Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 11, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 11, 2000

Missouri Department of Conservation Headquarters
9:00 a.m. 12:00 noon.

Present: Jo Ann Shaw, Glen Barber, Jeff Falter, Mark Duewell, Tony Spicci, Alan Spell, Tom Frahm, Debbie Pitts, Tim Haithcoat, Arnold Williams


Call to order
Reading of the minutes / Approval of the minutes
MSDIS Activities
Metadata Standard
Addressing Standard
MAGIC report
Meeting Update
Missouri GIS 2001 Conference
Committee Reports
GIS Day 2000
SMAC update
Review of Bylaws
Round-table project update
Open Discussion

Meeting called to order: 9:05 a.m.

Minutes: Tim Haithcoat distributed the meeting minutes. Meeting minutes were read and approved with minor changes for both theMay 9, 2000andJune 13, 2000meetings.

MSDIS Activities

  • Clearinghouse plans & progress: Tim Haithcoat reported that the MSDIS site is still undergoing reconstruction but that the new implementations will be seen over the next few months. Data base development efforts include DOQQs MrSIDfiles and histogram matching, School district updates, National Wetlands Inventory (NWI), and TIGER file processing. New additions include landcover (MoRAP1992 version) and 24KDEMs.
  • Web site review: The web site development duties have been shifted to a new staff member Martin Wills. Tim reported that Martin has developed some upgrades to the MGISAC site and has posted them to the new web site. There are a few things to work out but Tim stated that this would be an ongoing process.

Standards – Metadata Standard
Jo Ann Shaw will draft a recommendation letter to send forward to Mike Benzen for his review of this standard. Jo Ann has re-written the draft documents and they are now ready for posting. Tim Haithcoat will add the metadata formatting and the site on the MSDIS/ MGISAC web-site will be activated to allow broader review of this standard.

Standards – Addressing Standard
Tim Haithcoat reported that he is developing a pilot to put numbers and estimates to the Geocoding Initiative for budgeting purposes as well as methodological review. The pilot is being cast in Boone County and in portions of Greene County. Tim will be working with Tim Dwyer on scheduling a series of meetings on this topic.

MAGIC Report: Tony Spicci reported that the next meeting of theMidAmericaGeographic Information Consortium (MAGIC) group will be held from 9:00 3:00 on July 14, 2000 in the Oak Room of the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area near Kansas City. It is located approximately 1 mile north of I-70 off ofMoHwy7. Any member of the MGISAC who would like to attend or share a ride to this meeting send Tony Spicci a note and he will arrange it.

Missouri GIS 2001 Conference: Committee reports for the Conference.

  • Arrangements: Tim Haithcoat and Jim Davis: Need to post it on the web with dates and any other materials that would be of use to the public.
  • Treasurer: Tim Haithcoat no report
  • Exhibitors: Tony Spicci Tim Haithcoat is to send Tony Spicci all the vendor information from theMAGIC/MoGISconference in digital form.
  • Poster and Project Showcase: Greg Breuer and Martin Wills no report
  • Program: Jo Ann Shaw and Mark Duewell will create an agenda draft. They asked for us to forward our lists of topics and speakers for the conference. They will draw the agenda from this pool of responses.
  • Workshop and Short Courses: Gary Beahan no report be thinking about topics and instructors.
  • Publicity and Registration: Tim Haithcoat and Debbie Pitts: Need to draft a Save the Date postcard announcement.

GIS Day 2000: Debbie Pitts has made a written request for the rotunda in the Capitol. Mark Duewell will make sure the GIS Day activity is registered on the website at ESRI. Tony Spicci will pull together the proclamation. Tom Frahm and Jo Ann Shaw asked everyone to be thinking about cool applications that can be shared in this format and forum and to bring those ideas to the next meeting. Individual agency representatives were again encouraged to start planning both their in-house activities as well as any outreach activity (formal or informal) to be held in conjunction with GIS Day.

State Mapping Advisory Council (SMAC): Tim Haithcoat distributed a draft letter of invitation for the SMAC meeting. The letter was approved and will be mailed to a subset of the 3,500 people in the MSDIS mailing list (approx 500).

Review of Bylaws: Tim Haithcoat and Mark Duewell distributed via email several interations of the proposed language. Substantial changes were made to the initial language that many on the committee felt weakened it too much. Discussion was then held debating the purpose and need for such language. All agreed that we need attendance language and would like to continue the iterations for this bylaw addition. Tim read a review of the third draft language made by Darryl Williams and many liked the addition of the statements made by Darryl. Tim Haithcoat is to incorporate the suggestions made in this discussion and from Darryls note into another draft which will be distributed via email to all members for consideration.

A request was made to send the bylaw changes as well as other announcements out to both the primary and if known the secondary contacts on the MGISAC list.

Open Discussion

  • GIS Training: The survey is out. Please fill it in and return to Tony Spicci.
  • MGISAC meeting dates: It was decided that the MGISAC would meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the morning. Please reserve these dates on your calendar.
  • ARC/INFO contract: Tony Spicci is working to create a new state contact for ESRI products and services. Also reviewing licensing issues.

Round-table project update

  • Economic Development: Added an additional person to the GIS staff (3 total). They are currently evaluating an upgrade toArcIMSbut the new licensing (cost per processor) is going to have to be looked at hard before it is signed off on. They have IMS working and are serving maps supportingHB1656andSB20on the web.
  • Natural Resources: Working on the underground storage tank inventory and the compilation and review of metadata.
  • Health: Using GIS to monitor and model health problems related to Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Also evaluating surveillance CDC tracking and visualization.
  • Revenue: Just hired their first GIS staff person (CIT II position)(Renee Holder) and are gearing up for a database creation project for tax rate mapping.
  • Missouri Census Data Center: Working on a project with the GRC and OSEDA on census mapping and data base linkages.
  • Conservation: DOQQs done. Working with their private land services group on developing a GUI.
  • MoDOT: Developing their enterprise SDE & IMS services. They are re-evaluating the deployment of GIS within the agency. As well they are looking to develop better linework (moving from 1:100K to 1:24K or better). They also mentioned having a statewide Trimble contract that GPS equipment can be bought from.

Meeting adjourned: 12:00 noon.

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