Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – August 15, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – August 15, 2002


Members Present

Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Jeff Falter, State Emergency Management Agency
Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
David Drum,MOREnet
Kevin Kulhmann, Boonslick Regional Planning Commission
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren
Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services

Members Excused

Julia Cole, East West Gateway Coordinating Council – sent proxy Gary Mook
Renee Holder, Department of Revenue
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health – sent proxy WallaceMcMullen

Members Absent

Don Yoest, Department of Agriculture
Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation
Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City

Others Present

Diane True, Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership
Jo Ann Shaw, Department of Natural Resources
Sonny Sanders, ESRI
Scott Russell, SURDEX
Debbie Briedwell, Department of Health and Senior Services

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting, emailed to the membership and posted on the Web, were approved as written.

Subcommittee Reports


A Call to Participate will be on the Web page soon. Jo Ann is collecting write-ups describing each of the framework layers. Jo Ann distributed a data layer development prioritization list and work group task list. She noted that the White House Office of Management and Budget asked for our team’s (the full MGISAC Committee) names and addresses. Notify Jo Ann if you do NOT want your name on the list. A motion was made and approved to fund mailing post cards for more participation. Sonny Sanders, ESRI, offered to include some ESRI mailing list sbuscribers in the post card mailing. Jeff Schloss suggested rewording the Work Group Task list to say “provide data access through MSDIS or other Missouri NSDI nodes. Jo Ann said she would make the adjustment.


WallaceMcMullenreported no new activity. Jeff Schloss stated the Web page says the by-laws are under review. He asked when they would be finalized. Committee members considered them finalized but the Web site is out-of-date. Liz Cook will ask Martin Wills at MSDIS to get the Web updated and send her the old by-laws for archiving.


No report.

Education and Outreach

Tim Haithcoat said the brochures should come from the printers soon. JimLaScalarequested we mass mail the final brochure to Missouri Mappers mailing list. Jeff Schloss suggested the brochure and I-team information be sent together. A discussion ensued about needing to explain what the I-team is attempting to accomplish and why it is important. Steve Daw suggested we make a personal contact rather than a mailing that might be ignored. A motion was made and seconded to mail the I-team materials and brochures together. The motion passed. JimLaScalathanked the people who worked the booth at the MMA meeting.

Federal Initiatives

A notice will come out soon by email regarding the location of our September meeting in St. Louis.

GIS Merit System Positions

Jeff Schloss has developed information for Higher Education about the GIS merit positions. He has sent this to MSDIS to be distributed. Renee Holder, Jeff Schloss and Mark Duewell met with OA August 14, 2002, to discuss refining ‘class concepts’ for assigning classifications to open positions. NGISIC will post the positions on their Web page.

GIS Standards

No report.

Homeland Security

The State will be receiving about $19 million. Gerry Wethington is interested in using some of the money for GIS. Tony needs updates to the Homeland Security Plan as soon as possible.


David Drum has replaced TedMacDonaldas theMOREnetrepresentative.


Tony Spicci, Tim Haithcoat and Liz Cook met with Gerry Wethington to discuss the state handling the contracting forDOQsin 2003. He responded favorably. He suggested looking for a recently funded contract from another state we could award from without bidding. Unfortunately one does not exist with our specifications. We will need to pursue the standard RFP route as quickly as possible. Funding is being committed by state agencies. Mr. Wethington’s office can operate a “revolving account” to hold money from state agencies who need allocate the funds soon. A letter of intent will be developed to send to NDOP and OIT. Missouri is on the short list of priority states for NDOP funding. Gary Mook suggested not stopping the coverage of St. Louis and Kansas City at the state line. Funding and specifications for such coverage would need to be offered by local entities. Tim will work with the State Tax Commission to send a mailing about the opportunity to collaborate with the state contract to county assessors. Please provide Tim any information you have regarding statutes that require aerial photography on a cycle. Mr. Wethington will use the information as part of the justification package.

Strategic Planning

A third meeting was recently held. Mark Duewell will send out the document soon. Subcommittee chairs will fill in the work plan details.

State Architecture

No report.

Liaison Reports


The Street Centerline Standards meeting, attended by 5 states, went well. Funding is being pursued. The next MAGIC meeting is Aug. 22. Let Tony know if you need a ride.


Tim said he has 4 computers to give to MACOG members.


No report.


The annual conference went well, but attendance was a bit lower than previous years. Jennifer is Vice-President for 2002-2003.

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committee Updates


JimLaScalawill send out program outline for review to full committee.


