Minutes for December 10th 2020

Minutes for December 10th 2020

MGISAC Virtual Meeting
Call to Order – 10:33am
Introductions and attendance
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS – Thomas Bought – p
NSGIC Liaison – Tony Spicci – p
OA ITSD GIS – Tracy Schloss – p
USGS – David Nail – p
State Members
DNR – Debbie Bridewell – p
Economic Development – Colin Duewell – p
MDC – Tim Bixler – p
MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p
MoDOT – Joe Carter – p
OA Planning – Jori Simpson – p/p
SEMA – Brandon Wolfe – p
Cooperating Members
BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – e/p
Boone County – Nathan Mattox – p
City of Columbia – Dan Rose – p
City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p
City of KC, MO water – Stacey Roberts – p
City of Lee’s Summit – Steve Marsh – e/p
City of Maryland Heights – Andy Wagner – p
Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p
Columbia Public Schools – Laura Estabrooks – p
Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p
MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – e/p
Northwest MO State University – Ming-Chih Hung – p
Sanborn – Brad Arshat – p
Southeast Mo State University – Indi Braden – p
St. Louis County – Melisa McLean – p
Surdex – Tim Donze – p
US ACE St. Louis – Michael Gawedzinski – p
Washington University – Mollie Webb – p
Wilson & Co. – Derek Smith – p
Woolpert – Kent Park – p
Other Attendees
Census – Craig Best – p
ESRI – Joe Eckmann – p
Mo Botanical Gardens – Kayla Flamm – p
MSPS – Jon Cole – p
Rosella Schad – MO Tax Commission
Tim Callahan – St. Louis City
Holly Withrow – ITSD

Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve November minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

MGISAC Administration
OGI Report – Jason Long taking new position at end of December. Transition in February. The coming year will focus on what it takes on the legislative level to move things. May not be as open with details based on liaison guidelines due to being on the legislative level. Trying to refine the list of stakeholders. Wanting a good blend of people on all levels from small local up to state.

MSDIS Report –
Updated Data
– MO 2020 Ambulatory Surgical Centers
– MO 2020 Dialysis Centers
– MO 2020 Long Term Care Facilities
– MO 2020 Rural Health Clinics
– MO 2020 Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries
– MO 2020 Emergency Reference Markers
– MO 2020 Missouri Rest Areas
– MO 2020 MoDOT Commuter Lots
– MO 2020 MoDOT Roads Arcs
– MO 2020 MoDOT Roads Routes
– MO 2020 Licensed Pharmacies
MSDIS General News
As the state’s geospatial data clearinghouse, MSDIS is committed to making data available to all GIS users, regardless of the technology they have to work with. Owing to a noticeable increase in help requests from users who do not have access to ESRI products, we have begun the process of converting each of our Missouri County LiDAR mosaics to TIFF files. The Geodatabase versions of each mosaic will still be available, and the Geodatabase and TIFF version of each county file will be kept as separate downloads, but the TIFF version should be compatible with open source GIS products such as QGIS.
In order to give them plenty of time to work on their final exams and projects, the MSDIS interns were officially released from further responsibility after the Thanksgiving break. We want to thank all of the, – Abby, Harry, Jefferson, and Kadie – for their hard work this semester. We are still working to put the finishing touches on some of the projects they worked on before final publishing, but their help has been invaluable. As of right now, we expect at least two new students to join Abby, Harry, and Jefferson next semester. Kadie will be ineligible to return as she took all three credits of the internship this semester.

Treasurer’s Report – No expenses.

Membership Report – No changes
By-Laws Report – We need to make sure that we remain convenient and accessible for our meetings.

Presentation/Discussion Topics
State Covid Response Presentation – Trello was a whiteboard app that helped stay organized during the covid response. They did live survey monitoring and routing. Pre-Covid they provided public health department support and education. Early Covid originally manually updated daily until models built to automate. Transitioned to Tableau. Survey 123 allowed a PPE shipping process and order form. Being expanded for vaccine distribution. Portal built for long-term bed availability for planning purposes. Request from Governor for demonstration.

Committee Reports

Data Development – NG911 subcommittee meeting weekly going through schemas. Looking to finish framework by January. Current imagery RFP has been reviewed. Waiting on results. Once released then marketing of contract will need to happen to generate interest in state-wide fly over.

Education – Meeting with CPS GIS advisory group over curriculum. Many students aren’t even logging in. Needing something that would engage them. Trying to set up virtual conference with professionals to show kids what they can do.

Workshops – Traditional outreach on hold.

Conference – Contract is signed for August 15th-18th. Changes made for social media. Call for abstracts going out soon. Taking keynotes.

Liaison Reports

NSGIC – Digital Coast Act passed. Doesn’t directly impact MO since we are not considered coastal. Change of administration are happening.

MAGIC – Grant process done. One applicant. In-person symposium in Branson at The Landing in spring 2022. MAGIC has QGIS and Arcade workshops coming up virtually. Previous virtual workshops have been well attended.

Cooperating Agency

USGS – 2 active Lidar projects. QL1 St. Charles County. In review. Acquisition done. 26 county. 8 months before released.

Adjourned – 11:39am


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