Minutes for April 13, 2017

Minutes for April 13, 2017

Date: April 13, 2017

Location: MDC Credit Union, Jefferson City, MO

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Agenda 1. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 9:32 a.m.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Tim Haithcoat – present
USGS David Nail— telephone
OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss—  excused
SEMA Debbie Briedwell— excused
MoDOT Joe Carter—  present
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewell—  present
OA Budget and Planning Matt Hesser—  telephone
Missouri National Guard Wiley Howell— excused, Nick Young – present
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services
Department of Conservation Tony Spicci, Past-chair—  present
OA-ITSD Revenue Jason Hinson – absent
Missouri Dep’t of Natural Resources Michael Weller—  absent
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addison— excused
Sanborn Mapping Brad Arshat—  telephone
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman—  absent
Wilson & Co. Eric Cenovich—  present
USDA-NRCS Marty Comstock—  telephone.
Surdex Tim Donze, Treasurer—  present
US ACE St. Louis Michael Gawedzinski— telephone
City of Columbia Matt Gerike—  present
Camden County Jennifer Gordon—  present
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hung—  excused
Cole County Melissa Johnson, Chair—  present
City of Lee Summit Steve Marsh—  telephone
Woolpert, Inc. Kent Park—  absent
City of Jefferson Buster Schrage—  present
MoRAP Diane True—  telephone
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner—  telephone
Boone County Jason Warzinik—  present
MU Extension

St. Charles County



Shannon White—  present

Mark Duewell – present

Jon Cole – present

David Nail – telephone

Other Attendees
Esri Joe Eckmann – present

St. Louis County



Les Bevin – telephone

Melisa McLean – telephone

Craig Best – telephone

  1. Approval of Minutes: March minutes available on the web site.



  1. MGISAC Administration

4.1 Missouri OGI Report — Tracy Schloss

  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Basic dropped off the WWT prime vendor contract
  • Has Joe Eckmann shared with everyone the fact that World Wide Technologies is apparently dropping ArcGIS Desktop Basic from their contract?  Have I?  Since WWT is the state’s prime IT vendor, we’ve always had that contract to purchase from.  With this product being dropped off, it means we’ll have to get 3 quotes from other 3rd party resellers.   I assume that will be the case for others, not just state agencies.
  • I don’t see being able to add this to the core ESRI contract, since it is not a sole source product for them.   There are other authorized ESRI resellers we could purchase it from.   I have brought the situation to the contract group’s attention.  I don’t know that they’ll have any suggestions on the easiest way for us to purchase this software moving forward, but it never hurts to ask.



  • The review of the imagery contract is in progress.  It’s too soon to have an end date.  Since the leaves are out, there doesn’t seem to be a rush to get this done.  Mostly flights will likely be waiting until fall/winter.


4.2 MSDIS report — Tim Haithcoat

  • New Dept of Health files will be hosted, metadata and data
  • Received 6 new counties of LiDAR from NRCS, will be going to Wash U


MSDIS support:

  • Post budget cuts, looking at 8-10% cut this year and 12% next year. Discussion at the CIO level, but no news yet.  Hoping to move MSDIS out of Arts and Science and back to engineering in the Info.
  • Tom V has taken another job. Currently looking for replacement.  More details coming by June.
  • Letters of support to the new President of the University a suggested next step.
  • Spicci: Is this time to approach the State with the bigger picture of the committee’s mission and the funding of MSDIS?
  • Possibly use the open data initiative as a key reason to support MSDIS
  • Possibly pole the clearinghouses of the MAGIC states
  • Actions need to be taken in the next few weeks
  • Include testimonials from local users


4.3 Treasurer’s report — Tim Donze

  • Lynn reported no activity on our account this last month.
  • DreamHost account $119.40 has been encumbered


Previous balance   $31,334.88
Income None
Expense None  
Ending balance   $31,334.88


4.4 Membership report — Tony Spicci

  • No report


4.5 By-laws — Joe Carter

  • No report


  1. Project Updates/Action Items
  • Nominations are needed in the next month for the board: chair elect, secretary & treasurer, NSGIC liaison. Vote next month


