Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 8, 2005

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 8, 2005

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:08 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatpresent
Tom Stokespresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwell (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services)present
Chair Jeff Falter (State Emergency Management Agency)excused
Bobbie Sue Koelling (Dep’t of Elementary and Secondary Education)present
Vice-chair Ryan Lanclos (Dep’t of Agriculture)excused
Terry Libbert (Dep’t of Social Services)present
Eric Maness (Missouri National Guard)absent
Jeff Schloss (Dep’t of Natural Resources)present
Tony Spicci (Dep’t of Conservation)present (proxy for Ryan Lanclos)
Mike Sutherland (Rep. 99th District)absent
Arnold Williams (Dep’t of Transportation)present

Cooperating Members

Elizabeth Cook (USDA-NRCS)absent
Secretary David Drum (MOREnet)present
Mike Duncan (St. Louis County Dep’t of Planning)absent
Ray Fox (USGS/MCMC)present
Michael Gawedzinski (Whiteman AFB)present
Dawn Hilderbrand (City of Kansas City)excused
Pam Kelrick (City of Kirksville, Adair Co.)excused
Curtis Koons (Cass County)absent
Kevin Kuhlmann (Village of Innsbrook)excused
JamesLaScala(City of Liberty)present
Steve Marsh (Jackson County)excused
Gary Mook (EastWestGateway)present
Greg Resz (City of Jefferson)present
Kim Swisher (Missouri Mappers Association)absent
Diane True (MoRAP)present

Other Attendees

Mark Duewell (MSDIS)
Sonny Sanders (ESRI)

Election of Fill-in Chair for Meeting

Tom Stokes elected Chair of meeting by acclaimation.

Approval of the Minutes

August minutes on the web site. One change from Jeff Schloss; question about Boundaries reference from Diane True. Motion from Tony Spicci to approve minutes, second from Bobbie Sue Koelling, approved by vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-lawsJeff Falter

No Report

CommunicationsDavid Drum

No Report

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

Met with MACOG technical representatives on August 30. Sixteen of nineteen represented. Discussed function of the Data Development subcommittee. Mentioned working on leaf-off orthoimagery for the state. Online questionnaire coming. Technical staff would be the beta test of the survey and refer questions back to the subcommittee. Representatives would help refer local government staff to the survey. Mark D: Could there be a flyer or fact sheet about the subcommittee? Ray: Sure. Mark: Nathan Mattox says a letter is going out which could fill this function. Ray: Links to the information about the orthoimagery effort provided. Tony S: Have you seen the NSGIC draft for Imagery for the Nation? Ray: No. Tony: Will be formally introduced at NSGIC Annual in Rochester. Tim H: Proposal calls for baseline funding for 1-meter orthoimagery every three years; states or locals could buy up to 1-foot or 6-inch as needed. Tony: A four-page brochure will be released soon. Mark: We are averaging a call a day asking about flying imagery. We are advising callers to fly if they have a reason to. Ray: USGS would welcome Imagery for the Nationit is something they’ve been pushing for years. NDOT, MAPPS are also involved. Diane T: a parallel group will meet at the end of October.

Education and OutreachRyan Lanclos

Tony S: Sent out candidate dates for 2009 Missouri GIS Conference and received one response. Please look at the information and respond.

GIS Data PolicyTim Haithcoat

No Report. Vacating Chair. Tom S: Jeff Falter will have to send out a request for a new chair.

GIS Training & CertificationTom Stokes

No Report

GIT ArchitectureTim Haithcoat

There is a request from ITSD for a “vitality document” for ESRI software. First draft of geospatial profile, keywords, etc. will be out at the end of the month.

Homeland SecurityTony Spicci

Tony S: Jeff F asked me to chair the subcommittee. Will take a different approach trying to expand reach. Will send a call for membership via email. Hurricane Katrina goings-on: NGA opened resources to first responders; imagery companies providing data; NSGIC GIS Corps; very positive response from volunteers.

Local GovernmentSteve Marsh/Greg Resz

No Report

NominationsTom Stokes

No Report

Strategic PlanningPam Kelrick

Pam K via email:

