Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 11, 2004

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 11, 2004

Call to Order

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatpresent Tom Stokesabsent

State Members

Gary Beahan (Dep’t of Economic Development)absent Jeff Haney (Dep’t of Revenue)present Chair Tony Spicci (Dep’t of Conservation)present Jeff Schloss (Dep’t of Natural Resources)present Debbie Briedwell (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services)excused Arnold Williams (Dep’t of Transportation)excused Vice-chair Ryan Lanclos (Dep’t of Agriculture)present Jeff Falter (State Emergency Management Agency)present Bobbie Sue Koelling (Dep’t of Elementary and Secondary Education)present

Cooperating Members

Michelle Carey (City of Kansas City)excused (military duty) Ray Fox (USGS/MCMC)present Gary Mook (EastWestGateway)excused Kevin Kuhlmann (Village of Innsbrook)present Elizabeth Cook (USDA-NRCS)present JamesLaScala(City of Liberty)present Stephen Daw (Missouri Mappers Association)absent Secretary David Drum (MOREnet)present Greg Dorge (City of Jefferson)present Jennifer Peterson (City Utilities of Springfield)excused

Other Attendees

Clayton Blodgett (MORAP) Mark Duewell (MSDIS) Jason Ebersole (Dep’t of Transportation) (proxy for Arnold Williams) Steve Marsh (Jackson County) Sonny Sanders (ESRI) Helen Stewart (State Emergency Management Agency) Joseph Weidinger (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services) (proxy for Debbie Briedwell)

Approval of the Minutes

Printed minutes passed out. Minutes were approved with corrections by motion and vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-lawsJeff Falter

Gerry Wethington has suggested some minor wording changes to the By-laws. Those changes will be submitted to the committee by the ten-day cutoff for the April meeting. Jeff conveyed to Gerry that MGISAC is working on issues for the state of Missouri, not just Missouri State Government, and Gerry has bought into this concept, so the state membership majority requirement in the by-laws can probably be removed.

CommunicationsDavid Drum

New page template in use in minutes, please comment. Still no contributions from agencies toward data acquisition schedule.

Data DevelopmentRay Fox

Tony S: Jo Ann has resigned as co-chair. Ray F: No work is taking place until after the MAGIC Symposium/State Mapping Workshop. There may be a gathering afterward to show the work that is going on in this area. This subcommittee will need a co-chair from the State membership.

Education and OutreachRyan Lanclos

Ryan L: discussion of handout1,2 detailing plans for GIS Day at the Capitol. We will have access to the 3rd floor Rotunda at 7 a.m., display runs 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. Discussion of audience and content of MGISAC booth posters. David D will set up a meeting for interested parties soon to discuss booth poster content.

GIS Data PolicyTim Haithcoat

Tim has some material and wants to schedule a meeting, or may discuss issues at the next MGISAC. There is a lot in this topic that could be pursued. Tony S: Greg D has resigned as co-chair. The subcommittee needs another co-chair. JimLaScalahas volunteered.

GIT ArchitectureTim Haithcoat

GIT Architecture entity chart discussed. Addressing standard discussed. Motion from Jim L to accept the standard and forward it to the next group. Motion seconded. Tony S friendly amendment: Information domain is the next group to approve the document. Amendment seconded. Motion and amendment approved by vote.

Homeland SecurityTony Spicci

There was no meeting last month. Waiting to see how move from Health to National Guard will work out. If there is enough interest, the next meeting will be on 3/19 at 10 a.m. in the Lower Osage conference room at the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Local GovernmentSteve Marsh, Gary Mook

Subcommittee met after February MGISAC meeting (this will be a regular occurrence). Plan to post date and time of subcommittee meeting in advance on web site to draw in Local Government staff. Local Government has a slot at MAGIC to talk about standards. A web page with contact information is being created. Mark D: discussing a survey for the web site for local government members to direct the work of the subcommittee. Mission, goals, and division of work will be set at the next meeting. Steve M: Continuing possibility of developing individual county GIS dataCDs(like the one previously created for Hickory county). Liz C: she met with the presiding commissioner of Hickory county, who mentioned a SEMA survey and grant. The survey has poor response rate (22) from counties. How can the response rate be improved with GIS? Since funding for GIS is the biggest obstacle, grant eligibility would help. Tim H: Audrain county has bid out mapping, so won’t be participating in the county assessors GIS pilot. Vernon county mentioned as a pilot. The chief county assessor is giving MGISAC time at the next county assessors meeting to discuss how to start GIS work. The National Association of Counties has a grant for similar work. Discussion. Subcommittee is meeting again after this meeting.

