Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – August 9, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – August 9, 2000

?Attendees: Jim Lascala, City of Liberty; Arnold Williams, Mo Department of Transportation; Tom Frahm, Mo Department of Revenue; Renee Holder, Mo Department of Revenue; Jeff Falter, Mo State Emergency Management Agency; Jo Ann Shaw, Mo Department of Natural Resources; Stephen Daw, Missouri Mappers Association; Debbie Pitts, Mo State Library; Mark Duewell, Mo Department of Health; Jim Davis, Mo Department of Mental Health; Tony Spicci, Mo Department of Conservation; Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS


Call to Order
Reading of the minutes / approval of the minutes
MSDIS Activities
Standards Addressing Standards
Standards Metadata Standard
MAGIC next meeting
Missouri GIS 2001 Conference Committee reports
GIS Day 2000
SMAC update
Review of By-laws
Round-table project update
Open Discussion

Minutes of theJuly meetingread and approved with minor changes.

Tim Haithcoat sent around a sheet with current names and contact information for the MGISAC membership. This was subsequently updated and a new list will be distributed in hardcopy format at the next meeting and also by email.

MSDIS Activities: Tim Haithcoat updated the Committee on the Internet Mapping System request that is to be sent in to the Office of Information Technology as a line item. The system requested is an IBM S80, which is their web server for e-commerce type activities. The budget item is approximately $1.15 million for the hardware and software to implement the system. Concerns were raised that this might preclude development within the agencies since it could be viewed as ‘all the GIS we need’. An education process is necessary to move this item forward within the budget because of its necessity in moving these state databases and information that the state holds to the public. It is important to note that this is viewing software with limited analysis capability so that it will be used to portray finished work and not be viewed as a GIS analysis engine. This is not a be-all and end-all for GIS in the state. Discussion also focused on whether the IMS interface should be JAVA or HTML based due to viruses and other problems.

Standards Addressing
Tim Haithcoat updated the group on the current status, which is little official movement, but databases are being compiled for a test of the process for budgeting purposes in both Greene County and Boone County. Tim will try to keep the full committee more updated.

Standards Metadata
The recommendation will be sent to Mike Benzen’s office then forwarded to the ITAB for approval. Tim has received all the documents from Jo Ann Shaw and will pull the package together to send forward to Benzen’s office. (note: Mike Benzen is leaving the CIO position in the state in October this will slightly affect the timeline on this issue)

MAGIC meeting: There is no MAGIC meeting in August. The next meeting will be September 6, 2000 in Olathe, KS.

2001 Missouri State GIS Conference
Program Ron Beck (Mo State Highway Patrol) provided materials to Jo Ann Shaw on program development from the last state conference. A preliminary title for the conference is ‘Leverage the Power of GIS’. Keynote themes will be bioterrorism and emergency management. Mark Duewell has lined up two speakers. Tim Haithcoat will contact Bruce Oswald (NY) as the other keynoter. Issues might include bioterrorism (Disaster, crisis, response), virus outbreaks (CDC) and response management both on national and state perspectives.

We need to get the number of rooms for tracks that we have available to Jo Ann Shaw and Mark Duewell. Some discussion on the number of sessions and whether they should be repeated was held. Tim will arrange a walk-through of the Holiday Inn Executive Center for those program team members who wish to see the facilities. Jim Lascala would like to see a copy of the last Missouri GIS Conference program.

Exhibitors Tim Haithcoat sent the vendor materials to Tony Spicci. Tony is working to get them mailed out.

Workshops Topics discussed:

  • ArcViewIntroduction
  • ArcViewAdvanced
  • Internet Mapping
  • Visual Basic
  • Database Design
  • Data Acquisition
  • Cartography
  • GPS Technology
  • Facility Management
  • Addressing
  • Remote Sensing

Publicity Save the date postcard mailing needs to be created. Milestones and timeline set for publication needs to be done.

GIS Day 2000

  • Activity at the State level by MGISAC has been posted on the ESRI website
  • Planning an exhibit at the Capitol Building with demonstrations and a map gallery
  • Individual agencies and groups were encouraged to hold their own GIS Day activities.

SMAC State Mapping Advisory Council
Meeting was planned for August 16, 2000 at the USGS in Rolla. The letter of invitation was distributed to the Committee. The mailing has gone out to approximately 400 individuals representing local, state, and federal stakeholders. A tentative agenda was distributed. Tony Spicci will moderate the sessions with presentations by the USGS and members of the MGISAC. The meeting is slated to last from 9:00 to 12:00.

By-laws – Mark Duewell requested a friendly amendment to the draft resolution as it was brought to the MGISAC to insert a comma in the ‘Intent’ section between ‘active’ and ‘interested’. The by-law change was then approved and the change posted to the web site.

GIS Training Survey: Tony Spicci updated the group as to the status of the Training Survey. It has been distributed and he is getting them back. Tony feels he will have all the information necessary for the next meeting to fully discuss the results and direction for this issue. Some brought up an issue that ITAB feels that the survey should have been done via theMoTechgroup. This was discussed at length and determined that we need to identify what the needs of the user community are and hand these over toMoTechto help develop the training components necessary to move this technology forward in the state.

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