  1. Committee Reports

6.1 Data Development — Jason Warzinik

  • Warzinik: Imagery / State contract is proceeding.
  • Comstock: 2017 LiDAR coordination in process, goal to finish the state with QL2
    • SEMA, FEMA, MDC, USFS, USGS, USACE and NRCS have been coordinating FY2017 Lidar acquisition plans.  Subject to final funding approvals from each agency, there is a good possibility that the remaining counties in Missouri can be acquired at QL2, including a second generation acquisition for Dent, Wright and Barry that currently have QL4.
  • Schrage: NG911: AT&T selected as broadband provider for FirstNet. NG911 webinar next Wednesday, will send link to the listserve
  • Warzinik: Mo Address Database is in process of being updated with 1.3m addresses. This will be part of the NAD when it is complete. Hope is to put MoAD up on MSDIS to share and promote requests from locals to update.  Start with an internal service for review.  The MoAD is a mash up from the partners
  • Warzinik: Should we have a UAS whitepaper? The goal is to give the big picture and give a starting place for potential users. General support.


6.2 Education — Shannon White


  • Emergency Preparedness — Debbie Briedwell
  • No report


6.4 Local Government — Melissa Johnson

  • A meeting is in the works


6.5 Marketing and Communications — Jason Warzinik

  • No report


6.6 Missouri GIS Conference — Steve Marsh and Melissa Johnson

  • A moderate proceed of $4,600 was made on the conference


6.7 Outreach — Tim Haithcoat, Tim Donze

  • We are currently supporting the St. Louis Regional Workshop on May 25th


6.8 Policy and Legislation — Aaron Addison

  • Aaron has new University responsibilities and will not be able to attend many MGISAC meetings in the near future.
  • Carter: Have the State agencies discuss legislation that affects each agency
  • Haithcoat: Tim will help keep an eye on legislative topics


6.9 Service Recognition — Tim Donze

  • No report


6.10 Strategic Planning — Matt Gerike

  • Plans to work with Warzinik to update some of the website details
  • Warzinik: Ongoing discussion to open up control of the website
  • Haithcoat: Get back to the legislative brief


  1. Liaison Reports

7.1 MAGIC Consortium — Steve Marsh

  • Contract is set with the DoubleTree in Omaha
  • Planning meeting in late May


7.2 National States Geographic Information Council — Tony Spicci

  • Moving to a governance model with an Executive Director
  • Updating strategic plan
  • New website is coming soon
  • NextGen911 is still a key topic
  • Working with USGS to help push for a sustainable funding model for 3DEP
  • Annual conference this fall in Rhode Island and in Salt Lake City in February, then back to Salt Lake again for the next annual


  1. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

8.1 NRCS — Marty Comstock

  • GIS coordinator position is still on hold due to Fed hiring freeze
  • Teleconference Monday for LiDAR coordination
  • FEMA and Forest service funding 20 counties and possibly NRCS cover the other 7 counties. Continuing resolution causes concern about the funding.


8.2 USGS — David Nail

  • No Report


8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership — Diane True

  • No report


8.4 Missouri Mappers Association — Melissa Johnson

  • Helping sponsor the St. Louis Regional Workshop


8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors — Jon Cole

  • No report


  1. Round table Discussion
  • Spicci: UAS policy development is in the works. New employee hired
  • Warzinik: ARC GIS portal is being deployed. Interested in other’s experience. Posting GIS programmer position
  • Jennifer: New IT tech being hired
  • Carter: State highway map is finished. First effort in sharing GIS data with MoDOT partners at this time
  • Matt: Active directory has been deployed. Inner-gov deployment also going live in January.
  • Teacher training on April 22nd.
  • Eckmann: ESRI rolled out some geo-inquiries.  Teacher led instructed GIS related sessions on American Lit and Math.
  • Mark D: ESRI proof of concept has been rolled out. In extended testing now while working on some bandwidth issues.  End of June, cloud servers will go live.  Public webmap is being updated.  Converting old apps to java script for the webmaps.
  • Hesser: There will be a LUCA webex in May. Geared toward local govs and counties.  Warzinik will keep the group posted on upcoming events.


  1. Next meeting: Thursday, May 11, 2016, 9:30 a.m., Conservation Department Credit Union, Jefferson City, MO


Meeting adjourned at 11:20a.m.

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