Category: General St Louis GIS User Group

Category: General St Louis GIS User Group

St Louis GIS User Group

March 31, 2016


· Welcome from Monsanto and discussion on how GIS is being used led by Martin Mendez-Costabel

· Jennifer Kuntz w/Clycomedia - Learn about street-level imagery that is georeferenced to the pixel level and how it can be applied in GIS workflows to reduce field visits. GeoCycloramas from CycloMedia turn street-level imagery into a true GIS data layer, allowing for the display and editing of GIS data layers directly on the imagery. The high resolution and positional accuracy of GeoCycloramas lets users take measurements and see details for buildings and infrastructure without going into the field. CycloMedia offers integrations with the ArcGIS platform for editing geodatabases directly.

· Michael Baer w/St Louis County - Title: e pluribus unum: Hypercompact data translation in spatial and non-spatial dataDescription: I will be presenting a FME workspace that combines Saint Louis County’s parcel fabric, jurisdictional topology, and real estate data into one layer that is call Parcel_Juris. This layer allows both public and internal users to easily answer “Where is my house?” ,and then have a great deal on information to allow them to understand how, where they live is contented and connected to the sounding area. I will focus on how different development environments required different thinking and design. Along with how to get serval database systems to play nice with each other in data translations.

· Andy Dearing w/Boundless & NGA project – A hybrid approach for integrating open-source into your GIS, highlighting interoperability between both Esri and Open Source GIS technology.

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