Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 8, 2004

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 8, 2004

Call to Order

Time of call to order not recorded

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatexcused
Tom Stokespresent

State Members

Gary Beahan (Dep’t of Economic Development)present
Jeff Haney (Dep’t of Revenue)present
Chair Tony Spicci (Dep’t of Conservation)present
Jeff Schloss (Dep’t of Natural Resources)present
Debbie Briedwell (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services)present
Arnold Williams (Dep’t of Transportation)present
Vice-chair Ryan Lanclos (Dep’t of Agriculture)present
Jeff Falter (State Emergency Management Agency)present
Bobbie Sue Koelling (Dep’t of Elementary and Secondary Education)present

Cooperating Members

Michelle Carey (City of Kansas City)excused (military duty)
Ray Fox (USGS/MCMC)present
Gary Mook (EastWestGateway)present
Kevin Kuhlmann (Village of Innsbrook)present
Elizabeth Cook (USDA-NRCS)present
JamesLaScala(City of Liberty)present
Stephen Daw (Missouri Mappers Association)absent
Secretary David Drum (MOREnet)late
(City of Jefferson)vacant
Jennifer Peterson (City Utilities of Springfield)absent

Other Attendees

Mark Duewell (MSDIS)
Kevin Keeney (Missouri National Guard)
Kathleen Knudson (Dep’t of Transportation)
Eric Maness (DPS/Missouri National Guard)
Steve Marsh (Jackson County)
Joann Shaw (Dep’t of Natural Resources)
Helen Stewart (State Emergency Management Agency)
Diane True (MORAP)

Approval of the Minutes

Approval of minutes occurred after Liaison Reports.March minutes available on the web site. Minutes were approved by motion (JimLaScala), second (Tony Spicci/Jeff Falter) and vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-lawsJeff Falter

Gerry Wethington has made changes to the By-laws removing the stipulation that state membership hold a majority. Jeff Schloss: some did not receive a copy of the changes proposed until 2 days ago. Tony Spicci: Can’t vote on changes unless out 10 days before meeting. Jeff Schloss: need the word “each” in front of “elected office”. Jeff Falter: I will make the one change and send out again.

CommunicationsDavid Drum

Communications report occurred after Approval of the minutes. Discussion of draft GIS Day booth posters. Discussion of having membership logos on poster. Motion to include logos of active members sent to David by April 14 or text will be substituted (Ryan Lanclos), seconded (Liz Cook), no discussion. Vote: 10 for, 2 against, 1 abstention.

Data DevelopmentRay Fox

Proposed a meeting in July in Rolla in conjunction with MGISAC. Want agencies collecting data to give report on what they are collecting. Motion (Liz Cook), second (Jeff ?), approved by vote. Tony: July 8th in Rolla.

Education and OutreachRyan Lanclos

GIS Day at the Capitol April 27th. Will send detailed email this afternoon. Arrive 7 a.m. Unload on the East side on Capitol Avenue. We are there until 4 p.m. Legislators will be emailed next week.

GIS Data PolicyTim Haithcoat/Jim LaScala

No report

GIT ArchitectureTim Haithcoat

No report

Homeland SecurityTony Spicci

Met after MGISAC meeting last month. Will meet one week from Friday. May cancel due to MAGIC.

Local GovernmentSteve Marsh, Gary Mook

Met after MGISAC meeting last month. Gary:EastWestGateway has drafted a technology survey to send all of their local governments (with lots of GIS). 230 municipalities. Steve: Working on a survey to put on MSDIS. Mark Duewell: MSDIS will provide a separate web page for the local government sub-committee. Tony: David is now in the process of converting the website to the state template.

NominationsTom Stokes

There is a link from OIT and will be one from ITAB to MGISAC. Tony: new committee July 1. Nominations open all year. Open nominations will occur at the May meeting. Two-year terms. Jeff Schloss: If Tom doesn’t take the nominations sub-committee, I will. We should get the nominations done tomorrow. Tom Stokes: I am an ex-offico member of this committee. I have no voting privileges. If I chair this subcommittee, I don’t want there to be a perception that I would sway nominations in one way or another. Liz Cook: Because we have delayed approval of by laws, that affects our nomination of locals. Tony Spicci: You can nominate whomever you want. Liz: What is the process? Tony: Send email to nominations sub-committee chair or to Gerry W. directly (if we don’t have a chair). Tom: Where do elections take place? Online? Tony: Officers in a meeting, membersGerry appoints.

