Minutes for May 11, 2023

Minutes for May 11, 2023

Call to order – 10:00am
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS – Thomas Vought
NSGIC Liaison – Tony Spicci
OA ITSD GIS – Tracy Schloss
USGS – David Nail – PP

State Members
MDA – Jacque Walters
DNR – Jerry Prewett – PP
Economic Development – Amelia AuBuchon
MDC – Tim Bixler
MOARNG – Wiley Howell
MoDOT – Colin Duewell

Cooperating Agencies
BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – PP
Boone County – Nathan Mattox
City of Columbia – Dan Rose
City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage
Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden
MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – PP
MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett
Northwest Missouri State – Ming Chih Hung
Sanborn – Brad Arshat – E
SEMO RPC – Jeremy Tanz
Surdex – Steve Kasten
US ACE St. Louis – Michael Gawedzinski
USDA-NRCS – Katie Philbrick
Washington University – Mollie Webb
Wilson & Co. – Derek Smith

Other Attendees
Misty Perry
Navjot Kaur
Joe Eckman
Jessi Wilson, MDNR, MoHIC
Nate Huggins
Raamin Burrell
Saralyn Hayse
Tammy Chaffin
Amanda Wolfgeher
Tara Vansell

OGI Report – Looking at ArcGIS Indoors. Prices did go up. Probably at GSA level now. This is the last year of this ESRI contract so the new process will begin soon. Went in and updated more of the Fly MO Imagery site. All open positions have been filled and new folks will all be starting soon.
MSDIS Report – April 2023
Updated Data
– MO Dialysis Centers
– MO Ambulatory Surgical Centers
– MO Rural Health Clinics
– MO Adult Daycare
– MO Long Term Care Facilities
– MO Licensed Pharmacies
– MO Hospitals
– MO Local Public Health Agencies
– MO Local Public Health Agency Districts
– MO Federally Qualified Health Centers

MSDIS General News
It was really, really great to see everyone in person at the Missouri GIS Conference. While we enjoy our monthly meetings, there is nothing quite like joining all of you in-person.
As for MSDIS operations, we are please to announce that, in addition to Award Winning MSDIS Intern Morgan Hurt, we will also be joined by Geography Undergraduate Joshua Stender. Joshua was an active participant in GEOG 1800 this year and we look forward to unleashing his talents onto the clearinghouse.
We also continue to work with our friends at the Next Gen 911 Board to secure funding for the storage and distribution of the upcoming Northern Missouri aerial photo collection.

MSDIS Downtime
No outages were reported during April 2023.

MSDIS April 2023 Server Stats
In the interest of reporting some measure of usage, we are looking into pulling the service stats directly from the Server Manager interface. We appreciate your continued patience.
Treasurer’s Report – Income in April was $310 bringing us to a total of $62,666.17. Conference fees still around $21,500 roughly to come out. Conference took in over $46,000 and spent around $23,000 on various things such as venue, swag bags, awards, and the social. Should finish around $20,000 in proceeds.
Membership Report – No changes. 14 renewals to go out soon.
Bylaws Report – No pending amendments.
Discussion/Presentation Topic
Elections – There was only one nomination for Chair Elect. Chris Barnett has agreed to continue as Treasurer and Jennifer Bowden has agreed to continue as Secretary. Brian Maydwell was nominated to Chair-Elect. All nominees were elected to their position through acclimation. There were no objections.
Committee Reports
Data Development – Going to start QC on the northern part of the state soon. Looking for people to do this. Need to push out to RPCs in this area and try to drum up help. This can count toward GISP hours. This has a smaller QC window than we are usually used to but this being a rural area and slightly smaller than the southern section previously it should go fairly quickly.
Education. Tara Vansell will be taking over the education committee. She is the GIS instructor at Lindenwood University and currently serves on the St Louis Area Working Group. There are many things going on with GIS and education that needs to be better disseminated to the rest of educators across the state. Want to try to scale up some of the St Louis area events to state-wide.
Legislative – HB475 has stalled. Session ends Friday and this is a short period of time to get movement. A fiscal note was added to the bill last minute by OA for up to 5 full-time positions linked to the council and that has caused the bill to pause. Hoping to find out why OA is opposed to the bill. We do not currently have any paid positions and the council has always functioned voluntarily. If we have to push it to next session we will have the opportunity to edit some of the verbiage in it which would include the membership. There have been some concerns voiced about some sectors and members no longer having a voting spot in the council, though the council would still be fully open to the public to attend meetings and take part in. There’s also concerns about not have provisions for MSDIS in the bill. These would be addressed in the next iteration hopefully if it comes to that. If it doesn’t pass this session it will be assigned a new number and start the process again.
Outreach – Going to be reaching out to folks who are interested in participation and setting up a meeting soon.
Marketing and Communication – The saga of getting a website login continues. Now we need a VDI at $38/month to gain access. HUB site would be easier.
Conference – Surveys have been sent out. General feedback about the workshops is great. People have expressed interest in workshops about ArcPro. Attendee survey has been positive. Some have expressed wishing that the agenda had the presenter name on it. This was something we had acknowledged prior to the conference but not in enough time to alter the already printed agendas. Another thing that popped up was about some folks submitting abstracts that weren’t selected. As we used all the abstracts that we received there must have been some sort of issue with the submission form for some people. Need to look into this before the next conference. The smaller location seemed to work out really well. This will open us up to many more possible locations now that we feel better about making a smaller space work.
NG911 – Working on data remediation RFP. Need 2 signatures still. Data aggregation RFP coming along. It will be sent out various ways once open. Respondents will need registered in the Missouri Buys Portal.
Liaison Reports
MAGIC – No Report
NSGIC – GMA came in April. Been sending it to people with answers to fill It out. Questions about parcels had changed to county-by-county so we can now get partial credit for that portion this time. Due in a couple weeks. Looking to have it aggregated for fall conference.
Agency Reports
USGS – Some old stuff still getting corrections. Some projects in southern MO should be delivered end of this month. Latest project in Mark Twain area. Needing to check for leaves. Contractor thinks they have enough ground coverage.
Open Discussion
Wiley will be going to GeoInt Conference in St. Louis coming up. Buster is mentoring a girl from California who is interested in GISP and was wondering how long to give for studying for the exam. Takes around 3 months or so depending on your study habits. There are practice exams online that are useful.
Next Meeting is in Columbia.
Adjourned – 11:53am

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