Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 13, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 13, 2000

Runge Nature Center Forestry Room
9:00 a.m. 12:00 noon.

Present: Jo Ann Shaw, Jeff Davis, Darryl Williams, Glen Barber, Jeff Falter, Mark Duewell, Jim Davis, Tony Spicci, Gary Beahan, Tom Frahm, Debbie Pitts, Jamie Roberts, James Roberts, Renee Holder, Tim Haithcoat


1. Call to order

2. Reading of the minutes / Approval of the minutes

3. MSDIS Activities

  • Clearinghouse plans & progress
  • MSDIS budget item(s) within the University
  • Web site review

4. Standards

  • Metadata Standard
  • Addressing Standard

5. MSDIS legislative item IMS server issue

6. MAGIC report

  • Committee Update
  • Regional Group

7. Missouri GIS 2001 Conference

8. MAGIC 2002

9. GIS Day 2000

10. SMAC update

11. USGS State Mapping Workshop

12. Missouri Mappers Association Conference

13. Review of Bylaws

14. Round-table project update

15. Open Discussion

  • Membership
  • Committee Chair

16. Adjournment

Meeting called to order: 9:05 a.m.

Minutes: Meeting notes taken by Tony Spicci forMay 9, 2000were given to Tim Haithcoat for preparation.

MSDIS Activities

  • Clearinghouse plans & progress: Tim Haithcoat reported that the MSDIS site is undergoing a major reconstruction effort to aid in navigation of the site as well as incorporate a local clearinghouse search and retrieval system. As well, in order to serve these data to the local users (ie.ArcView) we are at the same time creating shape files for all geographic databases in the system. These will be served from a separate disk which will then migrate possibly to the IMS server, althoughArcIMScan use SDE databases which will greatly enhance access and speed of the IMS system and precludes the use of export or shape files. This development is being accomplished through a partnership with the Vermont clearinghouse.
  • MSDIS budget item(s) within the University: Tim Haithcoat reported that now is the time to submit any items that the Committee thinks needs to be added to the MSDIS budget item from the University. Ideas included the funding for a state GIS/ GI technology training and education specialist position. The Committee has not yet completed the survey that would outline the specific duties of this position but sees the completion of the survey by the end of the summer.
  • Web site review: Tim Haithcoat reported that Glen Barber has talked with Greg Breuer concerning some updates and possible changes to the MSDIS and MGISAC web sites. The web site development duties have been shifted to a new staff member Martin Wills. Tim reported that Martin has developed some upgrades to the MGISAC site and has them locally on his machine. There are a few things to work out but Tim stated that he would post the new format and information out to the web later this week or early the next. Mark Duewell stated that the MGISAC needs to be more visible and its activities more distributed so that it can be seen as the active committee that it is. The Committee concurred. The web site and email lists are the primary methods the Committee has for exposure.

Standards – Metadata Standard
Jo Ann Shaw distributed the draft document in digital form with attachments prior to the meeting. The re-draft from Leslie Beardon has been completed. Example metadata documents (mandatory & minimum) were reviewed. Tim Haithcoat suggested that the examples for both documents be the same so that people can see what is left off given the minimum version versus the mandatory if applicable version. It was agreed that both would show the documentation for the National Wetlands Inventory database. Tim Haithcoat also suggested that the record format for the compliant metadata record that these examples address be included with the packet of materials being sent out for review. Tim said that he would pull that together. Jo Ann Shaw asked for any other comments or corrections to be sent to her and she will incorporate them into a final draft document that will then be sent to Tim and posted to the web and delivered to the ITAB.

Standards – Addressing Standard
Tim Haithcoat reviewed the Geocoding Initiative as presented the Information Technology Advisory Board meeting on April 26, 2000. The initiative was broadly accepted and had much support. The ITAB gave Tim the go-ahead to further pursue and develop a more comprehensive proposal with details as to time, maintenance, and cost factors for this development. Tim also reported on a meeting that was held June 5, 2000 called by Mike Benzen to build a team from both the MGISAC and the ITAB to pursue the development of the larger proposal. Tim Dwyer from the Department of Insurance is the lead on the ITAB side. Tim Haithcoat has forwarded all document to date developed for the initiative to Tim Dwyer as background material. Haithcoat and Dwyer will be developing a set of meetings to outline strategies for accomplishing the pilot and its associated cost and staffing factors. The meetings will hopefully blend and integrate the MGISAC and ITAB groups within a working setting. The Committee requested that the materials sent to Tim Dwyer be forwarded to all members so as to provide the same context and base across the entire MGISAC rather than just the Addressing Committee.