NominationsTim Haithcoat

No report. Tony S: ITAB has been asked repeatedly for nominations from non-participating agencies; nothing forthcoming. He will continue to bring the request to ITAB. Discussion. Tony S: Tim has asked to step down as chair, still looking for a replacement. It would be a good idea to have an ex-officio member as chair. Tim has declined, Tom has not been approached. There may be efficiencies in having Tom take nominations to Gerry, since Tom works for Gerry. Tony also recognizes that Jeff S has indicated interest in the chair pending the outcome of the question of state majority in the membership.

Strategic PlanningTony Spicci

The annual work plan needs to be reviewed to ensure success by 7/1. 7/1 report will list accomplishments and shortcomings. Be ready to report on your piece(s) in May.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

There is a contract in the works for NAIP 04 imagery. (2m georectified imagery; statewide coverage; CIR)

Federal/USGSRay Fox

The MU Office of Space and Planning is working to join the National Map. The State Mapping Workshop will occur conjointly with the MAGIC Symposium 4/18-22.

GIS Merit System PositionsJeff Schloss

No report (new information only available quarterly)

ITABJeff Falter

Tony S: the ITAB all-day meeting is next month. Would committee members like to get ITAB announcements via email? Consensus: no. Jeff F mentioned that everything is available on theOIT ITAB web site.

MACOGGary Mook

No report

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Symposium coming up, preregistration ends soon. Some courses are full already. Hope everyone comes. MGISAC sponsorship/booth is secured.

MORAPDiane True

No report

MMAJennifer Peterson

No report

MSPSDon Martin

Tim H: their conference is coming up, should the MGISAC booth be there? Jim L: yes. Do we have money for the booth to go to these conferences? Tony S: the goal is reciprocal agreements with related groups for booth space. Someone else: are there MGISAC members to take the booth to all of these events?

NSGICTony Spicci

Mid-year meeting coming up 3/26-28 in Virginia. Tim H is attending.

OITTom Stokes

No report

MSDIS Activities

Mark D: moving lots of data to ICREST servers, lots of web site activity. MACOG workshop held last week, had 16 attendees (and 16 survey responses!). Good comments from the Council of Governments, will continue workshops. Request from St. Clair county for GIS data (like Hickory county). Still wrestling with the data handling issue. Need an interim solution for MSDIS until the data policy subcommittee comes up with something else.

ESRI State Purchasing Agreement

Tony S: we need an estimate from everyone on ESRI product (by software package), training, and maintenance purchasing inFY05to finalize agreement. Discussion.

Round Table

Tony S: has extra money for anArcObjectsVBA class and a Geodatabase class. MDC staff will have first take, extra seats may be available. To be held at MOTEC. NAIP 03 uncompressed imagery is now 1.2TB. Requests for all uncompressed imagery will be declined.
Greg D: has resigned from position at City of Jefferson effective 3/31. Other staff may proxy through June; someone may be nominated to replace him. He is moving to Central Missouri Professional Services.
Jeff S: question about why the software survey was sent out a second time. Jeff H: it was a mistake.
Ray F: Oklahoma GIS Day at the Capitol was very well-attended. Went hoarse by 11 a.m.
Jason E: 4 counties roads have been fully GPS’d. MODOT is looking at replacing entire counties’ linework. MODOT is looking at migrating to geodatabase, but it is still working with coverages for now. Metadata is not available in Document format due to field limitations. It is available in XML and HTML.

Announcement of Next Meeting

April 8, 2004 at Missouri Dep’t of Conservation Employees Credit Union Conference Room


Adjourned at 11:50 a.m.



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