Strategic PlanningTony Spicci

I have a rough draft of work plan. I encourage everyone to review this. We want to have as much done as possible by 7-1-04. We are still looking for people to serve on sub-committees. Talk to me or sub-committee chair.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

NAIP 04 moving forward. Decision: color. Decision: coverage of state. Does not believe NRCS is participating. CARES and Dep’t of Agriculture asked for a copy of Common Land Units. Farm Service Agency does not understand how the GIS community shares data. Liz would like to see us serve this layer through MSDIS. She would like to see MGISAC coordinate the sharing of this layer. Mark Duewell: could you set up a meeting to discuss this? Liz: yes. Ray: Does the FSA have a coordinator at the State level? Liz: yes. NRCS and FSA have joint offices. Tony: Dep’t of Conservation has budgeted money for cost of producing the 2mDOQsin the non-agricultural counties through 2008. Liz: GIS Day 4/27 message: Local government cost-share potential. They could bump up resolution. Would like to have one contract. If the feds can cover 80%, why not tag onto this. Other thing: county government pilotsagressive Vernon and Hickory county meetings. Steve Marsh and Gary Mook keep in touch with Nathan Mattox (MSDIS) on that. Jeff: motion to draft a letter to FSA to address distribution of common land units. Mark Duewell and Liz Cook will draft. Second by Kevin Kuhlmann. Passed by vote.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

NSDI grants should be announced on or about April 16. Proposals due June 4. Includes section for the National Map so there are grant opportunities. State mapping workshop coming together well; very good speakers. Describing the National Map, how it works, chance to give feedback to the USGS.

GIS Merit System PositionsJeff Schloss

No report (next month)

ITABJeff Falter

Tony: no report. Jeff: no comments on handout; mentioned MAGIC conference to promote to non-MGISAC-member agencies.

MACOGGary Mook

No report

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Tony: not much going on except for Symposium. MGISAC does have a booth at MAGIC and is a platinum sponsor. Good keynotes, good speakers, fairly ambitious program.

MORAPDiane True

The state land cover from 2000 has been drafted for everything except Boone county (clouds) and is going out for professional review. Discussion of alternate imagery products following failure of LANDSAT 7. MORAP is not a member of MGISAC but would be willing to participate on the Education and Outreach subcommittee.

MMAJennifer Peterson

No report

MSPSDon Martin

No report

NSGICTony Spicci

Mid-year meeting a few weeks ago; was fantastically successful. 120 participants, 2-day meeting became 4-day meeting. Next year will probably happen in DC again. Annual meeting December 12-16 in Austin, TX. Make your hotel reservations early as it occurs right before the Austin City Limits music festival. Jeff Schloss: Model states draft summary question about who the political champion/liaison is? Tony: Gerry Wethington. Discussion.

OITTom Stokes

Gerry asked Tom to put together a GIS training program. Working with Tony.

MSDIS Activities

Mark D: Activity Report handout. Discussion. MSDIS Upgrade to support the National Map. Motion for MGISAC to provide letter of support to MSDIS for National Map grant by JimLaScala, seconded by Ryan Lanclos, passed by vote.

ESRI State Purchasing Agreement

Question from Jeff Schloss about ESRI state license and alsoFY05purchases. Tony: State contract has been renewed but lacks desktop products; enterprise purchase agreement has been negotiated extensively and is still pending. Still probably 2 or 3 months away. Goal is a single-source contract for all ESRI products (not services likeStreetMap) with the exception of some third-party products sold with ESRI label. Still need to hear from members about planned purchases, maintenance, and training. Discussion.

Subcommittee Chair Update

Tom Stokes has accepted chair of nominations subcommittee. Please email Tom by end of April if you or anyone you know will serve the next 2 year term.

Round Table

Tony S: Uncompressed NAIP data and metadata being received, going to MSDIS. Data will be recompressed and redistributed to MDC field offices. Geodatabase andArcObjectsclasses planned, looking for lab space.
Jeff F: Calcomp digitizer board available, used twice, going to surplus, call him.
Tom S: Looking for other nominations subcommittee members.
Arnold W: New paper road map out. Hiring GIS specialist and GIS tech this week.
Mark D: Looking at methods to generate revenue. Job postings a possibility.
Gary M: job posted for entry-level GIS
Steve M: Mid-America Regional Council just interviewed for GIS tech
Jeff S: DNR released new landfill dataset recently, three or four more datasets on the way

Announcement of Next Meeting

May 13th, 2004 at Missouri Dep’t of Conservation Employees Credit Union Conference Room


Adjourned at 11:31 a.m.



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