MSDIS legislative item IMS server issue: Tim Haithcoat stated that the MSDIS is again pursuing an item (Form 5) within the OIT budget for the purchase of a large machine for the purpose of providing internet mapping services for the MSDIS holdings as well as for state agencies who wish to develop an IMS component for their own web sites. The platform will provide a common base of information and mapping so that duplication of effort is reduced as well as providing a single face (or data solution) to the users of the states information system rather than a different view (or result) depending on the system. Tim will be talking with Larry Seneker to update this request.

MAGIC Report: Tony Spicci reported on the appointment of officers for theMidAmericaGeographic Information Consortium (MAGIC) group with whom the past conference was held. The Consortium Executive Committee is composed of:

Consortium Executive CommitteeConsortium Chair: Tim Haithcoat, MO
Symposium Chair: Tony Spicci, MO
Treasurer: Jim Parker, KS
Secretary: Vickie Damm, KS

Consortium CommitteesCommunications: Ken Nelson, KS
Education/Outreach: Ed Crane, KS / Rick Miller, KS

Symposium CommitteesSymposium Program Chairs: Rod Odum, KS / Ivan Weichert, KS
Vendors & Cosponsors: A.J. Thomas, KS
Social Events: Dan OConnor, MO
Project Showcase: Greg Breuer, MO
Short Course Chairs: Jim Merchant, NE / Kevin Kane, IA
Local Arrangements: Vickie Damm, KS
Awards: Jim Merchant, NE
Job Fair: ???

Missouri GIS 2001 Conference: Tim Haithcoat reported that the contract for the next Missouri GIS Conference has been signed and is to be held March 25-28, 2001 at the Holiday Inn Select – Executive Center in Columbia, MO. Room rates are $71.00 per night for up to four people. We will receive one complimentary room night with each fifty (50) paid room nights. The room block is 25 for Sunday the 25th, 65 for Monday the 26th, and 86 for Tuesday the 27th. The room block will be held until February 25, 2001. Tony Spicci handed out a description of committee assignments for the Conference. The following are the volunteered assignments for theMoGIS2001 Conference.

  • Arrangements: Tim Haithcoat and Jim Davis
  • Treasurer: Tim Haithcoat
  • Exhibitors: Tony Spicci
  • Poster and Project Showcase: Greg Breuer and Martin Wills
  • Program: Jo Ann Shaw and Mark Duewell
  • Workshop and Short Courses: Gary Beahan
  • Publicity and Registration: Tim Haithcoat and Debbie Pitts

MAGIC 2002: Tony Spicci reported that the nextMidAmericaGIS Symposium planning meeting will be held in Kansas City in 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center on April 14-18, 2002. The next planning meeting will be held from 9:00 3:00 on July 14, 2000 in the Oak Room of the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area near Kansas City. It is located approximately 1 mile north of I-70 off ofMoHwy7.

GIS Day 2000: Tony Spicci reminded everyone that November 15, 2000 was GIS Day. Mark Duewell and Debbie Pitts volunteered to check out the possibility of doing a poster session in the Capital Rotunda. As well the individual agency representatives were encouraged to start planning both their in-house activities as well as any outreach activity (formal or informal) to be held in conjunction with GIS Day. Tom Frahm and Jo Ann Shaw will be assessing the possibility of creating a looseleaf-type graphic profiling agency GIS activities for distribution to the legislature when it is in session (January through late May).

State Mapping Advisory Council (SMAC): Darryl Williams reported that there were only a few dates available for the meeting in the end of July or earlier part of August. He will firm these date options up and send them on to Tony Spicci and Tim Haithcoat for a final decision. Darryl is planning on it being hosted at theMidContinentMapping Center. The Mapping Center can hold up to 200 people. Darryl asked the committee about notification and invitations to this first meeting, Who, How, When, and How many? After discussion it was agreed that we would do a targeted mailing to include state agencies, federal agencies within the state, and representatives (at least 2-3 for each) from the Missouri Mappers Association (MMA), Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS), Missouri Municipal League (MML) and the Missouri Association of Counties (MACo).

