motion that the MGISAC send the five positions to ITAB for review as written by the subcommittee. Liz seconded the motion. Jim Poole recommended not fighting ITAB and OA Personnel. He feels that it is better to get some positions approved as to fail totally. Tim said that we have been told that we would be locked into the middle positions and that we might be able to come back and get a position added at the top or bottom. In his opinion, we should propose the complete career path. That would give us a bargaining platform later. Motion passed. The GIS positions report will be reviewed first by Jim Poole and Chris Wilkerson. Jim will try to get the report on the ITAB agenda for the February meeting, and Tony will present it to ITAB.

ITAB Liaison

Jim Poole asked if anyone had questions regarding ITAB activity. Tim asked about the status of the state architecture. Jim stated that the topic is very large in scope and impact, and the state architecture committee is still wresting with it.

Strategic Plan

Mark Duewell will reconvene the Strategic Planning Subcommittee when the MDC planner is available to attend the meeting. The Subcommittee will then draft a recommended plan for the MGISAC’s approval.

Education and Outreach

JimLaScalamade a motion to purchase both the Venus #1 Table Top Display and a Sprint Banner Stand to be used at conferences. Motion passed.

Federal Initiatives

Darryl reported that the State Mapping Workshop will be in Denver in May or June this year.


No report

Data Standards

Renee reported that there will be an Addressing Standard meeting at MODOT (2217 St. Mary’s Blvd) at 9:00 a.m. on January 14th.


No report


No report


The bylaws are currently being reviewed by the CIO.

State Architecture

A motion was made and seconded to allow Tim to ask Gerry Wethington for a seat on the State Architecture Planning Committee. The motion passed.


If you want to be notified of new things at MSDIS, you can sign up online now. Staff will soon overhaul the GIS links. If you have data to share, let Tim know. He should have an inventory of the data that is currently housed at MSDIS. If you send metadata to MSDIS, they can link to your department’s server. MODOT roads will be back up on MSDIS in a couple of weeks. MORAP is sending the GAP Analysis project with layers and sources, etc. to be published on MSDIS. Tim expects this will be up by March 2002.

Tim handed out the MSDIS budget. He mentioned that the list of MGISAC members were submitted to NSGIC, so everyone on the MGISAC is now a member of NSGIC.

MoGIS 2003 Conference Committee Assignments

TheMoGIS2003 Conference will be held at the Columbia Executive Center. Tony assigned the following people to be chairs or co-chairs of conference committees:

  • Treasurer: Tim Haithcoat
  • Program: JimLaScala, Julia Cole
  • Exhibitors: Greg Dorge, Renee Holder
  • Posters: Liz Cook
  • Short Courses and/or Workshops: Tim Haithcoat
  • Publicity: Steve Daw
  • Arrangements/Social: Liz Cook, Mark Duewell

Steve Daw mentioned that he would like to see the Missouri Mappers Conference merge with theMoGISConference.

HR 2426

Tim passed out copies of a letter of support the HR 2426 which could be sent to our representatives in Washington, DC. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to send the letter of support. HR 2426 encourages the development and integrated use by both public and private sectors of remote sensing and other geospatial information to address state and local government concerns.


Tony sent Missouri’s I-Team letter to Ron Matzner. Tony and Tim will be writing the I-Team plan for the state. It will probably be 9-20 pages. They will circulate it to the committee for review. Darryl Williams volunteered the USGS Mid-Continent Center to serve as the federal champion for the Missouri I-Team.


The next MAGIC planning meeting will be on January 24 in Kansas City. The MAGIC conference dates are April 14-18 in Kansas City. Tony encouraged everyone to register for the conference. Tim needs to know who will be using the free memberships to the MAGIC conference. The Dept. of Conservation and the Dept. of Health will be benefactors at the conference. If you want to have your department’s logo displayed, the cost is $225. Your department will get one free registration with that.

FGDC Grant Writing Status

No report

Round Table Discussion

The group discussed possibilities of activities in the years when they are not hosting theMoGISConference. One suggestion was to have half-day seminars with speakers which are held around the state.

Julia Cole suggested getting MACOG to attend the MAGIC conference. There are about 15-18 people on the MACOG list.

Upcoming Meetings

The next MGISAC meeting will beFebruary 14th at the Runge Nature Center. NSGIC’s mid-year meeting will be held in Dallas March 22-24th.


Motion carried to adjourn.



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