Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 18, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 18, 2002


Members Present

Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
Renee Holder, Department of Revenue
Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services
Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
Jeff Falter, State Emergency Management Agency
Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City
Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
Kevin Kulhmann, Boonslick Regional Planning Commission
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development

Members Excused

JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Don Yoest, Department of Agriculture – sent proxy CindyDeOrnellis
Julia Cole, East West Gateway Coordinating Council – sent proxy Gary Mook

Others Present

Craig Molander, Surdex
Scott Russell, Surdex
Robbyn Abbitt, Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership
Jo Ann Shaw, Department of Natural Resources
Joseph Weidinger, Department of Health and Senior Services
Sonny Sanders, ESRI
Helen Stewart, State Emergency Management Agency

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting as emailed to the membership were approved as written.

Subcommittee Reports


Jim Davis reported that the By-laws are complete.


Liz Cook will chair communications. With the exception of the Missouri GIS Conference committee chairs, communications to MSDIS should be routed to Liz to send on to MSDIS. As secretary, the communications chair will also electronically store correspondence to and from the committee.

Please check the MSDIS MGISAC Web page to make sure your contact information is correct. Steve Daw asked to be something besides an ‘other’ on the membership list. It was decided to list members as standing, state and cooperating members per our by-laws.

Education and Outreach

Tim Haithcoat reported that MSDIS was getting close to hiring a Geospatial Extension Specialist who could assist the committee with education and outreach activities. Tim will put together a schedule for people to man the MGISAC booth at the Missouri Mappers Association (MMA) Conference August 7-9, 2002 in Columbia.

Federal Initiatives

Per our discussion at last meeting, the September meeting of MGISAC was changed to Sept. 19 at St. Louis University to coincide with the USGS National Map role-out. Ray Fox will make local arrangements. URISA will also meet at 4 pm. MGISAC will meet following the National Map meeting with the hope of being done in time for people to attend the URISA meeting if interested.

USGS is working onMOUswith MSDIS and MGISAC to facilitate closer coordination.

Tony sent out via email responses to a survey relative to the Central Region State Mapping Workshop held in Denver, May 7-9, 2002.

GIS Merit System Positions

The GIS position descriptions are approved and posted on the Office of Administration’s (OA) web site. DNR and Health are currently trying to hire GIS Specialists. The subcommittee evaluated OA Personnel’s tool for rating applicants. The subcommittee volunteered to evaluate hard to rate candidates

We discussed the need to have a link on MSDIS to the merit positions on the state personnel Web page. Also, we need to develop a mailing to higher education units about these positions and their education requirements.

GIS Standards

Renee Holder has forwarded minutes to MSDIS regarding their addressing standards subcommittee meeting. The subcommittee may ‘meet’ via email in the future because of trouble finding times that work for everyone. URISA is sponsoring a meeting on street centerlines and addressing standards July 24-25 in Kansas City. Please let Tim know if you plan to attend.

Other GIS standards need to be worked on. GPS could be a quick one to finalize.

Homeland Security

The subcommittee will meet following this meeting.


A Call to Participate will be on the Web page soon. Jo Ann is collecting write-ups describing each of the framework layers.


No report.


A contract was let to Surdex for USDA compliance imagery and flying has been completed. USGS is calling for an indication of the state’s interest in 2003 NAPP. Several state agencies and USDA are interested in a work agreement. A subcommittee meeting will be held following this meeting to discuss a plan of action.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning has had one facilitated and one regular meeting. Objectives have been drafted for most issues, with Homeland Security still requiring work. Mark Duewell is looking for dates to schedule another meeting.

State Architecture

No report.

Liaison Reports


The street centerline meeting mentioned above is being sponsored by MAGIC to facilitate a possible regional addressing/centerline standard. MAGIC is also considering the possibility of regional I-teams.


Kevin Kuhlmann will serve as our liaison.


Tim will investigate our need to have a liaison for this group.


Jeff Falter reported that the CIO considered the merit positions a big accomplishment. Homeland security funds coming in fiscal year 2003 should include some for GIS activities.

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committee Updates


Jeff Schloss, Renee Holder, Sonny Sanders, Tim Haithcoat, JimLaScalaand Martin Wills will work on the Program subcommittee.


Renee is finalizing the call for exhibitor participation. Fees were discussed. After seeing the budget from the last conference, Renee will draft a tiered fee schedule for vendor participation. She will finalize it by the 2nd week of August.


A Call for Papers and Save the Date postcard will go out soon.


Tim has allocated time and space for 10 half-day shortcourses. Send ideas for topics to Tim.


We will meet with the hotel in December to choose the food. A motion was made and seconded to have a non-lunch registration option. The motion passed.


We will present 2-3 awards at the conference for best partner, best application, best poster or the like. Michelle Carey will chair the awards committee. Let Tony know if you have any suggestions for keynote speakers.

MSDIS Activities

MSDIS has been working on the Census data inventory survey. A student volunteer is developing theme descriptions for the data on the Web. The themes are also being renamed and reorganized, with a goal of being done by Aug. 7. The TIGER road files are about 50% complete with address geocoding. Census data for 1980, 1990 and 2000 have been coordinated to facilitate change detection. MSDIS is working onMOUswith various data-producing agencies to share meta data, if not actual data, for discovery. Tim will be investigating becoming a member ofAmericaViewfor access to satellite data from USGS EROS Data Center.

Round Table Discussion

No report.

The next meeting was changed from August 8 toAugust 15 due to a conflict with the MMA meeting. Tony will notify of location. The meeting was adjourned.



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