Vendor packets have been sent to about 300 vendors. The information is on the web site.


A Call for Papers and Save the Date postcard will go out soon.


Call is going out; display boards have been identified.


Tim suggested we will have Introduction to and AdvancedArcViewshortcourses. A remote sensing shortcourse should concentrate onDOQs. Tim would like to have one on addressing standards. Jennifer suggestedAutoCADorAutoDesk- Jennifer will ask a vendor to instruct. Steve Daw suggested a geodatabase course. Sonny Sanders will pursue an instructor. Steve also suggested a GPS course. Steve will ask a vendor to teach. Liz Cook volunteered to teach all or part of the remote sensing course. JimLaScalawill also pursue anAutoCADinstructor.


No report.


No report on awards was given.


Committee will have one vote on officers from the State. Email you choice for officers to Liz Cook by Aug. 30. Tim will send out email about voting to members.

MSDIS Activities

Look for a public television program on GIS called “The World in a Box”. Tim will pursue getting a copy. Tim attended anAmericaViewmeeting. It involves an imagery clearinghouse for states. Missouri should track being involved. The program also helps with coordinating GIS resources and technical transfer of remote sensing applications.

Tim distributed a MSDIS quarterly activity report. Please refer to the report below for details.

Quarterly MSDIS Activity Report

August 15, 2002


Goal: To establish and make available to the GIS community in state government and beyond a core database of geographic information to be held and maintained in common as a continuing asset within an archive.

1. Enhanced TIGER road systems – addressable street networks

2. Zip Code Tabulation Areas built

3.MoDOTroad layer update – State System road network as well as all roads

4. Census 1980 – 1990 – 2000 geographic correspondence file

5. Soils and Soil Data Viewer

6. MSDIS Mapper – upgraded to 4.0 – (I-Planet)

7. MCDC Mapper – upgraded to 4.0 (IIS/Tomcat)

8. Added Census mapping of 1980/1990/2000 data

9. DevelopingGeoTiffmosaics by county for DOQQ imagery


Goal: To advise and assist the Office of Information Technology in setting GIS standards in Missouri State Government.

1. Held Addressing workshop for state and local governments in conjunction with MAGIC. Had 5 states participate (n=36).

2. A white paper is being developed from this workshop to guide future addressing workshops and working meetings.

3. Collaboration with URISA and IAAO is being investigated for the development of sector-based ‘cookbooks’ for standards dissemination and process inventory.


Goal: To encourage use of GIS technology and geographic data resources in state government by providing practical support to users.

1. Advised and assisted the OIT in incorporating GIS status into their Digital States Report.

2. Continued development of the Missouri GIS Conference.

3. Developed and/or assembled numerous data sets and files for agencies and the public.


Goal: To allocate MSDIS resources where they will most benefit the MGISAC and the state’s GIS community.

1. Provided web-based support for, and services to, the MGISAC

2. AttendedAmericaViewmeeting at EROS Data Center, SD.

3. Attended Missouri Mappers Association Meeting in Columbia, MO.

4. Attended Addressing Meeting hosted by MAGIC in Kansas City, MO.

5. Posted and communicated various user groups activities (KCAIUG, MMGUG, etc.)

6. MGISAC posters re-plotted and displayed for MMA meeting.

7. MGISAC brochure is in process at printing services.

8. Geospatial Extension Specialist position is being pursued under the Space Grant program.

MSDIS is pursuing a searchable digital GIS database usingColdFusionand ESRI’sArcIMS4.0 metadata server.

Department of Health and Senior Services

Debbie Briedwell and Mark Duewell presented their emergency response GIS program. In future development Health will be looking for collaboration from other agencies and organizations for data and updates.

Round Table Discussion

JimLaScalaasked about GIS Day plans and said he will be presenting at a Kansas City High School. Jeff Schloss said Mid-Missouri GIS Users’ Group met August 1. Meetings will be every other month. Lee Hughes, MDC, will present at the next meeting. Send Jeff an email if you want to be on the email list. Sonny Sanders said South Dakota is giving all schools GIS software. Sonny is interested in Missouri doing something similar. ESRI will give software to schools if they present a plan for its use for education. Tim Haithcoat said they were releasing Lewis and Clark data to schools throughout the state, and these two initiatives could be integrated. David Drum has a recently graduated employee seeking permanent work.ArcSDEseminar will be held on Aug. 23 at 1:30 p.m. at MDC’s main conference room in Jefferson City.

The next meeting will beSeptember 19, 2002 in St. Louis. Location specifics will be sent by USGS by email. The meeting was adjourned.



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