Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 8, 2005

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 8, 2005

Department of Conservation Credit Union Building – 9:00 am

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:21 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees


David DrumSecretary
Jeff Falter?Chair
Ray Fox
Bobbie Sue Koelling
Kevin Kuhlmann
Melissa Lanclos
Ryan Lanclos?
Greg Resz
Jeff Schloss
Tony SpicciVice-chair
Chuck NicholsTechnigraphics
Mark Duewell – MSDIS


Debbie Briedwell (Tracy Schloss proxy)
Liz Cook
Michael Gawedzinski
Dawn Hilderbrand
Pam Kelrick
Steve Marsh
Gary Mook


Mike Duncan
Tim Haithcoat
Curtis Koons
Terry Libbert
Eric Maness
Kim Swisher
Beth Struempf
Mike Sutherland
Diane True
Arnold Williams

RAMONA PresentationMark Duewell

State GIO DiscussionRyan Lanclos

Met withTeleAtlas. Could have a statewide licensed road network layer. Nothing new from ESRI. Second meeting with Homeland Security Advisory Committee: Ray Fox attended, asset management discussion. Presenting on GIS January 19. Interest in LIDAR. Geospatial appendix received at SEMA. Ray: is Ron [?] the one rewriting the strategic plan for Missouri? Ryan: HSAC pushing materials into the plan also. Ray: Timeline? Ryan: Haven’t heard. Rewriting from scratch. Need for a statewide emergency GIS established again. GIO web site being discussed with MSDIS. Interested in having a project gallery as part of the site. NHD stewardship meeting with DNR, USGS. Met with Dan Ross and Rep. Sutherland. Very good meeting.

Approval of the Minutes

November minutes available on the web site. Motion to approve by Ray, second by Tony, approved by vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-laws Jeff Falter

No Report

Communications David Drum

Glad to see people beginning to update the web site through the Wiki. Would like the Communications subcommittee to be absorbed into the Outreach and Education subcommittee.

Data Development Ray Fox / Jeff Schloss

Minutes of November 28 meeting available on the web. Sent out draft of survey toRPCs. Questions received; making adjustments. December 12 target to send out. Held NHD stewardship meeting; Forest Service wants to work with the steward. DNR, MORAP, USDA/NRCS, USGS, Ryan Lanclos attended. Notes will be available soon. [They arehere.] Neither EPA nor Forest Service could attend (major stakeholders). Questions remain. Workshop on NHD planned. Tony: involve MDC please. No dates yet. Discussion.

Education & Outreach Mark Duewell

First meeting this morning. Won’t hold many. Covered agenda. Communications would like to roll into O&E. Pam also has some ideas that tie into Strategic Planning. Reviewed tasks from Work Plan including Regional Mini-Conferences / MGISAC Meetings. Assigned individual responsibility for many of the tasks.

GIS Data Policy & Legislation Tony Spicci

Legislation in pre-filing, keeping an eye out for GIS. Will work with Ryan on legislative issues. FLARE bill (nationwide cadastral) dead, nothing on Senate side. Discussion.

GIS Training and Certification- Tom Stokes

No Report

GIT Architecture Tim Haithcoat

Ryan: geocoding survey coming out soon.

Homeland Security Tim Haithcoat

No Report

Local Government Group Steve Marsh / Greg Resz

Goals and objectives to Pam. Mark: web page updated.

Nominations Tom Stokes

No Report. Need a new chair.

Strategic Planning Pam Kelrick

No Report

Liaison Reports

Federal / NRCS Liz Cook

No Report

Federal / USGS Ray Fox

Potential funding for imagery and elevation. Jefferson City, Kansas City impact, maybe others. Talk to Ray. Discussion.

ITAB Jeff Falter / Ryan Lanclos

No Report

MACOG Doug Hermes

No Report

MAGIC Tim Haithcoat (Tony Spicci)

Walk-through of hotel tomorrow. Mailing soon; still looking for one or two presenters. Free registration distribution from MGISAC sponsorship still unresolved. MAGIC emergency response regional tool project combining the best of MERGIS andGISCorps. Discussion.

MORAP Diane True

No Report

MMA Kim Swisher

Discussion about who representative is.

NSGIC Tony Spicci

Imagery for the Nation continues to move forward. Department of Agriculture had reservations. New specifications coming out and will be shared. State councils are providing letters of support for the program. May happen inFY08.

ITSD Tom Stokes

Replaced by GIO Report.

Missouri GIS ConferenceRyan Lanclos / Tony Spicci

Inquiry about dates for 2009. Conference planning is now part of O&E subcommittee.

MSDIS Activites Mark Duewell

Retreiving local data for FEMA flood modeling project. Locals still doing great things withArcView3 – many upgrading toArcGISas they can. Building relationships, getting more data for MSDIS and the National Map. 2006 CAP grant out, MSDIS proposing to write a metadata proposal. Proving assistance to MACOG regional transportation planners. NGA grant is in holding pattern. Surplused a lot of old equipment. MAGIC program looks to be in really good shape at this early date. Hired student web programmer to help Martin. Attended GIO roundtable, thought it was great, wish more IT directors had attended. Gov. Garinger presentation will be on MGISAC site soon.

State of Missouri ESRI Contract Sonny / Tom Stokes / Ryan Lanclos

Replaced by GIO Report.

Round Table Discussion all

David D: very happy to see people use the Wiki, will be happy to help more people begin to use the Wiki.
Mark D: please sign up for O&E if interested
Tony S: MDC moving forward with enterprise GIS, will integrateDBsinto a single DBMS. Will take a couple years.
Jeff S: MERIT registers opening soon, will post on MSDIS page and email. OA converting MERIT system from paper to digital, some questions about data transfer. Class specifications can be revisited as part of conversion.
Ryan L: question about spurious MSDIS job listing – Mark D. responded that job had been reasearched and was a valid posting – the “jobs” section of the site does provide a small amount of income from private buisnesses – hesitant to drop any funding source – he suggested such non-GIS postings go under an “other jobs” heading.
Mark D: had to move USGS forum

Announcement of next meeting

January 12, 2006 @ Conservation Credit Union


Adjourned at 10:51 a.m.



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