Minutes for September 11, 2014

Minutes for September 11, 2014

Date: September 11, 2014
Location: Camden County Building, Camdenton, MO
Time: 10:00 a.m.
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m.
2. Welcome and Introductions

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Mark Duewell—present
USGS Shelly Silch—present via teleconference
OA ITSD GIS Paul Wright—present via teleconference
SEMA Debbie Briedwell, Past-Chair—present via teleconference
MoDOT Joe Carter—present
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewell—present via teleconference
OA Budget and Planning Matt Hesser—excused
Missouri National Guard Wiley Howell—present
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services Tracy Schloss—present via teleconference
Department of Conservation Tony Spicci—present (proxy for Marsh)
OA-ITSD Revenue Beth Struempf—absent
Missouri Dep’t of Natural Resources Michael Weller—present via teleconference
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addison—absent
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman—excused
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Clayton—absent
USDA-NRCS Elizabeth Cook, Treasurer—excused
Surdex Tim Donze—present (proxy for Drum and Wagner)
MOREnet David Drum, Secretary—excused
Mark Twain National Forest Tom Forbes—absent
City of Columbia Matt Gerike—excused
Camden County Jennifer Gordon—present
Woolpert, Inc. Rick Hammond—present via teleconference
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hung—present via teleconference
Cole County Melissa Johnson—present
MARC Steve Marsh, Chair—excused
Jackson County Amber Reynolds, Chair—present (proxy for Balsman)
City of Jefferson Greg Resz—absent
MoRAP Diane True—present via teleconference
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner—excused
Boone County Jason Warzinik—present (proxy for Gerike)
MU Extension Shannon White—present (proxy for Cook)
Other Attendees
Esri Joe Eckmann (teleconference)
Department of Agriculture Darrell Pratte
Custom Meeting Planners Jamie Schieber (teleconference)
OGI Arnold Williams (teleconference)

3. Approval of Minutes
August minutes available on the web site. Motion to approve from Donze, seconded by Warzinik, approved by vote.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 Missouri OGI Report — Paul Wright

  • ESRI Contract – The ESRI software/services contract extension expired August 31. OA Purchasing extended the current contract until 9/30/14. They continue to work on a new software contract. The new contract will include the cloud services.
  • Master Address File (MAF) – Met with Matt Hesser, Lori Strong-Goeke (OA Budget & Planning) and Tim Robyn to discuss an MAF and how it relates to the next census. The discussion was in regards to a way of capturing MAF data in at the State level. There are a number of issues that would need to be resolved (what are the organizations that need to be involved, what are the legal issues of the State collecting this data, etc). These items will need to be addressed before any formal technical project can be established.
  • Imagery Contract – There was an issue with the photogrammetric (imagery) contract that came up recently. Evidently the contract renewal process was not completed and the contract expired. The item has now been resolved.
  • Server Review and Consolidation – We are continuing to review GIS related servers and provide recommendations for continuing their service or consolidating with OGI. We are doing the same with GIS software. Our new central OGI servers should be online next quarter. The new development server is already in operation.

4.2 MSDIS report — Mark Duewell

  1. GeoPortal: MSDISWEB-MST (Rolla) is a few days from being ready for testing. The remaining services are being drafted.
    Louisa Haithcoat’s configuration of the 2007-2009 2′ Imagery for the State for the GeoPortal is complete. All nearly 5000 records will be drafted into the Geoportal in the upcoming weeks. Current Portal record count is 539.
  2. Broadband “Structures” Project:
    The final review of the Broadband “Structures” data is occurring – should be wrapped in the next two weeks if on schedule. All expected RPCs have made their deliverables and submitted payment vouchers. Total “Structures” count stands at: 4,972,305. Total footprints count stands at: 276,233.
  3. GRC/MSDIS has been instructed to begin an adjunct project that will add “Tall Structures” to the current project geodatabase. The timeline for this project is through December of this year.
  4. The bi-annual MSDIS report to the MGISAC – including fiscal report – has been provided.

4.3 Treasurer's report — Liz Cook

Previous balance   $21,061.56
Income None $0.00
Expense   $343.04
Ending balance   $20,718.52

4.4 Membership report — Tony Spicci
A couple of members with attendance issues. They will be contacted. Re-nominations occurred. Discussed Sanborn and Great River since they don’t have current representation.
4.5 By-laws — Tony Spicci
No report
5. Project Updates/Action Items
5.1 Cadastral Standards Update — Darrell Pratte
The Cadastral standards have been revised and the latest is available for review; public hearings and legislative review to follow.

