Minutes for February 9, 2012

Date: February 9, 2011
Location: Conservation Employees’ Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Time: 9:00 AM
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 9:01 a.m.
2. Welcome and Introductions

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Mark Duewell—present
OA ITSD GIS Paul Wright—present
SEMA Debbie Briedwell—present
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewell—present
OA Budget and Planning Matt Hesser—absent
JFMO-EM Renee Robinson—present
OA-ITSD Natural Resources Jeff Schloss—excused
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services Tracy Schloss—present via teleconference
Department of Conservation Tony Spicci—present
OA-ITSD Revenue Beth Struempf—present
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addison—present via teleconference
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman—present
Great River Associates Josie Bock—present via teleconference
Camden County Leslie Chamberlin—present
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Clayton—present
USDA-NRCS Elizabeth Cook—present
Surdex Tim Donze—present
MOREnet David Drum—present
City of Columbia Matt Gerike—present
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hung—present via teleconference
Cole County Melissa Johnson—present
Sanborn Kevin Kuhlmann—present via teleconference
Jackson County Amber Reynolds—present
City of Jefferson Greg Resz—excused
MoRAP Diane True—present via teleconference
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner—present via teleconference
Boone County Jason Warzinik—present
MU Extension/Department of Geography Shannon White—present (proxy for Greg Resz)
Other Attendees
USGS Ray Fox
US DHS Rick Goins
OA ITSD OGI Arnold Williams

3. Approval of Minutes
January minutes available on the web site. Motion to approve from White, seconded by Chamberlin, approved by vote.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 Missouri OGI Report – Paul Wright

  • Architecture review draft from ESRI was received and reviewed. There were some corrections made and those were forwarded back to ESRI. We should receive a final report in the next few weeks.
  • The Redistricting Office will be maintained for a longer period due to further changes required. The current viewers will be left in place until the effort is completed. Kirk Webb is leaving the office and they are seeking a temporary replacement. OGI continues to assist the Office as needed.
  • We are reviewing various examples of RFPs in order to develop our own aerial imagery RFP. A number of sources have provided examples which have been very helpful (thanks to all who have provided examples!!). We hope to begin working with OA Purchasing in the next couple of weeks to begin developing the document.
  • The Missouri data portal (data.mo.gov) is being populated. Socrata has a mock-up of the site. Datasets are being secured for a first release. No specific date of release has been determined.
  • The RFI for an enterprise wide geo-coding solution is being distributed to vendors with a 3 week return deadline (Feb 21, 2012).
  • Spoke with Shannon about the next steps on the ESRI Education Program. She is researching some white papers that might directly provide the information that DESE is requesting. This relates to this programs relationship with STEM, etc.
  • Esri State Master contract has been signed.

