Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 13, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 13, 2002


Members Present

Cook, Liz USDA – NRCS
Daw, Steve Shafer, Kline, & Warren
Davis, Jim Dept. of Mental Health
Dorge, Greg City of Jefferson
Duewell, Mark Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Falter, Jeff SEMA
Haithcoat, Tim MU – MSDIS
Holder, Renee Dept. of Revenue
Peterson, Jennifer City Utilities of Springfield
Schloss, Jeff Dept. of Natural Resources
Shaw, Jo Ann Dept. of Natural Resources
Spicci, Tony Dept. of Conservation
Williams, Arnold Dept. of Transportation

Others Present

Fox, Ray USGS
Kincade, Carl ESRI
Kempker, Keith Bartlett & West Engineers, Inc.
Peton, Ann RUPRI
Stewart, Helen SEMA

Members Not Present

Cole, Julia East West Gateway Coordinating
Barnett, Chris (sent proxy) CARES
Beahan, Gary Dept. of Economic Development
Carey, Michelle (excused) City of Kansas City
Duncan, Janet (excused) Dept. of Insurance
LaScala, Jim (sent proxy) City of Liberty
Pitts, Debbie (excused) MO State Library – Census Data Center
Williams, Darryl (sent proxy) USGS – MCMC
Yost, Don Dept. of Agriculture

Call to Order

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order.

Reading of Minutes / Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the last meeting as emailed out to the group were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

GIS Position Development

The Personnel Advisory Board met this week. The five GIS positions were approved, so these will be in the merit system July 1, 2002. Tim suggested that we market the positions through MSDIS and to community colleges.

Strategic Plan

Mark reminded everyone that there would be a Strategic Planning Committee meeting on June 18 at 1:00 p.m. in the Oak Conference Room at 930 Wildwood. There will be a facilitator from Health. Mark will set up a conference call for those who cannot travel to Jefferson City. He will also send out a map with directions. If anyone has agenda items, please email them to Mark.

Education and Outreach

Jim handed out the MGISAC brochure at the SMAC meeting last month, and if anyone has changes to it, they need to send them in immediately. Tim wants to have the brochure printed up for some conferences this summer.

Federal Initiatives

Ray has prepared a statement of intent for the USGS National Map program to expand on the pilot project in Cape Girardeau. The National Map incorporates web mapping. The data sets are seamless, and you can create your own map. If the state wants to have more information, they can include whatever is necessary. The USGS is expanding to the St. Louis area, since they were already collecting data there as a part of the 120 cities. The Delaware site (http://datamil.udel.edu) is the poster child. Ray said that they want to do something similar, but they want to make it Open GIS Consortium compliant (OGC). There is a lot of work that has to be done. They want the best available data. They would like to have the entire Mississippi corridor, since this area has the potential for floods and earthquakes. They will incorporate geologic data. They want to have a product that the emergency response people can use. Ray asked for names of contacts in the agencies with emergency response units.

Ray said that the USGS is planning a meeting in late summer or early fall to get stakeholders involved. The plan is that The National Map will point to the data on different servers, so state agencies and others can house the data. Tony said that we need to help establish a local GIS users group and a federal GIS users group, so we can work through them. Liz asked if we could have the MGISAC meeting jointly with the stakeholder meeting so we can support this effort. Liz stated that it seems like it is a layer thing. There is a huge leap between a survey of what you have versus getting through the data ownership issues and getting it out. She questioned if MSDIS has the staff to do this. Jeff asked for a diagram of the communications framework. Tim already has something started. He is planning to take the basic framework to MACOG to see where they are with the concept. If they do not want to take on that role, then we need to look elsewhere. Greg said that local governments are getting lots of calls every day, and that doesn’t give them time to do their daily work. Tim said that maybe the MACOG group could be the service piece.

Tim asked if the border issues are being addressed. Ray said they are looking at the Texas and Arkansas border. The issue is what happens if you need data on both sides of the border. Liz stated that she thought the Missouri and Arkansas border offers a good opportunity to address the issues. She is currently working on watersheds that go into Arkansas. Tim said that MAGIC would be doing a trial National Map project using the borders of Arkansas, Missouri, and Iowa. It will be seamless and OGC compliant. They will be merging DASC and Geostore. They are starting with the datasets they feel most comfortable with.

