Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 10, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 10, 2003


Members Present

Gary Beahan, Eco Dev
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Stephen Daw, SKW
David Drum,MOREnet
Mark Duewell, DHSS
Jeff Falter, SEMA
Ray Fox, USGS
Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS
Jeff Haney, Revenue
Bobbie Koelling, DESE
Ryan Lanclos, MDA
Gary Mook, EWGCC
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Jeff Schloss, DNR
Arnold Williams,MoDOT

Members Excused

Greg Dorge
Tony Spicci
Jo Ann Shaw

Members Absent

Ryan Burson
Michelle Carey
Jim Davis
Janet Duncan
Kevin Kuhlmann

Other Attendees

Kim Bax, DHSS
Renee Holder,MoDNR
Diane True,MoRAP

Call to Order

Chair Mark Duewell called the meeting to order a few minutes after 9:00 a.m. The meeting was held at the Credit Union, Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City, Missouri.

Project Management Presentation by Tom Stokes, OIT


  • Watch the Presentation
  • Project Management Institute
  • PMI Mid-Missouri Chapter
  • Project Management Best Practices Reference Manual
  • Missouri Technical Training and Education Center
    • http://www.oa.mo.gov/tes/outlines/PM%20I_Initiating%26Planning.htm
    • http://www.oa.mo.gov/tes/outlines/PM%20II_CompletingPlan.htm
    • http://www.oa.mo.gov/tes/outlines/PM%20III_Project%20Exec%20Part%20I.htm
    • http://www.oa.mo.gov/tes/outlines/PM%20IV_Project%20Exec%20Part%202.htm
    • http://www.oa.mo.gov/tes/outlines/PM%20Executive%20Overview.htm

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes: Jeff Schloss asked that the minutes reflect that David Drum was elected (or affirmed) as Secretary. Motion by Jeff Falter, seconded by Steve Daw, approved unanimously.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws Jim Davis

No report

Communications Liz Cook

Discussion of transfer of responsibilities from Liz Cook to David Drum. Liz noted that as Secretary and communications liaison between the committee and the MGISAC web maintainer she had been instructed to funnel web site requests to the web maintainer, but that those requests have at times been superceded by instructions from the Chair. She therefore requested that the MGISAC web maintainer be given clear instructions that correspondence from David Drum, who is assuming her responsibilities, was to be acted upon without question. Mark Duewell agreed that the web maintainer should post updates received from the MGISAC Secretary.

Education and Outreach Jim LaScala

No report

Federal Initiatives Ray Fox

Jackson County is producing digital orthos and making them available via the National Map. They want to maintain control of distribution, which is not a problem, hoping to make the hi-res data available. St. Louis is being brought into National Map. MSD [Metropolitan Sewer District] has data themes that fit, but no active web site, but want to. They have geomedia, data is supposed to be OGC compliant, but all we have is ESRI users [so no way to test compliance]. East-West gateway: talked to Gary [Mook], want to get regional councils involved to make work easier. As part of national map we evaluate data from other sites that overlap. Looking at MODOT data; we want current data, there are two different dates attributed to when data was produced, some question about what is right. Is metadata not being updated? Metadata is critical, have to go with what is stated to determine currentness. Most metadata is not going to change. Liz Cook: NAIP is on-track, one-month from flight to delivery time, expecting data to begin arriving late July, all has to be in by 30 Sep [end of federal fiscal year]. [Contractual] Recipients of data are MODOT, MDC, and USDA.

GIS Merit System Positions Jeff Schloss

No report. Mark Duewell: brief recap of Leadership Group discussion about subcommittee refinement. Jeff Schloss agreed to the removing of subcommittee and being a liaison.

GIS Standards Renee Holder

DOQ standards are out on web site for review, comments closing mid-Aug. Renee would like to step down after standards are approved mid-Aug.

GIS Architecture Tim Haithcoat

Have a couple draftnot approveddocuments going before architecture review committee on 7/18. Emailed out 7/9 to ITAB and architecture review committee and MGISAC. One is domain description, template description, information domain, other is discipline template that defines how we are looking at geo technology and what we are trying to do. Nature of architecture work is defining hierarchy, domains, disciplines. Knowledge mgmt, data mgmt, geo info technologies. GIT will be the first one in the domain to be examined. Good thing is we get to put data, data capture, mapping, all that in first. So basically the GIT committee becomes the Info domain committee. Tim provided an overview of documents. Docs will answer “what good is this to the state”. Architecture is looking for contributions to support costs of architecture development. Data Processing expenditure is used to calculate costs per agency/entity. MSDIS has taken about 20-25% of cost to kick off effort. Diane True: Where do the standards committees fit in with architecture development? Tim: try to leverage standards, integrate, etc. Diane: [addressing a particular concern.] Tim: It is a little funky. We have to have buy-in of Database Mgmt group, they are not on the comm!

