Minutes for July 9, 2020

Minutes for July 9, 2020

Phone-Only Meeting

Call to order – 10:30am

Welcome and Introductions

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS – Tom Vought – P

NSGIC Liason – Tony Spicci – E/P

USGS – David Nail – P

State Members

DNR – Jerry Prewett – P

Economic Development – Colin Duewell – E/P

MDC – Tim Bixler – P

MOARNG – Wiley Howell – P

MoDOT – Joe Carter – P

Cooperating Members

BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – E/P

Boone County – Nathan Mattox – P

City of Columbia – Dan Rose – P

City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – P

City of KC, MO water – Stacey Roberts – P

City of Lee’s Summit – Steve Marsh – P

Cole County – Melissa Johnson – P

Columbia Public Schools – Laura Estabrooks – P

Mid MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – P

MoRAP – Diane True – P

MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – P

Northwest Missouri State – Ming-Chih Hung

Sanborn – Brad Arshat – P

Southeast Mo State U – Indi Braden – P

SEMO RPC – Jeremy Tanz – P

St. Louis County – Melisa McLean – P

Surdex – Tim Donze – E/P

US ACE St. Louis – Michael Gawedzinski – P

Washington University – Mollie Webb – P

Woolpert – Kent Park – P

Other Attendees

Census Bureau – Craig Best – P

ESRI – Joe Eckmann – P

MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – P

MO Botanical Gardens – Kayla Flamm – P

MSPS – Jon Cole – P

St. Louis Board of Elections – Rob Ryan – P

Jefferson City – Jill Ryan

St. Louis Board of Elections – Bill Hartnett

OA Redistricting – Jodi Simpson

Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve minutes from June meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

MGISAC Administration

OGI Report – New models to make Covid dashboard more efficient are being worked on.

MSDIS Report –

New and Updated Data

– MO 2020 Adult Daycare

– MO 2020 Long Term Care Facilities

– MO 2020 Rural Health Clinics

– MO 2020 Local Public Health Agencies

– MO 2020 Local Public Health Agency Districts (new to MSDIS)

– MO 2020 WIC Satellite Offices

– MO 2020 Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (new to MSDIS)

– MO 2020 Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries

– MO 2020 Licensed Pharmacies MSDIS

June was a largely quiet month for MSDIS, but we do have one important announcement to make. As of a few weeks ago, we changed our naming convention for new data. Previously, if we received multiple updates to the same dataset during a calendar year, we would include “MONTH_Update” in the file name (MO_2020_Hospitals_January_Update, MO_2020_Hospitals_February_Update, MO_2020_Hospitals_March_Update, etc). While this has served the purpose of ensuring that users know when they are working with the latest and greatest data, it has the unfortunate side effect of breaking links to existing map documents connected to our servers because of the name changes. As of last month, we began posting some of our regularly updated datasets without the “MONTH_Update” addition (MO_2020_Hospitals instead of MO_2020_Hospitals_June_Update). Thus far, we have received no pushback to this change from any of our users. Since the month of each data release is noted in the metadata, unless we discover a genuinely pressing reason to revert to the old naming structure, we will use the new format for all future files. Please note, we will continue to include the year in our file names, so some documents will still require updating once we cross calendar years. Please also note, the above changes were only applied to the data as it appears on our map data server and our Open Data page. All files stored in the MSDIS file library still retain the old naming format for easy identification.

Treasurer’s Report – No expenses. Waiting to hear back from MU finance about $500 refund from the MAGIC cancellation.

Membership Report – Total Members: 36. Good Standing: 30. Absences: 6. Quorum: 18. Letters are signed for renewal. Working on getting them scanned. Prospective members who have been attending meetings regularly and would like to be considered for membership should see Wiley.

By Laws – Changes require 75% agreement on vote. The amendment would allow the chair to waive or continue with ballot voting for an election when nominees are low. Amendment reads as follows: “Except, if only one person is nominated for a position, no ballot vote need be taken and the chair may, after ensuring that there are no further nominations, declare that the nominee is elected by acclamation or unanimous consent.” Motion made and seconded to move forward with the amendment as read and discussed. Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion Topics/Presentation

MOGISCON Discussion – Waiting to see how ESRI virtual conference goes. Need to plan for the conference to be virtual at least to some extent. Website is updated w/ logo. Next meeting before August MGISAC meeting.

Virtual Presentation Discussion – Trying to make meeting presentation possible again. Short presentations with a format template for outreach. First presentation next month. Offered virtually. This will test our virtual abilities. Possible youtube channel to post presentations to. Rotate people who present or fine a presenter each meeting. Good opportunity for student presenters as well.

Committee Reports

Data Development – Emergency management group working on flyer. Needing to run it by SEMA to make sure it fits with them. Time to start reaching out to folks about national address database. Data Development group working on imagery contract. NAIP is 63% flown. Current imagery contract set to expire in September. Group is working to update and word new contract. Must be reviewed. Moving forward so far. NAIP is leaf-on and flown every 2 years. Lidar is flown whenever and wherever at differing quality levels. Not consistent. There is a need for leaf-off state-wide imagery that is available to the public.

Education – DESE might be hosting a GIS class to take pressure off scools to make GIS progams available. DESE give the class credit. Laura will be teaching it through the Columbia Public Schools system.

Outreach – Everything is officially cancelled for now.

Liaison Reports

MAGIC – Cancelled. Looking into working with Illinois on partnering with their virtual conference.

NSGIC – Membership model change. MGISAC has state-level leadership membership that allows 5 members to participate. Tony is one of those members. Anyone interesting in participating with NSGIC through MGISAC reach out to Wiley about possibly using one of the spots.

Agency Reports

Census – Non-Response follow up operations will be starting next week for north of the MO river. They will be going to homes who haven’t responded. 62% have turned in their forms. August 11 all areas of MO should be in follow up process.

Open Discussion – Emergency Management listserv is up and running.

Adjourned – 11:48am

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