Liz made a motion that the MGISAC join the National Map expansion in the St. Louis area by attending the stakeholder meeting. Tony said that we should have our meeting at the end of the stakeholder meeting. The motion passed. Ray stated that we need to do the entire state and this committee should be in the lead, and he welcomes input from everyone.

Addressing Standards

Renee stated that the addressing standards subcommittee will meet at the close of this meeting. She has copies of West Virginia’s RFP and funding legislation. She said that West Virginia has an addressing advisory board. She recently attended the addressing meeting in Springfield. Arkansas sent her a copy of their centerline file that they proposed to the Census Bureau. The addressing standards are posted on the MSDIS website, but we need to send out an email asking for comments.

Tim said that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) piece was given to the MAGIC group. MAGIC is going to hold some seminars on road centerlines. At the last MAGIC meeting, they approved $10,000 to fund a meeting July 24-25. State GIS Coordinators and 2-3 others from each state will be invited. Pierce Eichelburger of URISA will be speaking. Invitations will be sent out shortly. Another fall meeting will occur to bring in a larger group using the DOJ funds, look at it from a standards perspective.

Jennifer attended the Missouri Mappers meeting recently brought up the subject of addressing. Several people said that they are starting to look at that in detail. Renee said that the Dept. of Agriculture really needs addressing to assist them in locating farms quickly.

Liz said that in the Farms Service Agency’s SIMS project uses the common land unit and links it to NRCS addresses of owners for the entire state. This project is almost done. If you know a field, with the SIMS data, you can find out who owns it and who lives there. Greg said that you need to know where the house is. Parcel linkage is very important. We need to combine all of these needs. Ann said that we need to bring in the private sector in the creation of the centerline file. This will be a significant value-added product.

State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC)

Liz thanked everyone for attending the SMAC meeting. She said that the USDA has awarded the contract for aerial photography to SURDEX. They will be flying July 15-Aug. 15 with delivery 60 days later. The Aerial Photo Office will make 1-meter orthophotos for the 30 counties within one year. She recently received a call from the NDOP coordinator wanting to know if money should be put into the budget forDOQs. The number we have for second generationDOQsis approximately $1 million. NRCS will be a funding partner. MDC, MDOT, and DNR are potential partners. The first step is to write a memorandum of understanding between the partners. Tim will work with Liz and Terry Barney (NRCS) to write this up. Gary Christoff, MDC, may participate in this. DNR and MDOT will most likely send someone.


Two amendments with various changes to the bylaws were emailed to the committee during the past month. The group voted on each of the changes individually. Jeff Schloss will incorporate the changes and send out the new bylaws to the committee.

State Architecture

No Report.

Homeland Security

No Report.


Jo Ann handed out a draft of the “Invitation to Participate in Missouri’s I-Team” which will be posted on the MSDIS website. She informed the group that several theme summaries are in, and she is expecting others soon. Emails went out this week asking for others to assist. Response has been good, and progress is being made.

ITAB Liaison

No Report.

Nominations for Membership on the MGISAC

Some have received already received letters from the CIO. Tony will get a list of those approved from the CIO’s office.


Tim stated that they are continuing to work on addressing, inventory, mock-up prototypes on statewide initiatives, and homeland security issues.


Tim said that MAGIC is working on addressing workshops. They are looking for more participation. If you would like to attend there is MAGIC van that departs from Columbia. The next meeting will be June 27th at the Discovery Center adjacent to the Plaza in Kansas City.

Missouri GIS 2003 Conference Committees

Renee asked if we could give awards out for the best GIS application, best partner organization, etc. Ann asked if we could have an award for the best GIS teacher.

Tony named Renee as the subcommittee chair for awards for the conference.

Ann asked for the best GIS teacher. Tim has a meeting scheduled with the hotel.

Liz asked for Tim to check into getting internet access. Jeff Falter suggested hooking up on MORENET.


The nominations for Chair were Tony and Jeff. Tony was re-elected as MGISAC chair.

Mark and Renee were nominated for Vice-Chair. Renee was elected as Vice-Chair.

Liz and Ann were nominated; however, Ann did not receive an appointment to the committee, so Liz was elected as Secretary. The new officers will take over in July.


The next MGISAC meeting will be held onJuly 18th at the Runge Nature Center in Jefferson City.


Motion carried to adjourn.



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