Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 11, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 11, 2003


Members Present

Debbie Briedwell, DHSS
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
David Drum,MOREnet
Janet Duncan
Jeff Falter, SEMA
Ray Fox, USGS
Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS
Jeff Haney, Revenue
Bobbie Koelling, DESE
Kevin Kuhlmann, Village of Innsbrook
Ryan Lanclos, MDA
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Gary Mook, EWGCC
Jeff Schloss,MoDNR
Tony Spicci, Conservation
Arnold Williams,MoDOT

Members Excused

Gary Beahan, Eco Dev
Michelle Carey (military duty)
Stephen Daw, MMA
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield

Members Absent


Other Attendees

Renee Holder,MoDNR
Dan Koch, proxy for Stephen Daw, MMA
Don Martin, MSPS
Scott Russell, Surdex Corp.
Helen Stewart, SEMA

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. The meeting was held at the Credit Union, Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City, Missouri.

Announcement: Debbie Briedwell is replacing Mark Duewell as DHSS member

Sergeant-at-Arms position added to agenda under Bylaws subcommittee report

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Minutes: no minutes from August to approve

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws no chair

Jim Davis has retired.

Jeff Schloss will bring some bylaws amendments to the November meeting. Amendments will clarify existing bylaws concerning elections.

Jeff commented that the Sergeant-at-Arms position proposal would have to come back to the committee as a bylaws amendment.

Tony Spicci and Tim Haithcoat related the origin of the Sergeant-at-Arms position from the July 1st meeting of Tony, Mark Duewell, Tim, and David Drum. The position was Mark’s idea to address some of the shortcomings in the officer election in June.

Jeff will draft a proposal to combine the chair of the bylaws subcommittee with the Sergeant-at-Arms position.

Communications David Drum

David Drum asked for members to send any web site comments to him. He is setting up a second mailing list which would allow communication with non-MGISAC members who follow MGISAC proceedings. Some discussion of the purpose of the list occurred.

Education and Outreach Jim LaScala

The Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors meeting is September 25-27 in Springfield. He was going to attend, but now cannot. Someone from MGISAC needs to attend. The MGISAC booth is needed on the 26th and 27th. Tony mentioned he is attending on Friday. Jennifer Peterson was mentioned as a possible attendee.

Federal Initiatives Ray Fox

Jackson County high-resolution imagery is going forward and he is hoping to be able to release it. Expect a January or February release. He is talking with Jefferson City today about the same work, and though there is no funding, he is hopeful to make something happen.

Liz Cook stated that the 2003 color infrared 1m imagery is arriving; 21 counties have been received.

Scott Russell from Surdex Corp. said that the whole state has been ortho’ed and all but 6 counties are done. Compressed data is due at the end of September (federal FY) and film, reports, and uncompressed data all due 60 days later (though it will probably be in earlier). The data has to go through Q/A in Salt Lake City; not sure when it will all be done.

Liz said to contact her if you have a high-priority project.

Scott said that the compressed data may become available to the general public for $50/county. There was a discussion of data delivery methods (none pretty).

GIS Merit System Positions Jeff Schloss

Jeff distributed a handout which describes the criteria for determining title and level. Jeff asked for comments which he would consolidate and bring back to the Office of Administration’s Division of Personnel.

GIS Standards Renee Holder

The subcommittee met two weeks ago to discuss comments, which were then sent back out to the group.

GIS Architecture Tim Haithcoat

Work is moving ahead rapidly. There is a deadline in October for some pieces to go to the ARC – metadata, geospatial data development standards, internet map services and GPS. He would like the work presented for local government reviewregional planning councils, county government, city government. He is looking for about 15 members to review architecture pieceswould they work, would they be useful at the local government level, for example, inRFPs. Also, state agencies will receive a letter about geospatial technology soon.

Jeff Schloss commented on metadata and internet mapping services: what features are important? Set criteria for evaluation. A technology use survey will be sent to state MGISAC members on metadata and internet mapping services.

Homeland Security no chair

The meeting needs to be moved. Discussion.

I-team Jo Ann Shaw

Absent. No report.

Nominations Tim Haithcoat

Membership discussion: Bylaws require state membership majority. State people have left the committee and we need to find replacements in order to increase the number of local members. Vice-chair replacement Ryan Lanclos was nominated and accepted nomination. Jeff Schloss, Jeff Falter, and Arnold Williams were nominated and declined nomination. Nominations closed; Ryan elected by affirmation.

SMAC Liz Cook

Tony Spicci said that the USGS Geology Discipline was sending a survey toSMACs.

Liz would like to step down. Should this be a subcommittee or a liaison?

Tim proposed that the MGISAC chair should be the SMAC chair and the MGISAC Vice-chair should be the SMAC Vice-chair. This would align with purpose of SMAC and of MGISAC.

