Minutes for April 13, 2023

Minutes for April 13, 2023

Call to Order – 10:00am
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS – Thomas Vought – p
NSGIC Liaison – Tony Spicci – p
OA ITSD GIS – Tracy Schloss – p
USGS – David Nail – pp

State Members
MDA – Jacque Walters – p
DNR – Jerry Prewett – p
MDC – Tim Bixler – p
MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p
MoDOT – Colin Duewell – p

Cooperating Members
BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – p
Boone County – Nathan Mattox – p
City of Columbia – Dan Rose – p
City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p
City of KC, Water – Stacey Roberts – p
City of Lee’s Summit – Steve Marsh – p
Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p
Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p
MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – p
MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – p
SEMO RPC – Jeremy Tanz – p
Surdex – Steve Kasten – p
USDA-NRCS – Katie Philbrick – p
Washington University – Mollie Webb – p
Wilson & Co. – Derek Smith – p

Other Attendees
Blake Caldwell
Raamin Burrell
Jack King
Joe Eckman
Navjot Kaur
Nate Huggins
Kayla Flamm
Bill Steele
Approval of Minutes – Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the March Meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

OGI Report – 9.5% increase in ESRI contract. Contract states can’t raise more than 7.5% at once time. Waiting on response to that. ESRI wanted state to hide prices but they can’t. Considering enterprise license. As soon as contract is signed the price hike will be effective immediately so get your projects in.

MSDIS Report – March Update
Updated Data
– MO WIC Satellite Offices
– MO Public Schools for the Severely Disabled
– MO Rural Health Clinics
– MO Adult Daycare
– MO Long Term Care Facilities
– MO Licensed Pharmacies
– MO MoDOT Commuter Lots
– MO MoDOT Emergency Reference Markers
– MO MoDOT Rest Areas
– MO MoDOT Roads Arcs
– MO MoDOT Roads Routes
– MO Local Public Health Agency Districts
– MO Local Public Health Agencies
– MO Hospitals

MSDIS General News
March 2023 was a quiet month, and we have no major announcements. As this is the final MSDIS report before the end of the Mizzou Spring Semester, though, we would like to extend a big thanks to #1 award winning undergrad intern Morgan Hurt for another successful semester of helping us with various grant-related tasks. Morgan tackled several projects for us this semester and she excelled at conquering all the challenges we put in her way. She plans to join us again in the Fall 2023 semester, but that will be the final time she can work with the clearinghouse as part of our internship-for-class-credit program. Once Morgan’s time with MSDIS has ended, some of you in St Louis can expect to be contacted by us about hiring her for an actual job. Alternatively, if you happen to be a GIS professional in the St Louis area whose agency/employer/firm/whatever knows it will need a very talented, very hardworking employee sometime in early Summer 2024, please feel free to let us know so we can get that paperwork started.

MSDIS Downtime
As is regularly the case during the month of March, MSDIS experiences some slowdown during the week of Spring Break. While none of our services outright stopped working, several were so slow to respond that they were effectively offline. This was likely caused by routine DoIT maintenance being conducted while Mizzou students were out of town. We can confirm that the slowdown coincided with several alerts from IT about work being done to the network. Once the slowdown was brought to our attention, we restarted the Image Server, which seemed to resolve the issue.

Treasurer’s Report – $46,510 in income. $62,661.32 current total. Conference is going to make a dent in that soon. Next budget cycle starts July 1. 2-year cycle. Will approve at June meeting.

Membership Report – No changes. Current legislation may require some bylaw changes to membership portions.

Bylaws Report – No changes to by-laws.

Discussion Topic – Elections coming up. Make your nominations soon. Voting is in May.

Committee Reports

Data Development – Looking for QC people sometime in May.

Education – We no longer have a chair for this committee. Please let Nathan know if you would like to take over this committee.

Legislative – Bills were presented today to committee. 4 in favor, 1 informational, and no opposition was heard for the bill. Waiting to get on the floor for approval. HB50 hearing video is available. Discussion was around assessor data and not GIS tied per se. Too vague. SB7 could make a chief data officer that would give that position all data with conflicts with other bill.

Outreach – No report. Will be regrouping soon.

Marketing and Communication – Still no access but have turned in fixed IP finally.

Conference – It’s here! Everything has been sent out to attendees and vendors. Swag bags have been picked up along with lanyards and calendars. Swag items will be in room at Stoney Creek Monday for people with time between workshops to go ahead and stuff them for check in on Tuesday.

NG911 – Northern portion is collected. Looking for spots that may need reflown next week. We need project delivery schedule. Flymoimagery site is updated. Getting close to the RFP for the data work. Have quotes to do county mosaic.

Liaison Reports

Magic – Planning really starts in August.

NSGIC – Creating new website. Moving to 501c3 has started. 3DEP moving. Survey currently out about 3DEP benefit. 3DHP moving forward. Trying to align NWI. New addressing schema out. Conference in New Orleans this fall. Mid-year meeting in Crystal City DC next year. Filling out GMA.

Agency Reports

USGS – 7 county project is with vendor. Flying soon out of Clinton for most. Rolla for some smaller areas. Question about leaf off conditions in contract. There’s a lot of leaves already on trees. Will have to be investigated.

Open Discussion

DNR/OGI to receive special achievement award in GIS. Several going to San Diego for it. Data hub and geological survey is what it’s for.

Adjourned – 11:30am

Next Meeting is May 11th at the Jeff City MDC Credit Union.

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