Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 15, 2001

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 15, 2001


Arnold Williams, Mo Department of Transportation;
Renee Holder, Mo Department of Revenue;
Jeff Falter, Mo State Emergency Management Agency;
Jo Ann Shaw, Mo Department of Natural Resources;
Mark Duewell, Mo Department of Health;
Tony Spicci, Mo Department of Conservation;
Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS;
Gary Beahan, Mo Dept. of Economic Development;
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield, Steve Daw, MMA;
Jim Davis, DMH; Darryl Williams, USGS;
JimLaScala, City of Liberty;

Others Present

Julia Cole, East/West Gateway; Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City;
Helen Stewart, SEMA;
Jeff Schloss, MDNR;
Chris Barnett (CARES),
Yan Barnett (CARES),
Chris Fulcher (CARES);


  • Call to Order
  • Reading of Minutes / Approval of the minutes
  • Nominations
  • Chair Platform Statements
  • Committee Chair Vote
  • PIXXURES Meeting proposal
  • MSDIS Activities
  • Standards Addressing
  • MAGIC info & update
  • By-laws discussion and modification
  • Committee Strategic Plan
  • CARES presentation
  • Open Discussion
  • Adjournment

Call to Order: was made at 9:10

Reading of Minutes / Approval of the minutes:

Minutes for theMarch 8, 2001 meetingwere distributed. Minor modifications were made and these minutes were approved.

PIXXURES Meeting proposal:

A discussion was held as to whether the MGISAC wanted vendor presentations at these meetings. It was determined that we would not entertain these presentations at the monthly meeting but find a more appropriate forum for such presentations such as the State Mapping Advisory Committee meeting.

MSDIS Activities:

Tim Haithcoat briefly updated the Committee on the data base development activities occurring at the MSDIS. These included the processing of the new state TIGER files and the building of a 1990 2000 crosswalk for population numbers given in the public law 94-171 files done in coordination with the State Census Data Center. The posting of these files as well as redistricting files built in coordination with the Office of Administration was done during the last month. A new roads file for the state will be processed on receipt from the Census Bureau. The current one posted for the 2000 data will be updated shortly when released from the Bureau. Census map distribution and reproduction is swinging into high gear with all PDF forms of these maps for the state available for browsing and download from MSDIS.

Tim Haithcoat also briefed the Committee on his meeting with Gerry Worthington, State CIO. The discussion centered on the available and strategy for obtaining the capacity on a machine to conduct the Internet Mapping portion of MSDIS site. Gerry stated that the machine request was denied and that there is excess capacity on existing machines slated for purchase that would meet the need for the IMS capacity for MSDIS IMS.


Addressing: No new developments holding for the state architecture design plan on data bases discussion to be held this spring.

MAGIC info & update:

Meeting is to be held on April 28th at Olathe, KS. Anyone wishing to go to this meeting please meet at the Wildlife Research Office in Columbia at 6:00 a.m. Discussions to be held include the upcoming 2001 MAGIC conference in Kansas City, MO, as well as regional activities in training, education, and outreach from the MAGIC.

By-laws discussion and modification:

A subcommittee was formed to review and come up with changes for the by-laws in the areas of membership, structure of the committee, and committee positions.

Committee Strategic Plan:

Mark Duewell lead a discussion related to the need for a strategic plan for the Committee itself to act as a continuing guide for the actions of the committee as well as provide a platform and foundation for the Committee in the eyes of those who are outside of this committee. A subcommittee was formed and will meet on the following list of topics put forward today. The list included: Standards / Geocoding; Training; Outreach / Marketing; Statewide License Agreement; Internet Mapping; State Architecture; Data Layer Plans; State Coordinator; Support for Career Path.

CARES presentation:

Chris Barnett, Chris Fulcher, and Yan Barnett read a prepared statement to the MGISAC concerning a question that came up during the open panel session at theMoGIS2001 Conference. The question concerned itself with duplication of effort occurring at the University of Missouri. Some limited discussion followed. Chris Barnett was asked by the committee to provide a copy of his statement to Tim Haithcoat for distribution to the Committee. Tim Haithcoat will a draft a response to the statement for distribution at the next meeting.


A last call for nominations was made. The final ballot included: Tony Spicci (MDC), Tim Haithcoat (MSDIS), and Darryl Williams (USGS).

Chair Platform Statements:

Tony Spicci and Tim Haithcoat made platform statements as to their priorities and direction for the MGISAC. Darryl Williams needed to leave and was not present for a platform statement.

Committee Chair Vote:

A vote was held and Tony Spicci was re-elected as Chair.

Open Discussion


The meeting was adjourned at 12:35.

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