Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 10, 2002

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 10, 2002


Members Present

Kevin Kulhmann, Boonslick Regional Planning Commission
Gary Mook, East/West Gateway
Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City
Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
David Drum,MOREnet
Patti Martin, Department of Revenue

Members Excused

Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development

Members Absent

Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Don Yoest, Department of Agriculture
Jeff Falter, SEMA

Others Present

Joann Shaw, Dept. of Natural Resources
Sonny Sanders, ESRI,
Scott Russell , Surdex
David Diamond, MORAP
Ann Peton, University of Missouri – RUPRI-CIRC
Renee Holder – Department of Natural Resources
Janie Nilges, Department of Revenue
Helen Stewart, SEMA
Joseph Weidinger, Department of Health and Senior Services
Zac Johnson, Department of Economic Development – proxy for Gary Beahan

Call to Order

Vice-Chair Mark Duewell called the meeting to order at 9:05 am. in the Forest Room at the Runge Nature Center, Jefferson City, MO.

Approval of Minutes

Jeff Schloss noted a couple of errors in the September minutes. With these corrections the minutes were approved.


Mark Duewell is now vice-chair of the committee. Renee Holder took a new position at Department of Natural Resources and thus forfeited her office and her Committee membership as the representative of the Department of Revenue. Patti Martin is the committee member from Department of Revenue.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws – Jim Davis

Jeff Schloss will develop an amendment the by-laws before next meeting requiring an election be held if the vice-chair position becomes vacant before the end of term. Discussion indicated most members agree with the suggestion.

Communications – Liz Cook

Jeff Schloss provided changes needed to the web page with information about subcommittees. He’d like to see these updates prior to the next meeting. Jo Ann wanted to know when the invitation to participate in the I-Teams was going to be posted to the web site. In an effort to improve its web presence, the committee is suggesting that the MGISAC have their own web site in addition to being accessed through MSDIS web site.

Education and Outreach – Jim LaScala

Renee wanted to know whether Jim attended the MO Assessors conference and how it went. She also asked about the conference brochure.

Federal Initiatives – Ray Fox

Ray Fox mentioned that USGS is meeting with Census and FEMA at the end of the month to discuss trying to coordinate all of the federal initiatives at the regional level. He wants an answer from the committee on whether Missouri wants to work with the NDOP for next year’s NAPP.

GIS Merit System Positions – Jeff Schloss.

The revisions to the class concepts by staff at the Office of Administration (OA) are not yet firm enough to provide them to the committee for comments. They have not had many reclassifications or new position requests from which to draw experience, but are working with the information they have to revise these. Tom Ward will be working on creating quarterly reports so that the committee can track the use of the positions. Merit System registers closed on Tuesday, October 8th. The registers are not full (15 minimum), and may be re-opened in November. Jeff will announce this if and when they are opened again. Mark mentioned that several of his staff have been hired into or reclassified into the GIS Specialist position. OA said that they had some questions that they will be forwarding to Mark about these positions and Mark feels that this reflects a misunderstanding about the classification of the positions. He will review these questions and if they aren’t about the staff but instead about the classifications, he will share them with the committee.

GIS Standards – Renee Holder

Arnold has requested that Renee be recognized as the subcommittee chair since his schedule is busy and Renee has been doing a great deal of the work for this committee. Renee talked about the centerline file standards project. A Master Street Addressing Guide (MSAG) will be used by regional councils of government and by 911 centers. Kevin K. said that he would contact Doug Hermes about the MSAG and report back to the committee about how its standards and the committee’s standards can be coordinated. Next meeting is Tuesday, October 29th, from 2-4 p.m. in the Katy Trail Room at the Elm Street Conference Center.

There was a general concern that there are multiple geospatial initiatives in which theCOGshave an integral role, and because Doug is overcommitted as MACOG’s state planner, the MGISAC should take a proactive approach toward coordinating the communications between these two committees. The committee recognizes that Tim has been working with Doug on addressing the COG’s resource limitations and educational needs. Mark suggested that Kevin work with several folks in creating a white paper about these initiatives and other work being addressed in the MGISAC committee. The content of the white paper should include information regarding the various state and federal initiatives and suggestions as to how theCOGscan get involved. Mark asked that Kevin create a white paper for MACOG along with Ann, Greg D. and Ray Fox, and this group can then meet directly with Doug to share the white paper and talk about the need to work more closely together.

Homeland Security – Tim Haithcoat

The committee met October 4th and will be meeting every two weeks (next meeting October 18th) to work on the action plan. DHHS wants to retain control of MERGIS, although Mark has suggested it being moved to MSDIS/MGISAC/SEMA for administration/management/implementation, but this has met with some resistance.

Ann will get a copy of the federal homeland security document prior to the end of the comment period. Ann will get copies to Jeff, Michelle, Greg and the other interested committee members.

