Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – May 16, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – May 16, 2002


Members Present

Cook, Liz USDA – NRCS
Cole, Julia – East West Gateway Coordinating
Duewell, Mark – Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Falter, Jeff – SEMA
Haithcoat, Tim – MU – MSDIS
Holder, Renee – Dept. of Revenue
LaScala, Jim – City of Liberty
Peterson, Jennifer – City Utilities of Springfield
Schloss, Jeff – Dept. of Natural Resources
Shaw, Jo Ann – Dept. of Natural Resources
Spicci, Tony – Dept. of Conservation
Williams, Arnold – Dept. of Transportation

Others Present

Barney, Terry – NRCS
Bell, Madolynn – Dept. of Transportation
Brown, Richard M. – City Utilities of Springfield
Cammack, Rex – SMSU
Cutler, John – Ozark Regional Land Trust
Duncan, Janet – Dept. of Insurance
Durand, Jeff (proxy) – Shafer, Kline & Warren
Flowers, Mike – Dept. of Natural Resources
Fox, Ray (proxy) – USGS
Gawedzinski, Mike – Dept. of Natural Resources
Guevara, Gilbert – City Utilities of Springfield
Hertel, Tom – Dept. of Natural Resources
Higgs, Gary – St. Louis University
Horton, Kim – Dept. of Transportation
Osborn, Mark – Dept. of Natural Resources
Patridge, Jeff – Dept. of Natural Resources
Peyton, Ann – MU – RUPRI
Schanta, Mike – US Forest Service
Stacy, Lynn – Dept. of Transportation
Stewart, Helen – SEMA
Smith, Gaylon L. – City Utilities of Springfield
Smith, Jason – Dept. of Health
Wiedinger, Joseph – Dept. of Health

Members Not Present

Beahan, Gary – Dept. of Economic Development
Barnett, Chris – MU – CARES
Carey, Michelle (excused) – City of Kansas City
Davis, Jim – Dept. of Mental Health
Daw, Steve (sent proxy) – Shafer, Kline, & Warren
Dorge, Greg (excused) – City of Jefferson
Pitts, Debbie (excused) – MO State Library – Census Data Center
Williams, Darryl (sent proxy) – USGS – MCMC

Vendors Presenting at SMAC Meeting

DeGraff, Doug – Kodak
Flack, Vicki – TASC, Northrop Crumman
Hoffman, Joyce – NGIT TASC
Holdman, Dennis – ORBIMAGE
Kasten, Steve – Sanborn
Lenzen, Tom – Applied Geo Tech
Light, Don – Vexcell & Kodak
Mayden, Randy – M.J. Harden
Molander, Craig – Surdex
Russell, Scott A. – Surdex
Sampsen, Terry – Project MGMT
Swisher, Kim – Sanborn

Call to Order

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order.

Reading of Minutes / Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the last meeting as emailed out to the group were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

GIS Position Development

According to Jeff Schloss, the GIS positions are still being reviewed by the Office of Administration. Since they are not acquainted with GIS terminology, they are looking closely at the wording. Bruce Prenger has replaced Deana Brand as head of classifications. Bruce suggested that we put the trainee position back on the list. Bruce thinks the salary for the technician position is too high. We have until close of business next Wednesday to make comments. The document will go out in the mail by May 31st for the next Personnel Advisory Board meeting.

Strategic Plan

Mark said that the next strategic planning meeting will be held June 18 at 1:00 p.m. at the Dept. of Health on Wildwood in Jefferson City in the Oak Conference Room, Building 930. We still need more representation from federal and others, so he may be contacting some people about participating. Mark is planning to set up a conference call in case some people cannot travel to Jefferson City.

Education and Outreach

JimLaScalapassed around copies of the MGISAC brochure and showed the group the MGISAC display. He asked that people email him with comments.

Federal Initiatives

Ray Fox reported that the USGS hosted the Central Region Mapping Workshop May 7-9 in Denver. The USGS is making changes in the orthoimagery program. The mapping workshops provide the USGS with input from the states about what they want to see in USGS programs. Two of the major issues discussed at the workshop in Denver were the homeland security work with NIMA and the national map. He stated that the USGS needs data from everyone. Additional information about these issues is posted on the USGS website.

