Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 14, 2008

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 14, 2008

Department of ConservationCredit Union Building-9:00 am

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:07am

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Mark Duewellpresent
Tim Haithcoatpresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwellexcused
Colin Duewellpresent
David Finchabsent
Matt Hesserpresent
Bobbie Sue Koellingexcused
Donna Rehagenpresent
Renee Robinsonpresent
Jeff Schlosspresent
Tony Spiccipresent
Beth Struempfabsent
Mike Sutherlandabsent
Becky Veitexcused, being replaced by Donna Rehagen
Arnold Williamsexcused

Cooperating Members

Elizabeth Cookpresent
David DrumSecretarypresent
Mike Duncanabsent
Ray Foxpresent
Dawn Hilderbrandabsent
Pam KelrickVice-chairpresent
Curtis Koonsabsent
Kevin Kuhlmannpresent
Steve MarshChairpresent
Gary Mookexcused
Greg Reszpresent
Ed Siegmundabsent
Kim Swisherabsent
Diane Truepresent

Other Attendees

Mark Allen, Lafayette Co
Tim Donze, Surdex
Eric Foster,MoDOT
JimLaScala, Griner & Schmitz
Tracy Schloss, DHSS (proxy for Debbie Briedwell)
Curt Schultz, NGA

Approval of the Minutes

January minutes available on the web site. Motion to approve by Ray F, seconded by Jim L. Passed by vote.

MGISAC Administration

Announcements/Executive Activity

[at 10:52 am] Open Treasurer position. One nomination, Liz Cook. Suggestion from Jeff S to vote by motion. Accepted by show of hands. Motion to elect Liz as Treasurer by acclimation, multiple seconds. Liz elected Treasurer by hand vote.


Motion to dispense with reading of change to bylaws by DD, seconded by Steve M. Motion to approve changes by Pam K, seconded by Jeff S. Tony S: what does “custody” mean in 6.5.1? David D: I have the same question. I tried to formalize the changes to move the process forward and am open to amendments. Discussion. Tony: because this has to do with money, it needs to be crystal clear. Discussion. Mark D: does not speak to auditing. Diane T: how does money actually leave the account when it is housed at the University? Discussion. Repeat of explanation from January about status as a legal entity. Discussion. Friendly amendment from Steve M to change part 3 to read:

6.5 The Treasurer shall:

6.5.1 provide guidance and reports of balances held at the University of Missouri

6.5.2 coordinate with the fiscal officer at MSDIS to complete deposits and withdrawls as directed by the vote of the committee.

David D accepts friendly amendment. No further discussion. Call for vote. Motion passes unanimously by vote.


Matt Hesser, Donna Rehagen, Renee Robinson new members.

State GIO ReportTim Haithcoat

Cadastral mapping state standard being drafted as legislation. Governor’s office, et al. want to map rural wireless internet availability. May have some input into the process. Joann Emerson got an earmark from the Dep’t of Justice for $1.2 for oblique imagery, hoping to change that to LIDAR. Liz C: what is the intention of the earmark? Tim H: the intention is the obliques, based on a conversation between the Jefferson Co E911 Coordinator and Joann Emerson. Tony S: apparently Pictometry is going around to the states saying they have some Federal money to partner with State money. Should know about the DOQ RFP soon. ESRI State Master Purchasing agreement being negotiated, moving forward. Ask if you have questions. Request came out from NSGIC expressing concerns about NAIP funds being pulled out of USDA for other projects. Tim read letter GIO/MGISAC will send to NSGIC, USDA, and related entities. Motion from Steve M to send letter as read. Second by Tony S. Passed by vote, Federal liaisons abstained.

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

Did not meet in February due to State holiday. Block 4 delivered to MODOT for review. Hope to have Eastern Imagery for the State wrapped up soon. February meeting being rescheduled for Feb 26 following the Homeland Security meeting.

Funding & GrantsPam Kelrick, Tony Spicci, Mark Duewell

No Report

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementTim Haithcoat

Meeting rescheduled for Feb. 26. Have had discussions with Project Homeland group. Will spell out what geospatial public safety footprint looks like. MAGIC workshop March 6-7 targeted to emergency managers. GIS table at SEMA meeting at the end of March at Chateau on the Lake in Branson March 25-28. NSGIC mid-year meeting coming up.

Local Government GroupGreg Resz/Mark Allen

Anecdote about intended uses of data.

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell/David Drum

Mark D: workshop coming up in Dexter. Will have around 45 attendees. They are accepting a lot of the cost, but sponsoring a break would be a nice gesture. Motion from Kevin K to contribute to the Bootheel workshop breaks not to exceed $100. Second from Ray F. Motion passes by vote. GIS Day at the Capitol discussion.

Strategic PlanningEric Foster

Met with Pam K by phone to transition. Reviewed status of various documents. [later] Fifty States grant update by Pam K: feedback has been very good; side benefit is that we have contact information for local government staff. Will have a draft of the plan before the final meeting in April.

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

No Report

Policy & LegislationTony Spicci

Nothing on the state side. FLAIR Act back with bipartisan support in both houses.

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Passed around agenda from recent MSDIS retreat. Mostly about users, web site, and data. Intend to streamline web site. Detail of changes. Discussion.

Missouri GIS ConferenceTony Spicci

Have circulated two requests for volunteers. Cannot have a conference without people, or subcontract out everything. Plenary, Social, Programs covered. Maybe exhibits. Nobody for Workshops, Posters, Awards, Publicity. Tony filling in as Chair, but would like someone else. Liz volunteers for Projects Showcase. Jim reaffirms for Exhibits. Pam and Colin will help Steve on Programs. Ray and David on Workshops. David on Publicity. Mark Allen on conference co-chair. Mark on Awards. Kevin and Diane on Social. Plenary: Hilary Perkins and Kim Burns.

MAGIC Symposium CommitteeTony Spicci

Liz C and Kevin K receiving free registrations for MGISAC. Mark D: MAGIC was awarded a CAP grant to provide metadata workshops. Missouri’s will be scheduled soon; expect an invitation in the next week or so. Ray F: Homeland Security workshop March 6-7; registration from Missouri is low. Symposium registration is open; early registration ends March 19; room block will be released around the same time.

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

March 11 9am-4pm in Springfield-Greene County Library, seminar on how to use LIDAR. Discussion.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

Have until tomorrow to put in recommendations for USGS partnership funds. March 5 the USGS liaisons from MO, KS, IA, NE will meet with their counterparts from the Kansas City FEMA office to discuss USGS-FEMA cooperation in emergency response and other items of mutual concern.


No Report

MORAPDiane True

No Report

MMASarah Murray

No Report

MSPSJohn Teale

No Report

NSGICTony Spicci

Mid-year in DC coming up. Having breakfast with MAPPS to discuss Imagery for the Nation. DHS and FEMA want to be able to use RAMONA in the event of a disaster, but need metadata from locals. Will fund up to 20 people to attend (and then they can stay for MAGIC).

Round Table Discussionall

TS: just hired a new GIS specialist. In full implementation of our integrated data framework.
Tim Donze: concerned about timeframe of western Imagery for the State RFP.
Mark Allen: getting ready to deploy our new GIS.
Renee Robinson: questions for Tim H.
Tracy Schloss: getting ready to upgrade all GIS servers.
Greg Resz: have gotten calls from ESRI about licenses, lots of numbers really fast
Steve Marsh: MARC has entered into another agreement to fly its region this spring, hoping to coordinate with western Imagery for the State.

Announcement of next meeting

March 13, 2008 @ Conservation Credit Union




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