Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 11, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 11, 2000

Attendees: Arnold Williams, Mo Department of Transportation; Renee Holder, Mo Department of Revenue; Jeff Falter, Mo State Emergency Management Agency; Jo Ann Shaw, Mo Department of Natural Resources; Mark Duewell, Mo Department of Health; Tony Spicci, Mo Department of Conservation; Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS; Alan Spell, Mo Dept. of Economic Development; Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield


Call to Order
Reading of the minutes / approval of the minutes
MSDIS Activities
Standards Addressing Standards
Standards Metadata Standard
MAGIC next meeting
Missouri GIS 2001 Conference Committee reports
GIS Day 2000
Round-table project update
Open Discussion

Minutes of the September meeting were not distributed.

MSDIS Activities: Tim Haithcoat updated the Committee on the Internet Mapping System request that is to be sent in to the Office of Information Technology as a line item. Mark Duewell brought a point that there should be a frequently asked questions page on MSDIS. Tim stated that work on this has already begun. The Interim CIO for the state is Gerry Wethington a meeting is being planned to demonstrate the IMS capability of the MSDIS data sets. Tim Haithcoat also mentioned that he was going to be hiring a Program Manager for the MSDIS as his time needs to be spent on the pursuit of hisPhD. As well, there is enough activity within the MSDIS to need a full-time manager for the site and its activities. Tim opened the search and interview process to the MGISAC as a subset of the full committee will participate in the interviews for this position. Tim also stated that the MSDIS IMS site was up for review for the MGISAC athttp://msdis-maps.missouri.edu. Tim Haithcoat also entered an idea of creating an MOU with the regional groupMidAmericaGeographic Information Consortium (MAGIC) as a way of formalizing our involvement and shared conferences with them.

Standards Addressing
Tim Haithcoat stated that due to the IMS machine being in the budget this session for funding the addressing piece that was being examined will be pushed back to next year for funding. However, the databases are being compiled for a test of the process for budgeting purposes in both Greene County and Boone County.

Standards Metadata
The metadata documents from Jo Ann Shaw and others will be posted on the web for a review period of 60 days. After this review is completed the package will be sent to the CIO’s office.

MAGIC meeting: The MAGIC meeting is October 13, 2000 in Olathe, KS. A car pool will be done for those wishing to attend this meeting. We are meeting at 6:00 am. at the Conservation Dept.’s Columbia Research Center at 1110 College Ave. Of special note is the Program Planning meeting which is tentatively scheduled for April 26-27, 2001 at the Big Cedar Lodge in southwest Missouri. Tim Haithcoat also mentioned that there are potential partnerships with MAGIC on some regional workshops and other activities that are being planned.

Other dates of known activities include the NSGIC mid-year meeting in Nashville, TN on April 19-22, 2001. The ASPRS meeting will be in St. Louis from April 23-27, 2001.

2001 Missouri State GIS Conference
Issues and status:

  • ESRI Drawing needs to be arranged. As well, all vendors should be given the opportunity to participate in these drawings.
  • The Conference Theme is ‘2001 Spatial Odessey’
  • Tim needs to send Tony the text for the letter of invitation to the keynotes.
  • Mike Flowers (DNR- State Surveyor) will come and provide a seminar within the conference.
  • NCEES Model law panel was discussed as a possible ‘presentation’
  • The program committee needs names, subject, day preference, time, and title for presenters.
  • We will be having 6 sessions (5 in rooms& 1 in the vendor area) concurrently
  • The ‘Save the Date’ postcard must go out soon.
  • The pricing structure for the vendor exhibits needs to be determined as well as their relationship to the ‘Vendor Presentations’
  • At lunch there was talk of providing a NASA image gallery on a big screen
  • We need to develop the web site for the Conference and start pointing people to it.
  • Check to see if Alice can join us at our next meeting.

GIS Day 2000
Several from the committee did a walk-through of the rotunda for our GIS day event there. Power was checked and seems good. The bad news is that it is a poorly lit area. It was determined to keep the event there this year and see how it goes. As well, the group decided that we should repeat the legislature was in session. The group needs to determine / create a MGISAC logo or symbol for use at this event as well as a brochure on the MGISAC. The following groups are represented currently for the Rotunda event: MSDIS, MDC, MDNR,MdoH,MoDOT, MDED, Springfield, Jefferson City, EMA/FEMA, USGS, and Liberty.

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