Ray said that the National Aerial Photography and National Digital Orthoimagery programs are combining. The states have been telling the USGS that they wanted the NAPP to be used for orthos. Changes are coming along in the NAPP which will affect Missouri. The USGS will be producing some orthos in the next year or so. They will no longer strictly be 1 meter.

Liz said that USDA will fly some photography this summer. She had a map on the MGISAC display for everyone to see. This should be available in early fall 2002. She said that if there was money and we acted quickly, the USDA could expand or modify this contract. The only parameter that is not flexible is that it has to be leaf on. Liz stated that this work is a pilot project; however, it could easily become a statewide annual project.

Addressing Standards

Renee told the group that addressing has moved to the foreground since September 11. The subcommittee met last week. The Dept. of Justice will be granting approximately $150,0000 to 180,0000 for this work. We need to coordinate standards across state lines. Funding is a big issue. There may be some available through homeland security. The subcommittee has been working on a cookbook for the CIO. He understands the need for addressing standards, but he wants to know how we are going to get it done. The next subcommittee meeting will be held immediately following the MGISAC meeting next month. Addressing standards will be the topic of discussion at a conference in Portland, Oregon in August.

State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC)

The SMAC meeting followed the MGISAC meeting.


The CIO has reviewed the bylaws and made some comments. The only major issue is what goes to the Executive Board for a vote. Jo Ann presented a proposed amendment to the bylaws in writing which incorporated the CIO’s suggestions. Renee suggested having another bylaws meeting before the next MGISAC meeting.

State Architecture

Tim reported that they are still working on domains. The MGISAC will be incorporated in this activity as much as they want to be. Tim will be looking for expertise from this group to assist with each domain.

Homeland Security

Tony handed out copies of the draft homeland security plan. It has nine action items. Tony will send the plan out to the committee via email soon. He has been working with Tim and Ann. He said that the homeland security chief will be evaluating management tools for homeland security, and he would probably attend that meeting. Mark suggested posting this information on a web site, so people could comment. Julia suggested coming up with a non-emergency application of the GIS mobile unit. She thought that it could be used for GIS education and outreach.


Jo Ann reported that work is progressing on Missouri’s I-Team plan. She asked if we could post it on MSDIS with a call for participation from everyone. The goal is to get subcommittees set up for each layer. These subcommittees will be made up of the broader GIS community in the state. Jeff Schloss asked if the information could be sent out to the committee for review before it is posted on the web.

ITAB Liaison

No Report.

Nominations for Membership on the MGISAC

Tony said that everyone who is currently on the committee would be re-nominated with the exception of Jo Ann Shaw. He will add Liz Cook and Doug Hermes. Nominations for officers are as follows: Tony and Jeff Schloss for chair, Renee and Mark for vice-chair, Ann and Liz for secretary. Nominations for officers and members of the committee will be accepted through June 1. Names should be sent to Tony.


Tim reported to the group that MSDIS should have the state zip code map completed soon. They are continuing the work on TIGER line files, so the geocoding process will be improved and creating links to census bureau files. The MOU is ready to go to Census. Tim said that working on the inventory requested by the census bureau will probably delay the Tiger line work by approximately two months. Renee made a motion that MSDIS complete the inventory requested by the Census Bureau. The motion passed. Tim is working on getting a geospatial extension specialist position. This person could do GIS training.

Missouri GIS 2003 Conference Committees


The Missouri GIS conference will be held March 24-26, 2003. The workshops will be on Monday. JimLaScalahanded out a draft of the program. He asked that the group send comments to him via email.

Short Courses

Tim reported that he has the addressing short course scheduled, and he is working on others.


Liz asked if we can state specifically on the call to participate whether the person will be doing a poster or a paper. In addition, she will be checking with Greg Breuer about the easels for the posters. She wants to know what size they are.


Jeff Durand will let Steve Daw know that we need to get the save-the-date postcard out. Tim will forward information to him on what was used last year.


The next MAGIC meeting will be held on May 30th in Blue Springs. The next MGISAC meeting will be held onJune 13th at Runge Nature Center in Jefferson City.


Motion carried to adjourn.



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