I-team – Jo Ann Shaw

Jo Ann is bringing folks together and establishing committees and chairs. She asked if the addressing standards committee could act as the boundaries I-Team committee. Land Use I-Team committee will use MORAP’s existing committee. Renee would like Joann or Ray to attend the next standards meeting on October 29th to collaborate the development of standards.


Jeff will be proposing amendments regarding vice-chair elections and the timing of officer nominations.


No report

Strategic Planning

Mark is waiting to get the “cleaned-up” document back from Tim.

State Architecture

No report

Liaison Reports


Tim is creating an addressing cookbook from the workshop held in Kansas City. MAGIC is mostly focusing on conference planning now. A retreat will be held at the Big Cedar Lodge on November 15-16 to plan the conference. Kevin Kane is taking less of a role. There is a push to expand MAGIC into Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee. Mark also suggested for the next conference to conduct “reality workshops” that would run folks through scenario-based training.


No report


No report


Kim Swisher from Walker and Associates wants a presentation on the MGISAC that can be taken to the legislature. There are several pieces of legislation that need to be tracked. Kevin mentioned that Greg and Tim are to be creating a presentation on GIS for the upcoming MACOG director meeting that could include information on MGISAC.

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committees


Mark shared that Tony is a little concerned on the lack of papers that have been submitted. He encouraged all members to send a paper or the intent to present to him soon so that they can start populating the program. Patty Martin volunteered to work on the program.


Three exhibitors have signed up so far.


No report


The call is on the web site.


No report


No report

Key Note

Mark suggested Jim Harlan or maybe a high school student that is using GIS. Sonny offered to send an email to their database on the conference, requesting papers.


Michelle is finishing up the awards document that she will forward to Liz who will post to the site.


Jeff wanted to know whether the email vote on support for the declaration document occurred.

MSDIS Activities

Tim was absent from the meeting and provided the following information at a later time:

Tim Haithcoat’s Response: Meeting with Gerry Wethington on October 7, 2002. Tony Spicci, Liz Cook, and Mark Duewell were unable to attend. Items covered related to MSDIS and MGISAC are listed below as well as the resultant action:

  • Status of MSDIS Federal Priority request. Did not get funded but has been resubmitted within e-Gov arena of federal activity.
  • Machine for MSDIS – Asked Gerry about the possibility of receiving an under-utilized machine from within the State system for providing more power for MSDIS activities as well as a mirror site. He said he would look at the availability of such machines and /or capacities.
  • Oracle orDB2for spatial DB structure of MSDIS. Either is under state contract. Our experience is more in line withDB2so we are pursuing that implementation.
  • Conference attendance from OIT. The dates are open on Gerry’s calendar.
  • Funding for MSDIS activities from OIT budget. I asked if there were any funds (year-end or consultant type) that could be used to support a program manager for MSDIS and / or state GIS coordination. Gerry stated that there were none for these tasks but that we should pursue creative funding options as well as grant-based resources to accomplish these tasks in the interim till the budget picture for the state brightens and these position’s importance evolve within state government.
  • Imagery clearinghouse – Informed Gerry that work was underway in concert with the University to create an initial imagery clearinghouse aspect to MSDIS. The work was being partially support through a NASA / Raytheon project at MU’s ICREST group.
  • Status of State Architecture plan. Bob Meinhardt is working on scheduling the tasking for the development of the state architecture planning cycle. I was to get with Bob and align the MGISAC with this process. I have called a meeting to kick off these activities within the MGISAC. The scheduled date is Friday November 8th from 1:00 – 4:00 at a location TBA. Please send an email stating your willingness to participate toHaithcoatT@missouri.eduas soon as possible so materials and briefing sheets can be completed and copied.
  • One Call Contract. I mentioned to Gerry that the MGISAC would like to see the current winning proposal for Missouri’s One Call activities to review issues related to standards, accuracy, etc. He said he would try to find out who let the contract and get us a copy for review.
  • DOQQ account. I asked about the status of the account for assembling funds and paying invoices for the statewide DOQQ program. He stated that the account could be set up at any time. Let him know if we have received funds that we would like to deposit there.
  • Homeland Security. Informed him of the activities of the committee and the status of the plan. Talked about a response to the HSIP document. Also asked if the MGISAC could participate in the review of the Incident Command Systems taking place with SEMA. He stated we should ask Jerry Uhlmann (SEMA) about such participation.
  • National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) meeting in St. Louis. Gerry suggested that both Tony and I attend the meeting as it will provide a good review and status check of IT activities within the Nation. Both Tony and I are planning to attend. Tony is part of a panel discussion on GIS during these meetings.

Round Table Discussion

ESRI’s Strategic Partnership program is now being offered to states that helps to build a liaison for committees with the CIO and other top level administrators in state government. Sonny would like to meet with the state agency GIS coordinators to discuss how to make their resources more efficiently work within the state.

ASPRS is would like to know if Missouri is organizing anything for GIS Day. Ann suggested that MAGIC support GIS Day activities for the states in the region.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m. The next meeting isNovember 14, 2002, at 9 a.m. at Runge Nature Center, Jefferson City, MO.



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