4.2 MSDIS report – Mark Duewell
MSDIS Q2 Report distributed yesterday, also going on the MSDIS web site. Highlights of report noted.
4.3 Treasurer’s report – Leslie Chamberlin
Official report not available. Unofficial balance is $24,504.99.
4.4 Membership report – Tony Spicci
No report aside from by-laws changes.
4.5 By-laws – Liz Cook
Proposed changes distributed with agenda, but not within ten-day window required for a vote. Concerns expressed regarding excused absence and the designation, or lack, of a proxy. Discussion. Cook will resend notice of proposed changes and a vote will be held next month.
5. Project Update/Action Items
5.1 Web Site — Jason Warzinik
Wright: web site is located at the State Data Center, administered by OGI, with ITSD security monitoring. Request from last month to move web site and/or domain went through channels and was declined. Warzinik described administrative functions that he needs but no longer has access to. Discussion about handling the technical aftermath. Discussion about how this all began. Sentiment fairly negative regarding the State’s handling of the situation. Discussion about where to go from here. Cook summarizes: we accept the current situation with the web site; we are at a watershed with strategic planning, and need everyone’s input; unsure yet if expressing displeasure with sequence of events is needed or worthwhile. Motion from Drum, seconded by Marsh, to redirect money approved last month for production site to instead host a preproduction site. Approved by vote. Motion from Marsh, seconded by Chamberlin, to draft a letter to the OGI expressing frustration with the way the situation was handled. Gerike asked how state members would have to respond to this motion. Discussion. Motion approved by vote with several state representatives abstaining.
5.2 March Meeting — Liz Cook
Request for a presentation in March on redistricting lessons learned has been declined, probably in light of current events regarding redistricting. Call for topics. Discussion about why redistricting could not be discussed. Discussion about whether to move local government discussion back to March. Discussion about request from Nevada, MO CIO regarding local government survey. Local government confirmed for June. Discussion topic for March will be a review of the draft survey.
5.3 Letter of Support — Liz Cook
MSDIS Structures Project proposal to USGS. Motion from Balsman, seconded by Spicci, to provide a letter of support to MSDIS. Approved by vote.
5.4 2013 Missouri GIS Conference — Andy Wagner, Aaron Addison
No report. Discussion about advertising the date and location of the conference. Discussion about sponsoring the photo booth at the MAGIC Symposium. Motion from Johnson, seconded by Wagner, to sponsor the photo booth at MAGIC. Approved by vote.
6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development – Ray Fox
[first item missed] St. Louis and Kansas City projects, NHD project progressing. Will schedule a data development meeting.
6.2 Homeland Security – Debbie Briedwell
US National Grid training taking off. Several local governments overlaying Joplin tornado polygon of destruction on their areas, adjusting emergency response plans accordingly.
6.3 Local Government – Jason Warzinik
Working on survey. Considered a mailing, planning a web survey with telephone contact. Chamberlin advocating interview approach. Discussion.
6.4 Outreach and Education – Mark Duewell, Shannon White
LiDAR workshop, Branson, March 15. 33 registered already, maximum 50-ish. Chamberlin: Lake Area GIS group meeting February 23.
6.5 Policy and Legislation – Joe Clayton
SB 501 trying to create a council on digital inclusion.
6.6 Strategic Planning – Shannon White
Met; meeting again. Working on restructuring of chair/vice-chair offices into chair/chair elect/past chair approach. Performed SWOT analysis, stakeholder needs.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium – Steve Marsh
Sign up! Registration’s open. Early registration ends March 17th. Room block still available.
7.2 National States Geographic Information Council — Paul Wright
The Data Sharing Work Group published Guidelines on accessing and sharing geospatial data. The Guidelines include a discussion of the ‘Myths’ associated with the distribution of geospatial data and they help set the tone for NSGIC’s involvement in any future activities related to data sharing. The Work Group plans to assemble a library of reference documents on this site to assist anyone interested in the sharing of geospatial data.
The Next Generation 9-1-1 Work Group published a ‘Top Ten’ list of actions that each state coordinator can take to help them better understand and assist the 9-1-1 Community in their state. That list can be accessed at: NG 911 Top Ten
There is a list of NSGIC publications (including data sharing guidelines) at: List of NSGIC Publications
Midyear Conference: February 26 – March 1, 2012, Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

Duewell: some federal money has been made available to assist development of conversion tools to help existing metadata records be more easily imported into Geospatial One Stop.
8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports
8.1 NRCS — Liz Cook
NAIP survey regarding an approach to imagery that shares similiarities with Imagery for the Nation.
8.2 USGS – Ray Fox
Working on amendment to NHD cooperative agreement.
8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership – Diane True
MoRAP is moving offices.
8.4 Missouri Mappers Association – Melissa Johnson
No report
8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors — Joe Clayton
Scholarship deadline is March 1, missourisurveyor.org. 200th anniversary of the Government Land Office, 150th anniversary of the Homestead Act.
9. Round table Discussion
White: Summers@MIZZOU Geotech camp, ages 12-15, 20 slots, registration opens this week.
Warzinik: GIS Analyst position posted. showmeboone.com/hr
Robinson: position open
Goins: introduction, description of resources and opportunities
Spicci: offices moving next month
Marsh: kick-off meeting for regional imagery project next week. Hope to by flying by March 1.
Tracy Schloss: warming center interactive map available (not so much needed due to mild winter)
10. Next meeting: Thursday, March 8, 2012, Conservation Employees Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Meeting adjourned at 11:46 a.m.

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  • Ray Fox

    Data Development Committee Report:
    Missouri-Grand Lidar Project is progressing well with the first delivery made. The St Louis and Kansas City orthoimagery projects are on schedule. A data development meeting will be scehduled for April.