Homeland Security Mark Duewell

We [MERGIS] are preparing for a major exercise Sunday. EOC staff are participating alongside. First time MERGIS has played with multiple agencies. Tim H: white paper: Gerry W asked for continuity plan for business continuity of MSDIS to add to continuity plan for state. Not everything can be funded with state resources, need federal support. Opportunity Brief handout and overview. Mark: more about exercise (six scenarios over two days)

I-team Jo Ann Shaw

Absent. I-Team has ended, but framework is going to be incorporated into the architecture committee per Tim Haithcoat.

Nominations Tim Haithcoat

No new nominations

SMAC Liz Cook

Does not know what this subcommittee is: State mapping advisory committee lay dormant for long time, committee revitalized it to some extent. Liz Cook became the chair to pursue new Orthos. USDA has taken lead for national orthos so that issue is a done deal. Liz would like to know what to deal with next. Thinks it is more appropriate for a state person to chair.

Strategic Planning Mark Duewell

We have a mandate from GW to review strategic plan and put forth improvements based on his suggestions. Mark has sent out request for dates for meetings. Would like to change some things outside the architecture process. Would like to get document out and alive. Tim H: only structural change was combining two areas under one heading. Would like a work plan though. Mark: add info about the value-add to the strategic plan.

Executive Committee Mark Duewell

Leadership Group talked about roles, responsibilities, subcommittees. Some subcommittees worked hard, finished nothing, others did nothing. More info coming out in the near future. LG is proposing reducing the number of subcommittees. Proposed outcome:


MGISAC Web/Communications

Strategic Planning

Homeland Security



Education & Outreach


MSDIS Action Workgroup

Local Government Coalition











GIS Merit Positions



LG would like to reopen by-laws. Renee Holder: By-laws committee worked on bylaws, EC did not follow them. Liz Cook: what are the groups defined in the by-laws. Executive Board membership is supposed to be well-defined. Mark D: possibility to create a Sergeant-at-arms position, particularly for elections. Renee H: this runs contrary to Tony Spicci’s election statement to conform loosely to by-laws. Liz C: was offended by putting name on [write-in] ballot. Tim H: used NSGIC model, since MGISAC by-laws lacked direction. Mark D: LG would like to combine by-laws and nominations into one committee, having to do with rules. Sgt-a-Arms may even be open to non-voting members, and attend LG. MGISAC and Committee subcommittees combine. New committee: MSDIS workgroup. Doubling up on committee chairs to get more accomplished. New subcommittee: local gov’t coalition, possibly having that chair on LG.

Liaison Reports


Newsletter went out, outline nat’l map effort in AK, MO, and KS, announce that state map workshop in conjunction with … conference. postcards are out about MAGIC meeting, which is two weeks out. All welcome, van from Columbia or dial in (hard to hear though).


Kevin Kuhlmann absent. Tim H: we did get a request from one of the councils of gov’t for homeland security proposal. That was sent out, but Col. Daniels unsure about how far to push out [to local councils]…


Mark Duewell: MERGIS is giving a demo at next ITAB meeting. Jeff Falter: he is on regular ITAB agenda. Tim H: ITAB has passed architecture docs. Mark D: Tom Stokes would like to be on MGISAC list.


Conference coming up 7/30-8/1. Questions about MGISAC having/staffing a booth.


No report


No report


Tom Stokes, no update beyond GW’s comments at last OIT meeting

MSDIS Activities

Tim Haithcoat: new web site up for review.http://www.mgisac.org/msdis/ fully functional other than a couple elements described on a handout. Review over next 3 weeks. Send comments to Martin Wills, willsm@missouri.edu. Lots of new files on the way. All databases are being renamed (and hopefully more useful). FTP site will not be changed. State hospitals have been mapped. Hospital facts: beds, etc. Now working on schools. MSDIS accounting handout. $35K debt is not accurate, amended later in the system, talk to Tim H for an explanation. Jeff Schloss: is anything happening with inventories. Ray Fox: personnel changes, met with new staff about inventories, Ray F in urban, Craig in rural, Tim H remainder. Tim H: please take a look at the new web site over the next three weeks. Renee H: would like to add copy of MGISAC brochure to MGISAC web site. Tim H: I have not given it to Martin.

Round Table Discussion

Ray F: on way to OK City to talk to their council, tell them about MAGIC
Liz C: did motel bills for 4H get paid
Tim H: yes
Note to all: please use MGISAC list
Arnold W: check out MODOT web site work zone map, updated twice a day.
Arnold W is new GIS coordinator for MODOT
Tom S: idea for discussion: what about adding a legislative liaison, track legislation (Mark D: we have one)
Tim H: grant information on MSDIS site, send new info to Martin (Liz C: send it to David D) The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will beAugust 14th, 2003, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Conservation Employees Credit Union in Jefferson City, Missouri.



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