Discussion ensues.

Liz: motion to eliminate SMAC subcommittee with understanding that SMAC is the function of MGISAC.

More discussion.

Call to question; vote on motion; unanimously approved.

Tim: motion to drop I-Team subcommittee and incorporate into GIT Architecture; seconded; discussion. Amendment to move I-Team into Architecture subcommittee. Discussion. Motion withdrawn.

Jeff S: motion to move standards into GIT Architecture. Seconded by Ray Fox; no discussion; unanimously approved.

Strategic Planning no chair

Tony: need a new chair, please see him soon.

Executive Committee Tony Spicci

Tony stated that he occasionally met with Mark, Tim, and/or David. The “Leadership Group” was a formalization of those meetings rather than ad hoc. The idea was to talk about strategies, visions, bounce ideas around about direction of MGISAC. At no point were decisions made not under purview of chair or without intention to bring back to full committee. The mistake was calling this a committee or subcommittee. Tony states he will continue to meet at some point in the future, but the meeting will be open. He is trying to avoid an all-day MGISAC meeting and have less semantics and more content. Tony apologized for creating a divisive situation.

JimLaScala: announce the meeting, keep minutes, send out to the full group. Does not like “meeting before the meeting”.

Jeff S: objects to term “leadership”. Does not like the idea.

Liz: MGISAC is partially to guide MSDIS. Including Tim muddies the ability to objectively discuss MSDIS issues.

Gary Mook: does not see anything wrong with the idea.

Tony: feels he is in his final year as chair and wants to leave behind a more formalized process and roles of chair and vice-chair.

Jim S: setting a bad precedentnot secretive now, but could be in the future.

Jeff S: Tim should not attend.

Dan Koch: Elected officers are there to lead, do not handcuff them in their roles.

Jeff S: Tim is not an elected officer.

Greg: If attendance is open (per Tony’s intention for here on) then Tim can attend (contrary to Liz, Jeff S comments).

David: As an outsider (IT professional) with no GIS agenda at the 7/1 meeting, can attest there was no hanky panky to the discussion. Minutes were taken.

Tony: Inclined not to have the meeting anymore. MGISAC could come up at a lunch meeting with any committee member; what would that make the lunch meeting? Tim was included for his organizational role in GIS.

Jim: Let people know about meeting beforehand and what occurred afterward.

Kevin K: Give reasonable notice before meeting.

Ray: Prior announcement of meeting is the issue.


Liaison Reports

MAGICTim Haithcoat

The conference is April 18-22, 2004. He is looking for help. The next MAGIC meeting is 9/25. He is working with the USGS to have the state mapping workshop in conjunction with MAGIC.

MACOGKevin Kuhlmann

Kevin: transfer liaison to Gary Mook. Gary: Needs direction from leadership.

ITABJeff Falter

MGISAC was dumped in the ITAB “user group” listing incorrectly, that was corrected, but questions remain about whom MGISAC answers to (Jerry W unavailable when this occurred).


No report.


Tony: Annual meeting starts Sunday. NSGIC elections: candidates reviewed, hand votes taken.


No report


No report.

Local Government Group

Tony: Gary Mook and Steve Marsh co-chair. Discussion of conference call approach to meeting.

MSDIS Activities

Tim Haithcoat: Feedback on web site received. Developed via QFD approach: quality, function, deployment. He is going to send out a query to MGISAC on web site. Continuing work on hospital and school building point data. Keyword search is almost ready for launch, probably after NSGIC. All files will be renamed, causing lots of link problems. Need aMoAwith state agencies, etc. for data sharing. MSDIS budget, work plan will be available at the next meeting.

Round Table Discussion

Tony: 4-H wanted a letter of support for a grant for GIS education for youth (handout). Group agreed to sign, send letter.
Don Martin: Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors meeting September 25th-27th.http://www.missourisurveyor.org
Ryan L: thank you for voting me to vice-chair
Arnold W: more traffic cams onMODotweb site
Debbie Briedwell: lots of changes at DHSS. MERGIS presentations result in interest in GIS; whom to send those to? Tony: this group.
JimLaScala: recently had to download USGS map, add points, print, and send to an unnamed state agency. Makes it hard to sell GIS!
Greg:HB388passed. Kansas City, St. Louis getting money to assist with GIS development. Springfield added as amendment. Columbia added as amendment. Trying to get Jefferson City on. Who is the Legislative liaison? Also, there is a meeting on GIS and the Sunshine Law 9/25 from 1:30-3:30. Call him.
Jeff S: MMGUG well-attended in August. Looking for October host.
Tim H: GIS Day at Capitol languishing, needs more attention. Jerry is giving a keynote to assessors and needs material on GIS. The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.

The next meeting will beOctober 9th, 2003, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Conservation Employees Credit Union in Jefferson City, Missouri.



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