  • The Strategic Planning Subcommittee addressed the following items at the last meeting:
  • National Spatial Data Infrastructure Partnership Agreement
  • Final review of the 2004-2005 Annual Work Plan Report
  • Initial discussion for the 2005-2006 Work Plan
  • The National Spatial Data Infrastructure Partnership Agreement has been reviewed by the Strategic Planning Subcommittee and passed back to Ray Fox for appropriate signatures. The 04-05 Work Plan Report was submitted to Jeff Falter in time for the August ITAB meeting. The report has also been submitted to David Drum to be posted on the MGISAC website.
  • Goals and objectives have been requested from every Subcommittee Chair for the 05-06 Work Plan. To date I have only received two submissions. The request for goals and objectives have been posed to subcommittee chairs so that work assignment and responsibility will be clear. I have requested that every subcommittee chair submit at least one goal and objective (hopefully more for most of you) for the year in order to compile a more comprehensive document about the work being done and yet to be done. These goals and objectives will be compiled into a slightly different format than in the past. The new format is meant to clarify responsibility for work items. In the past, the Objective and Action items have been identical to the Strategic Plan objective and action items, which is meant to outline work for 5 years. I am requesting that subcommittee chairs submit goals and objectives that are specifically for 1 year of work that will be a step towards achieving a 5 year goal/objective.
  • If you have any questions about submitting goals and objectives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. We are already 3 months into this work plan year; please submit your goals and objectives as soon as possible. I will send out a reminder to subcommittee chairs by October 1 if I have not received your goals and objectives. If I do not receive your submission very soon thereafter, we will assume that your subcommittee is inactive.

Ray F: I have a copy of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Partnership Agreement as approved by the committee. Unfortunately Jeff F is not here today to sign it. Will send it to USGS-Denver first, instead. Signed copy will then come back to Jeff.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

No Report

Federal/USGSRay Fox

USGS working around the clock to stage data in response to Katrina. Have staff in Texas; Louisiana and Mississippi staff are swamped [pun unintentional] coordinating flights. USGS Strong Storm Response Team in action. Security problems in New Orleans. MSDIS awarded another USGS CAP grant.

ITABJeff Falter/Tony Spicci

No Report

MACOGDoug Hermes

No Report

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Call for abstracts on the web site. Call for nominations for awards out soon.

MORAPDiane True

Distributed Missouri LULCCDsat technical meeting. Statewide on MSDIS or will be soon; countywide coming soon also.

MMAKim Swisher

No Report

NSGICTony Spicci

State Coordinator Grant will probably go through. Alread discussed Imagery for the Nation. Tim H: Architecture stuff rolling out, will have impact in the next month or two.

ITSDTom Stokes

Dan Ross requested applicants for GIO position; received six letters. Interview process proceeding. Decision will probably not be too far out. Discussion.

Missouri GIS ConferenceRyan Lanclos/Tony Spicci

No Report

MSDIS Activities

NAIP ’04 up and in the National Map. MORAP LULC going up in pieces; statewide may be up; countywide not up. Also preparing a reduced-levels LULC (one urban, one forest, etc.). Discussion. Jim L: do you have “everything” when you come on-site for training? Mark: yes. Jim: how much per person? Mark: depends on the class location and number of students registered. Mark will send Jim a quote in email.

November Meeting Location

Tony S: I have the Commission meeting room reserved if everyone likes it. Discussion of having meeting in another city. November meeting will stay in Jefferson City. Discussion of teleconferencing again. Discussion.

ESRI Contract

Sonny S: Met with Tom Stokes, Jeff Falter, Ryan Lanclos, etc. Felt previous numbers were in error; current state expenditures for the year are on the order of $600,000; ESRI proposal is on the order of $480,000. Discussion. Comment from Tom S about how updated strategic plan could lend itself to projecting software licensing, maintenance, and training needs. Jeff S requests not putting distributed spreadsheet on the web since it contains errors. Jeff S: is there a written proposal? Sonny: not yet. Discussion.

Round Table

Terry L: Comment/question about Kansas’MapMaker
Greg R: LIDAR workshop in Sioux Falls, SD was awesome. Want to bring this up in Data Development. Washington state LIDAR cost $4.2M at 2-foot contour, met FEMA standards, extract vegetation, building footprints. House Bill 420 strangenesses.
Sonny S: 1. ESRI can support Missouri if anything like Katrina occurs. 2. Hands-on seminar at MO-TEC19 seats available. 3. October 19 J. D. Overton presenting on cartography at MMGUG [which will be held atMOREnet]. 4. Two half-day invitation-only sessions the second week of October, one on geodatabases, the other on SDE. 5. November 15former Wyoming Governor Garinger [lost].
Tom S: MO-TEC will open seats to local government if there is no more state demand.
Debbie B: Setting up a database of all Katrina shelters in Missouri. Also working with other states to build regional response.
Jim L: Lived through five hurricanes in New Orleans, all category 3 but the levees weren’t as high so New Orleans still flooded. Have relatives in New Orleans and still haven’t heard from all of them yet. Changing opinion about giving data to government; government should know where to find the data. Right now they don’t know what to do with it.
Tom S: Action items: phone bridge for November meeting; goals and objectives to Pam K; new chair for Data Policy & Legislation subcommittee.

Announcement of Next Meeting

October 13, 2005 at the MDC Employee Credit Union


Adjourned at 10:44 a.m.



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