Minutes for January 11, 2024

Minutes for January 11, 2024

Call to Order – 10:00am

Ex-officio Members

MSDIS – Thomas Vought – p
OA-ITSD/NSGIC – Tracy Schloss – p
USGS – David Nail – p

State Members

MDA – Jacque Walters – p
DNR – Zackary Becker (Erin Fanning) – pp
Economic Development – Amelia AuBuchon – p
MDC – Tim Bixler – p
MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p
MoDOT – Colin Duewell – p

Cooperating Members

All State Consultants – Katilin Belk – p
BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – p
City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p
Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p
Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p
MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – pp
MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – p
Northwest Missouri State – Ming-Chih Hung
Sanborn – Brad Arshat – p
SEMO RPC – Jeremy Tanz – p
Surdex – Steve Kasten – p
GISCI – Tony Spicci – p
US ACE St. Louis – Jenn Backer – p
USDA-NRCS – Katie Philbrick – p
Washington University – Mollie Webb – p
Wilson & Co – Derek Smith – p
Woolpert – Sam Moffat – p
City of Springfield – Nathan Huggins – p
City of Branson – Curtis Copeland – p

Other Attendees

Zac Dlouhy
Travis Tomson
Jack King
Craig Best – Census
Saralyn Hayes
Shawn Penman
Ryan Holladay
Joe Eckmann
Sarah Brown
Kayla Flamm
Rick Stardinger
Tara Vansell
Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve minutes from December meeting. Motion passed unanimously.


Report – Report will come in other areas of meeting.

MSDIS Report – December

Updated Data
– MO MoDOT Roads Routes
– MO MoDOT Roads Arcs
– MO MoDOT Rest Areas
– MO MoDOT Emergency Reference Markers
– MO MoDOT Commuter Lots

New 2022/2023 Missouri Imagery
– The 2022/2023 6-inch resolution aerial imagery is now available as a service from the MSDIS Image Server: https://moimagery.missouri.edu/arcgis/rest/services/Statewide/Missouri_6inch_12inch_North_2022_2023_Detail/ImageServer

MSDIS General News
Much of December 2023 was spent working on research grants unrelated to MSDIS, preparing and deploying the 2022/2023 Northern Missouri imagery for deployment, and preparing for the Spring 2024 semester. The details of the imagery deployment are covered later in this report.
We are still looking for more geospatial professionals to guest lecture in GEOG 1800. If you work with GIS and are interested in giving a brief (30-40 minute) presentation to a group of students about what you do and how you use the technology, please email Tom at voughtth@missouri.edu.

MSDIS Downtime
No downtime was reported during December 2023.
We were made aware of an outage of both the Image Server and the Archive on the morning of 09 January 2024 at approximately 7:50AM by the Division of IT. It is very likely that the outage was caused by an electrical problem with the Isilon storage and, as a result, was not unique to MSDIS. The Archive restored on its own shortly after we were first altered to the problem (coinciding with the storage drives coming back online after the electrical problem) and the Image Server was back online after a server restart. The entire outage lasts roughly one hour and all services had been restored by approximately 8:40AM. As always, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our fellow early risers.

2023/2024 Missouri County Imagery
Deployment status is as follows:
A mosaic has been created from the northern Missouri tiles and has been deployed as a mosaic that can be accessed here:


The existing image mosaic of the Missouri North project is a dynamic cache service and does not currently have an associated tile cache alternative.
With both the image service and county mosaic downloads now deployed, the next major step will be the creation of a standalone image server that will be reserved solely for these statewide
eventual replacements. This phase is currently on-hold until the successful transfer of funds from the Missouri 911 Service Board to MSDIS. No estimate for completion is available at this time nor will one be provided as we proceed.

Due to concerns about overtasking the server, a complete, statewide mosaic of the three 2022/2023 image projects will not be generated until the above server is installed.
We have corrected the name of the Northern Missouri county mosaic layer in The Missouri Map. Last month, the layer that controlled the downloads of these mosaics was incorrectly named the MO 2023-2024 North Imagery Index. The layer name has since been adjusted to MO 2022-2023 North Imagery Index.

Image Server Statistics
Since the replacement of the MSDIS Image Server, we have struggled to find a software to provide a comprehensive breakdown of server and service usage. We had hoped that the statistics pulled directly from ArcGIS Server Manager would be a suitable substitute, but the very bare-bones records were significantly less than what we wanted.
Moving forward, we will no longer publish these numbers in our monthly reports. We will remain on the lookout for a reliable option for parsing the server usage in the hope that we can publish these numbers again. The raw server logs are still being saved if anyone requires them. Should anyone need a rough estimate of usage for certain specific services, we are more than happy to run those numbers via Server Manager.

Treasurer’s Report – No expenses. $38,854.26. Only spent 12.5% of budgeted funds so far.

Membership Report – No change. 35 members. SEMA vacancy has been filed along with Columbia. Still waiting to hear about Lee Summit and Boone County.

By-Laws Report – No changes.

Ryan Holloday (GISP) – Using Lidar in ArcGIS Pro – Light Detection and Ranging. Not the same as radar. Uses light to create point cloud. Requires Z values enabled. ArcPro has the geoprocessing tools for LAS and DEM the same as desktop. Missouri has a lot of Lidar available to play with.
Committee Reports
911 Report – Challenge to the RFP award for data remediation portal. Currently have 17 applications for GIS grant. Board submitted Tom’s invoice in portal just before holiday. Data remediation typically must use off the qualified vendor list. Some assessors would like to do it in-house and use grant to cover staff time. This could be an option.
Data Development Report – Several activities with imagery contracts Expires February 10th. Has 4 vendors. ASI and Sanborn are extended to end of the year. Other 2 extended 6 months to finish up current projects. Amy Ramo will reach out to assist in moving contracts while Tracy is out. There will be a gap. Think it can be awarded this spring. Extension is only to close out in-progress projects but can’t be used for new projects after February 10th. Webinar 3rd week of January for how to access the imagery. Link will be sent out soon.
Legislative Report – Senator Roberts filed some verbiage as last year while we have changed our verbiage. HB 2191. On second reading in house. Language will have to be reconciled. We removed secretary from our language to save costs. News thinks nothing will move. New speaker pro-tem so that could change how quickly we try to move. Fiscal note right now is different per bill. Would prefer to wait until reconciled to do that. We have no relationship with Senator Roberts and doesn’t seem to want one. HB 1540 deals with how much counties can charge for their GIS products. This one get pushed often.
Outreach and communication Report – Didn’t meet in December. Still working on website. Will meet end of this month.
Education Report – Met Tuesday. Bob Coulter talked about ESRI Arc Online competition. Available for middle school and high school. All meetings this semester are about how educators can embed this competition in their teachings. Professional development opportunities at ESRI educators summit that registration is open for now. Event runs with the user conference.
Liaison Reports
MAGIC – Symposium in April. All registrations are open. Exhibitor registration doing good. Need more attendees to register.
NSGIC – Survey request came through asking about coordination and councils in the state. Mid-year coming up. Tracy is not going. Someone else in MGISAC leadership can go if they wish. Council will reimburse going to meeting.
Cooperating Agency Reports
USGS – MDC/DNR awarded data collab proposal for their Lidar project. Should hear back on reviews next week.
Roundtable Discussion
Executive order signed for ag land sold within 10 miles of military facilities. Working on accounting for all those site.
Considering doing a SWOT analysis to the email list sometime.
Adjourned – 11:32am

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