Division 35 – Land Survey
Chapter 1 – Cadastral Mapping Standards

MGISAC will review and send a letter of support to the Dept of Ag.
5.2 GIS Day Update — Paul Wright
Forms sent to OA for Capital Rotunda 1st floor schedule. Tentative April 22 9:00-noon. Table top set up. Discussion on things to show is ongoing. A flier is being designed to go to House & Senate for exposure.
5.3 NSGIC — Amber Reynolds
Motion made for Spicci be our proxy vote for NSGIC board.
6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development — Liz Cook
MO AR LiDAR in delivery in process and will finish up by end of March 2015.
No word on funding for statewide orthos.
Fly Mid MO PAQ coming out soon. Contracts are renewed thru June 17th and option for next season.
MARC has received pilot data with some DEM issues and others. Sept 22 will be first delivery.
NAIP Mo is near 100% flown and production is in process.
STL Imagery data is in final edits.
EW Gateway Ortho RFP responses are in.
6.2 NG911 Addressing — Steve Marsh
No report
6.3 Local Government — Melissa Johnson
Nothing new on local survey. One more push for input. Have had 88 responses.
6.4 Education — Shannon White
Will be having a meeting in the near future.
Geography awareness proclamations are ready to be sent out. Contact Shannon if you’d like to deliver to your commissioners.
6.5 Outreach — Colin Duewell, Tim Donze
SEMO workshop next Wednesday is full
6.6 Marketing and Communications — Jason Warzinik
Few website updates have been made
6.7 Policy and Legislation — Joe Clayton
No report
6.8 Strategic Planning — Matt Gerike
Reminder for committees to fill out their templates. Due end of Sept.
6.9 Missouri GIS Conference — Mark Duewell
Budget is set. Meeting this Monday with chairs. Budget is targeting a profit of ~$4k for the conference as of now. New items of focus: education.
Jamie is working on exhibitor website.
Awards committee is moving forward. Melissa is working on flier for encouraging award nominations.
Keynotes are in place. Spicci will keynote with a talk about NSGIC. ESRI will provide another keynote on storybook apps. STL Zoo will present on viper study.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium — Amber Reynolds
Last weekend was the bi-annual consortium workshop to plan activities outside of the conference. The three items of focus are: 911 workshops, national coordination, NSGIC back in 2016.
MAGIC grants will opening in October and due December 1.
7.2 National States Geographic Information Council — Tony Spicci

  • Conference is next week. Pending introduction of a Senate Bill to enact Geospatial Data Act of 2014 to strengthen NSDI. Hope is to bolster the NSDI via FGDC. Plan is to move NSDI from Dept of Interior to elevate FGDC. End goal to gain funding for national initiatives like 3DEP.
  • State Caucus topics include data, NSGIC issues, data portals, 3DEP, N911, UAS issue in that order. Google doc will be posted. Twitter is another good form of info during the conference.
  • Next year NSGIC will be back in KS.
  • Spicci will send out state role call accomplishments. 47 states responded.

8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports
8.1 NRCS — Liz Cook
No report
8.2 USGS — Shelley Silch
BAA for 3DEP has been extended again. Sept 19th. Next amendment will be the Q&A responses.
Liaisons are meeting in Reston under new organization in November.
8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership — Diane True
No report
8.4 Missouri Mappers Association — Melissa Johnson
No report
8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors — Joe Clayton
No report
9. Round table Discussion
Spicci: Governor vetoed the cervid bill and other legislation. MAGIC will have a UAS and mobile computing work group
Johnson: Ortho project is approved. They are looking for partners to join in. After the fly, they will charge for the data. They are looking for help on how and what to charge for data. Charging is supported by a MO statute.
White: Story map of state fair using snap to map app. MGA joint conference with KS is at end of the month. Regular conference in Nov.
Carter: MoDOT will cost share on LiDAR server. Presented to Boone County . Attended a GIST conference recently. Topic of Right-of-Way access.
Duewell: MAGIC retreat: topic of gaining new steering committee members and other committees / working groups
True: Vegetation data for EW Gateway has been tiled out for easier use.
10. Next meeting: Thursday, October 9, 2014, 9:00 a.m., Conservation Employees' Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO. November meeting back to MDC in Columbia on Gans road. We are looking for a host for December. Discussion of future start of 9:30 vs. 9:00.
Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

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