Minutes for November 9, 2023

Minutes for November 9, 2023

Call to Order – 10:03am


Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS – Thomas Vought – p
OA ITSD/OGI/NSGIC – Tracy Schloss – p
USGS – David Nail – p

State Members
MDA – Jacque Walters – p
DNR – Zackary Becker – p
Economic Development – Amelia AuBuchon – p
MDC – Tim Bixler – p
MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p
MoDOT – Colin Duewell – p
OA Planning and Budget – Matt Hesser – p

Cooperating Members
BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – E
City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p
Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p
Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p
MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – p
MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – p
Northwest Missouri State – Ming Chih Hung – p
Surdex – Steve Kasten – p
GISCI – Tony Spicci – p
US ACE St. Louis – Jenn Becker – p
Washington University – Mollie Webb – p
Wilson & Co. – Derek Smith – E
City of Branson – Curtis Copeland – p
Katilin Belk – Allstate Consultants – p

Other Attendees
Dustin Goodwin
Nate Berkhoudt
Joe Eckman
Andy Schiller
Bill Steele


OGI Report – NASA wants to know who is using their Earth Observation tools. We are unaware of anyone using it.
IT is looking at ways to manage their qualified vendor list. Looking at a vendor list specific for GIS. With ARPA they initially pushed to use NASPO. Have started to reach out to folks to figure out how to get GIS professional services on a cooperative contract. Other states have this. As GIS gets stronger in State the work will need to be outsourced sometime and having a way to ensure it’s outsourced to reputable companies is important.

MSDIS Report – October

Updated Data
– MO MoDOT Roads Routes
– MO MoDOT Commuter Lots
– MO MoDOT Emergency Reference Markers
– MO MoDOT Rest Areas
– MO MoDOT Roads Arcs
– MO Missouri Department of Conservation Lands

New LiDAR Data
– Boone County 2022 – Following from our report last month and thanks to some truly helpful collaboration, the new QL0 Boone County LiDAR data are now fully prepped and deployed as an imagery service here: https://moimagery.missouri.edu/arcgis/rest/services/LiDAR/Boone_2023_UTM/ImageServer
And it looks really awesome.

MSDIS General News
We reported last month that MSDIS and the Mizzou Dept of Geography were planning to host an event for GIS Day. Due to the unfortunate timing of Geography Awareness Week as it relates to the University of Missouri’s Thanksgiving Break, we have decided to reschedule our event to 19 February 2024. As we continue to adapt our plans, we will share more information with MGISAC.
Unrelated to MSDIS, Tom will once again be teaching GEOG 1800 in the Spring Semester. In the past, 1800 has proved to be a valuable source of new recruits for the MSDIS internship program, so it is important to continue this collaboration with Mizzou Geography. As many of you are aware, we put out a call last year for volunteers to give in-class presentations. Several of you were kind enough to volunteer your valuable time and it was, without question, the best use of classroom time that we could have asked for. There is a very real likelihood that those students learned more about GIS from those guest presentations than they have from any of their other classes. As such, we are once again opening our classroom up to the professional GIS community. If you are interested in speaking to our students, please email voughtth@missouri.edu so we can set something up. Ideally, we would like to have one presentation a week starting sometime around the third week of the semester. As you know very well, though, Tom likes to talk, even when you don’t want him to*, so if we can only do another 5-6 talks this semester, there will be plenty of standard classroom material to fill the time.
*ESPECIALLY when you don’t want him to

MSDIS Downtime
Repeating our report from September since the interruption technically took place in October…
There was an Imagery Server disruption on 02 October 2023. We received an email from our colleagues at MoDOT at 2:18 PM that image services were unresponsive. On investigation, we were able to confirm the problem and restarted the server. On restart, services were still offline and the server itself appeared to be unreachable. After more digging, it seemed as though the server had somehow lost its URL binding and, while still technically accessible, was only operational by using the server’s name as the host address. We re-entered the administrative password into both ArcGIS Server Administrator and the ArcGIS Server Web Adaptor in an effort to re-establish the proper bindings. After several extremely panicked minutes of waiting, both the server and its services began functioning as intended.
We have enlisted the aid of the Mizzou Division of IT to investigate possible causes for this outage. At this point, we are told that no changes were made to the server before the outage and that they saw no administrative warnings. We have made notes on the situation and continue to investigate on our own.

Treasurer’s Report – 1 expense. MU Fee $29.07. Remaining balance $38,854.26.

Membership Report – 34 members. 4 vacancies (Columbia, Lee’s Summit, Boone County, SEMA) We have a nomination for membership for Allstate Consultants. Representative is Katilin Belk.
VOTE: Motion made and seconded to add Allstate Consultants with Katilin Belk as a voting member of the council. Motion passes unanimously.
New total will be 35 members. Quorum is 18.

By-Laws Report – New downloadable pdf on website.

Committee Reports

Data Development – SGS submission is in and waiting approval to fly southeast MO spring 2024. Working on contract. Trying to find copy of last RFP to update. 2024 elevation hydrography contract has been awarded to NV5/Aerial Services Inc. 6” orthos that was flown early this year is being delivered currently to MSDIS and should be up sometime in the near future.

Legislative – No legislation being tracked. Prefiling begins in December. Have made some edits to our last bill verbiage. Tm Taylor has been sent that edited version. NSGIS is going to go back to visiting DC.

Outreach – Have made several web edits. Need committees to review their pages for any changes needed. Still trying to shut down LinkedIn and Twitter/X. Tracy updated our about section condensing it and making it more relevant. Need to set up a new group photo.

Education – Lindenwood GIS day is Tuesday. 50+ kids coming Getting students from a variety of disciplines. GeoFutures event on Monday at Post Building. Washington University is doing week-long georeferencing historical sprint. Taylor Geospatial doing story map event on Wednesday.

NG911 – Working 2024 flight. Reach out with any buy ups now. Board finalizing qualified vendor list with state. Looking to do grant applications to help communities get their 911 data up to NG911 standard. Validation portal is closing. Vendors doing remediation/aggregation must submit through portal. Service Board looking to approve contract for funds to go to MSDIS for housing all the data.

Liaison Reports

MAGIC – April 15-18, 2024 is the symposium. Registration is open.

NSGIS – New national states collaboration. This is to deal with sending and receiving funds. Geoenabled elections is a topic they are currently working on. NAD webinar recently went out that may interest people.

Cooperating Agency Reports

USGS – Data Collab announcement garnered 11 hydro proposals and 14 elevation proposals. Final selections will be made after final budget. This is nation-wide.

NRCS – National Imagery Program for Department of Ag had a question about interest in upgrading the resolution of the leaf-on imagery. Took too long to hear back on buy up. Maybe next time that will be a partnership opportunity.

Open Discussion

MO GIS Conference – RFP for conference venue needs to go out now. Would like to see if we culd get an educator class for conference but may need to be on a Saturday. Get student perspective class on building resumes and networking.
Mo Surveyors have scholarship called Trig Star for students going into surveying. A scholarship for educators to continue in GIS education could be viable and less complex. Cotefying the council could change how we could do this. Research is needed.
May need to pivot away from SEMA as a member and look for someone to represent all of the Department of Public Safety. SEMA is hard to fill positions sometime since it’s a unique environment.

Adjourned – 12:00 pm

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