Minutes for August 13, 2020

Phone-Only Meeting
1. Call to Order – 10:31am
Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS- Thomas Vought- P
NSGIC Liaison – Tony Spicci- P
OA ITSD GIS- Tracy Schloss- P
State Members
Economic Development- Colin Duewell- P
MDC- Tim Bixler- P
MOARNG- Wiley Howell- P
MoDOT- Joe Carter- P
OA Planning and Budget- Jodi Simpson – P
Cooperating Members
BCFPD- Jason Warzinik- P
Boone County- Nathan Mattox- P
City of Columbia- Dan Rose- P
City of Jefferson- Buster Schrage- E/P
City of KC,Water- Stacey Roberts- P
Cole County- Melissa Johnson- P
Mid-MO RPC- Jennifer Bowden- P
MoRAP- Diane True- P
MU Extension/CARES- Chris Barnett- P
Northwest Missouri State- Ming-Chih Hung- P
Sanborn- Brad Arshat- P
Southeast MO State U- Indi Braden- P
SEMO RPC- Jason Millam- P
St. Louis County- Melisa Mclean- P
Surdex- Tim Donze- P
US ACE St. Louis- Michael Gawedzinski- P
USDA-NRCS- Katie Philbrick- P
Washington U- Mollie Webb- P
Wilson & Co- Derek Smith- P
Other Attendees
ESRI- Joe Eckmann- P
Lindenwood U- Tara Vansell- P
MO Botanical Gardens- Kayla Flamm- P
MSPS- Jon Cole- P
MO GIS Consultant- Jason Long- P
OA Redistricting – Jodi Simpson – P
2. Motion to Approve the July Minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
3. MGISAC Administration
OGI Report – Vacancies still as SEMA. Budget makes it hard to fill spots.
MSDIS Report – While MSDIS had another relatively quiet month, we are very happy to announce that another semester of GEOG 1800 – An Introduction to Geospatial Technology has come to a close. In spite of the chaos caused by COVID-19, we had a full class of 25 students this year. As usual, most were Geography majors who have already been introduced to GIS, but we had several students from outside of the department who were getting their first taste of the technology.
Unlike most courses, 1800 has been an online-only course for several years now, so no conversion was necessary, though we did take time to rebuild all of the powerpoint slides, recorded lectures, and lab assignments based on feedback from previous semesters.
We’d like to give a big thanks to all of our colleagues from across the state who have shared data via MSDIS that was critical for the weekly lab exercises and discussion prompts. One of the major goals for our design of 1800 is to expose students to as many facets of the GIS world as possible, and letting them work with real data – with real attributes, real unexpected errors, and real metadata – is a huge part of that experience.
Treasurer’s Report – We have Andy Emerson for a financial person at MU. No spending this month. $24,349.95 total. We got $500 reimbursed from the MAGIC Conference.
Membership Report – 36 total members. 31 in good standing. 5 absences. 18 quorum. Brian Maydwell is interested in membership. Motion made to make MO 911 Service Board a member of MGISAC with Brian Maydwell as representative. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
By-Laws Report – By-Law changes have been updated on the website. The PDF document still needs updating.
Discussion Topics/Presentation
4. Jason Long (OA/GIS) – Been reaching out to other states and several MGISAC members on their utilization of GIS usage around MO and other states. Looking at legislation for GIS. Structure of government and processes for cooperation and filling needs. How to get, use, and share foundational boundary data. Will be here until December looking at options for how MO can move forward with cooperative GIS. MGISAC will be able to see the report around November. Contact jason.long@oa.mo.gov or 314-825-0442 for questions of comments.
5. MOGISCON’21 – Still planning on in-person conference but exploring virtual still. Possible youtube series. Going to send out survey to gauge interest in certain forms of participation. What do people want to see/attend?
Committee Reports
Data Development/E911 – A buyer has been assigned to imagery contract. This person drafts the bid and handles the contract process. MO NAIP 94% complete acquisition. Flyer still in progress for E911. Recipients identified.
Education – Laura is looking for spots for interns. Contact Laura for info on the students.
Workshops – Nothing to Report
MAGIC – Had annual planning meeting for consortium. New people elected. MAGIC partnering with Illinois. MAGIC gets half the registration. They will be doing online workshops. 2022 symposium in Branson.
NSGIC – Virtual meeting 21st, 25th. Free for members. Working with Covid taskforce. Looking for board members. GPS/GMS interference potential. FCC granted this broadband to go forward despite identified interference. Published Best Practices for GIS Maturity.
Cooperating Agencies
USGS – 2 projects still in works. 2023-2024 80%+ of MO will have Lidar.
Open Discussion
Lincoln University is paying interns to work for State.
Adjourn: 11:41am
Next Meeting: September 10, 2020 at 10:30am

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