A review of the purpose and reasons for pursuing the SMAC by the MGISAC was then given by Tim Haithcoat and Darryl Williams. These included providing an active liaison, keeping up-to-date on mapping related issues, prioritizing mapping and digital conversion activities, and speaking as a coordinated voice within the State Mapping Workshop to be held later in September.

The agenda for this meeting was then discussed. It was determined to keep the agenda fairly light and focused on three topics. These were:

  • Providing a vision for and gaining input on the future role of the SMAC
  • Topographic quadrangle update and revision status prioritization
  • NAPP flight planning

Tony Spicci will Chair and Moderate the session. It is important that DNR-DGLS be involved and that Mike Flowers is an active participant and leader within this activity.

Darryl Williams will draft a letter of invitation and will send it to Tim Haithcoat for edits and then dispersal to the potential invitees. Darryl will be the main point of contact on the SMAC meeting.

USGS State Mapping Workshop: Tim Haithcoat reported that the USGSs State Mapping Workshop is set for September 12-15th at theMidContinentMapping Center. Darryl Williams briefed the Committee on the history and purpose of the meeting. The invitation list is going to state and local government people within a 15 state core region with another 21 states invited as well. Both Tim Haithcoat and Tony Spicci have received materials. Tim will forward copies of those materials to both Mark Duewell and Jo Ann Shaw.

Missouri Mappers Association Conference: Tim Haithcoat reported that the MSDIS and MGISAC will be represented at this conference. It is being held July 27-28th, 2000 at the Holiday Inn Select Executive Center in Columbia, MO.

Review of Bylaws: Mark Duewell would like to add a section to the bylaws of the MGISAC addressing attendance and membership within the Committee. His concerns are centered on the lack of attendance and participation by some appointed members and the growth of activities that the MGISAC are pursuing. Mark will draft language and send to a subset of the committee for review and drafting purposes. Once developed it will then be posted to the larger committee for review and comment.

Open Discussion

  • Membership: Reappointment and appointment letters will be forthcoming from Mike Benzens office. The membership for next year includes:
    • Tony Spicci (Conservation)
    • Tim Haithcoat (MSDIS)
    • Larry Seneker (OIT)
    • Tom Frahm (Revenue)
    • Jim Davis (Mental Health)
    • Debbie Pitts (State Library Missouri Census Data Center)
    • Arnold Williams (Transportation)
    • Gary Beahan (Economic Development)
    • Darryl Williams (U.S. Geological Survey)
    • Jo Ann Shaw (Natural Resources)
    • Glen Barber (Emergency Management)
    • Fred Young (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
    • Mark Duewell (Health)
    • MMA – representative
    • MML – representative
    • MACo- representative
    • MAPPS – representative
    • Committee Chair: Tony Spicci was nominated and elected chair for the upcoming year.
    • State GIS Coordinator: Tony Spicci has talked with Mike Benzen to see if there is a possibility of getting an FTE for this position through OIT.
    • Status of ESRI State Contract Needs to be followed up.
  • MAGIC Meeting Sessions: Darryl Williams voiced some disappointment as to how the USGS was criticized and bashed within some breakouts at the conference. He felt that it showed a callused disregard for what the federal agencies do and provide to the states within the region and he, as well as other USGS staff, were upset by the remarks made.

Round-table project update

Economic Development: Added an additional person to the GIS staff (3 total). They are currently evaluating an upgrade toArcIMSbut the new licensing (cost per processor) is going to have to be looked at hard before it is signed off on. They have IMS working and are serving maps supportingHB1656andSB20on the web.

Boone County: Final conversion project moving 60,000 parcels with 16 data layers is almost complete. It has been a 3-year project. The townships are being edge-matched to create a seamless data layer. Attributing the parcels and creating annotation are underway. Mental Health is actively involved in the addressing and geocoding initiative.

Natural Resources: Working on the conversion fromNAD27toNAD83as well as the compilation and review of metadata.

Health: Using GIS to monitor and model health problems related to Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Trying to assess lagoon heights, air movement, and weather patterns. They are also using GIS to evaluate inoculations and expenditures for immunizations across the state. They are also evaluating the merit of creating a GIS department within Health.

Revenue: Just hired their first GIS staff person (Renee Holder) and are gearing up for a database creation project for tax rate mapping.

Meeting adjourned: 12:45 p.m.

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