Minutes for February 13, 2020

Minutes for February 13, 2020

Call to order – 10:32am

Welcome and Intro

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS Thomas Vought P

NSGIC Liason Tony Spicci P/T

OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss P

USGS David Nail P/T

State Members

Economic Development Colin Duewell P

MOARNG Wiley Howell E/P

MoDOT Joe Carter P

SEMA Konrad Hughes P

BCFPD Jason Warzinik P/T

Boone County Nathan Mattox P

City of Jefferson Buster Schrage P

City of Lee’s Summit Steve Marsh P

Cole County Melissa Johnson P

Columbia Public Schools Laura Estabrooks P/T

MoRAP Diane True P/T

MU Extension/CARES Chris Barnett P

Northwest Missouri State Ming-Chih Hung P/T

SEMO RPC Stan Balsman P

St. Louis County Melisa McLean P/T

Surdex Tim Donze P

US ACE St.Louis Michael Gawedzinski P/T

USDA-NRCS Katie Philbrick P

Washington University Molly Webb E

Other Attendees

ESRI Joe Eckmann P

MSPS Jon Cole P/T

Approval of January Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve January minutes. Motion passed.

MGISAC Administration

4.1 OGI Report – New CIO. Jeff Wann. Worked in IL. MO native. Governer’s office did complete county hub site that can be seen. Targeted outreach for hard to count groups for the census.

4.2 MSDIS Report –

MSDIS Update–January 2020

New and Updated Data

-2019 Emergency Reference Markers (December Update)

-2019 Missouri Rest Areas (December Update)

-2019 MoDOT Commuter Lots (December Update)

-2019 MoDOT Roads Arcs (December Update)

-2019 MoDOT Roads Routes (December Update)

-2020 Public Schools

MSDIS General News

MSDIS is very pleased to announce the official start of its independent study program and welcomes Mizzou undergrads Griffin Johnson and Abby Hunt to the team. Both Griffin and Abby are Mizzou geography majors who will be helping MSDIS complete various and sundry mapping requests and side projects this semester. MSDIS is also happy to welcome graduate student Alex Ringling into the independent study program. Alex will begin her work with MSDIS becoming more familiar with QGIS in order to complete her Master’s thesis, after which she will transition to helping with map requests. In preparation for Census 2020, MSDIS, in cooperation with MCDC, has deployed a new story map, describing some of the programs and services that are allotted federal funding based on census-derived information. A link to the Missouri and Census 2020story map can be found in the MSDIS Mapping Application and Story Map Gallery section of the MSDIS Open Data page.

MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during January 2020, however, we have received two reports that LiDAR DEM downloads from the Missouri Map/LiDAR download tools do not retrieve the correct files. This problem is almost certainly a side effect of the migration from ftp to Box last year. Given how many individual LiDAR files that MSDIS and WashU now store, it was almost a certainty that such file mismatches would occur, so this is not an unanticipated problem. MSDIS and WashU are working to decide the best course of action moving forward. In the interim, all of the files that are available through the download tools are still stored on MSDIS and WashU servers, so nothing has been lost and requests for mismatched files can still be completed through email.

Listserv Subscriptions






MSDIS News –186


MSDIS Data Wish List

While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions ofthe following datasets are of particular interest:

Missouri School Districts(latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2018)

Missouri Voting Districts(latest version: 2010)

Missouri Contour Lines(no previous version)

Missouri Higher Education Facilities(previous Missouri version: 2010)

Missouri Library Districts(previous version: 2013)

Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones(previous version: 2012)

Missouri Fire Protection Districts (no previous version

4.3 Treasurer’s Report – $500 expense for booth at MAGIC. $23,969.39 remaining. There was a review of budget. All budgeted items were at or below budget. Conference is budgeted on its own. This budget is for non-conference expenses. Some items have changed based on discussion with committee chairs/members. Rainy day fund discussion. We need rainy day fund, but how much has never been defined.

Conference committee meeting this morning. Stoney Creek Inn was the only feasible venue based on price and no room block requirement. Looking at changing meeting planner options to assist in cutting costs. Exploring MU planning services and doing more ourselves. Proposing to go with Stoney Creek Inn for the conference.

Motion made and seconded to accept budget as submitted with friendly amendment that we add conference Insurance back in. Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion about education budget and taking care of traveling map. Should we set an actual rainy day goal?

4.4 Membership Report – Total Membership: 35 -Members in Good Standing (Voting): 29 -Absentees (2 or More Consecutive): 6 -Quorum: 18

4.5 By-Laws – No Report

Discussion Topic/Presentation – Vote on MAGIC nominations. This is a statewide vote. A list of nominees was distributed. Discussion about any members that had knowledge of nominees. Group chose to submit Amy Roust, David Nykodym, and MARC 911 Data Team forward for awards in their respective categories.

Committee Reports

6.1 Data Development – EMA workgroup is moving forward with outreach literature to give out at conferences and workshops. Putting together mission statement. Data working on state contract for Imagery business plan to support contract.

6.2 Education – Outreach to schools for enrollment continues. Nature’s outreach coordinating with them as well as forestry department. Interns are working at city. Thank you to the city for steping forward with opportunity. Joe took 9 year old’s to young scientist expo.

6.3 Workshops – NE Missouri workshop reserved at Noland’s room. April 15, 2020. Trying to get agenda and site together. SEMO workshop will be next. MOGISCON’21.

Motion to have GIS conference at Stoney Creek Inn April 25-27 2021. Seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

6.4 Strategic Planning – Transitionary period. Potentially dissolving stragic planning and moving to executive-like board. Next month officer nominations will be opening. Nominations should be sent to Steve Marsh or Colin Duewell.

Liaison Reports

7.1 MAGIC Consortium – Registration is open. Agenda should be available.

7.2 NSGIC – No Report

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

8.1 NRCS – Changes happening. Going web-based with conservation division. Trying to get Collector to work for field offices. Identifying what needs reflown.

8.2 USGS – 13 county total. 7 in west MO on MO river. River still high. East not yet acquireed. Also high. 86% total area ~7400 sqmi collected. Gavin’s Creek in SD increased release again.

8.3 MoRAP – No Report

8.4 MMA – No Report

8.5 MSPS – No Report

Open Discussion – Member sighting. Lix Cook at sporting tournament. Loving retirement. SEMO still looking for GIS person. ESRI regional conference in Chicago. User seminar in morning. Mobile demo in KC 24th. ESRI/NGA/SLU partnership formed. Send content for Facebook pages.

Meeting Adjourn 12:25. Next meeting March 12, 2020 @ MDC regional office, 3500 E Gans Rd, Columbia. 10:30am.

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