Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 14, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 14, 2000

Attendees: Arnold Williams, Mo Department of Transportation; Jo Ann Shaw, Mo Department of Natural Resources; Mark Duewell, Mo Department of Health; Tony Spicci, Mo Department of Conservation; Gary Beahan, Mo Dept. of Economic Development; Debbie Pitts, Missouri State Library; Steven Daw, Missouri Mappers Association; JimLaScala, City of Liberty; Renee Holder, State Emergency Management; Michael Lathen, Public Service Commission


  • Call to Order
  • Reading of the minutes / approval of the minutes
  • Missouri GIS 2001 Conference – Committee reports
  • MGISAC Meeting Schedule for 2001
  • MSDIS Activities
    • Standards – Addressing Standards
    • Standards – Metadata Standard
  • MAGIC – next meeting
  • Round-table project update
  • I-Team Discussion
  • Open Discussion
  • Adjournment

Call to Order was made at 9:10.

Announcement – Tom Frahm had a minor heart attack. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Minutes of the November meeting were not distributed.

2001 Missouri State GIS Conference

  • Program Committee: Jo Ann handed out the program to date. A number of slots are filled, but we still have some openings. Problem with a person wanting to do a keynote and how to have this happen was discussed. A number os sessions were added. Jo Ann will email an updated schedule for Committee members to review. Any additions and changes should be emailed to Jo Ann.
  • Workshops: Arnold Williams has secured 40 computers for the workshops needing hands-on approaches. He needs to know what software will be needed and he will also be working on the set-up and tear-down of the workshop computers.
  • Vendors: We already have had a number of responses. The vendor letter is to go out this week. Presentations for Tool Time will be sectioned into twelve 45-minute slots. Vendors will be asked to pay for these additional slots. Non-profits will receive special consideration. Some sort of deposit will be required to cover set-up; electrical and Internet will be additional costs.
  • General: The MGISAC needs a good logo for itself. All members have been asked to submit a logo by the January meeting. As well, a MGISAC brochure is needed. Jo Ann will create a mock-up of a tri-fold.
  • Treasurer: The MGISAC needs to see a budget for the conference and the Committee.
  • Publicity: Debbie Pitts will send out the Press Release for Committee review. Debbie will handle media coverage. We should also go to the legislature will a cover letter from the Committee. Debbie is compiling a list of people to send this too.

MGISAC Meeting Schedule for 2001 – tentatively moved to January meeting

MSDIS Activities: No report


  • Addressing – No report
  • Metadata – The metadata documents from Jo Ann Shaw and others will be posted on the web through February 28, 2001. After this review is completed the package will be sent to the CIOs office. Arnold Williams noted that the templates were hard to download.
  • Geolocational – Tony Spicci reported the draft of these standards will be coming soon.

MAGIC meeting: No report

I-Team Discussion: tentatively moved to January meeting

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