Minutes for September 9, 2021

Minutes for September 9, 2021

Minutes for September 9, 2021

  1. Call to Order – Chair


  1. Welcome and Introductions / Roll Call / Proxies – Secretary

Dan Rose stated that there were 24 members and 13 non-members in attendance, and that we had enough member attendees to have a quorum (17+). The meeting was called to order at 10:35am.

Ex-Officio Members

Thomas Vought – MSDIS – p

Tony Spicci – NSGIC Liaison – p

Tracy Schloss – OA ITSD GIS – p

David Nail – USGS – p


State Members

Wiley Howell – MOARNG – p

Colin Duewell – Economic Development (Brandon Wolfe, by proxy) – p

Tim Bixler – MDC – p

Alex Lebowitz – MoDOT – p

Matt Hesser – OA Planning (Jori Simpson, by proxy) – p


Cooperating Members

Jason Warzinik – Boone County FPD – p

Nathan Mattox – Boone County – p

Buster Schrage – City of Jefferson – p

Jennifer Bowden – Mid-MO RPC – p

Dan Rose – City of Columbia – p

Indi Braden – MMRPC – p

Michael Gawedzinski – USACE – p

Katie Philbrick – NRCS – p

Chris Barnett – MU Extension/CARES – p

Ming-Chih Hung – NW Missouri State – p

Brad Arshat – Sanborn – p

Derek Smith – Wilson & Co – p

Mollie Webb – Washington University – p

Steve Marsh – KC MO Water – p

Brian Maydwell – MO 911 – p


Other Attendees

Joe Eckman – ESRI

Misty Perry – Mo Dep. Of Ag

Jeremy Tanz – SEMO

Chris Dunn –

Missouri 911 Admin –

Rob Ryan – St Louis Co Board of Elections

William Hartnett – St Louis Co Board of Elections

Drew Williford – City of Mexico

Craig Best – US Census

Steve Kasten – Surdex

Jack King – Surdex

Tim Donze – Surdex

Cassie Twehus – MoDOT

Andy Wagner – City of Maryland Heights


  1. Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes – Chair

Amendments by Wiley Howell:

Jennifer Bowden and Dan Rose are currently listed as ex-officio in the minutes, but for the purposes of membership they should both be listed under Cooperating Members.

The following members were listed as other attendees, and should be moved:

-Jerry Prewett – DNR (State Member)

-Stacey – KCMO Water (Cooperating Member)

-Kent Park – Woolpert (Cooperating Member)

-Michael Gawedzinski – USACE (Cooperating Member)

Minutes were approved as amended by the voting membership.

  1. MGISAC Administration


  • OGI Report – Tracy Schloss

The state’s Esri Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) was renewed for the coming year on September 1.  This is a cooperative agreement, available to all state agencies, levels of local government and the state university system.  It includes a long list of Esri products, but not perpetual use Desktop licenses, and not any services.  Any questions about this contract, contact Tracy Schloss, tracy.schloss@oa.mo.gov

  • MSDIS Report – Tom Vought

We have made some adjustments (hopefully improvements) to the LiDAR download tools; some people want metadata.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Tim Donze

MOGISCON wrap-up – six sponsors, four also sponsored the in-person social; netted $2529.55, not including awards – leaving $23,321.12 balance. One other expense coming is NSGIC membership.

  • Membership Report – Wiley Howell

No change – 33 total members, 31 members in good standing (for voting purposes), Current quorum = 17; Cassie Twehus will be taking over for Alex at MoDOT, and Steve Kasten will be taking over for Tim Donze at Surdex.

  • By-Laws Report – Colin Duewell (Brandon Wolfe by proxy)

No updates

  1. Discussion Topics / Presentations
    • Treasurer nominations – a special election is needed to fill Tim Donze’s position; to elect the Treasurer in October, with nominations opening today (09/09/2021).



  1. Committee Reports

6.1 Data Development – Buster Schrage

Groups have met, imagery discussion has moved to funds for imagery acquisition; hoping to get some additional workshops together in the future.

6.2 Education – Richard Perkins (absent)

GIS Day November 17 – wondering what everyone was doing, does anyone want to partner with CPS?

Southeast Missouri State University will be doing on campus GIS Day activities; MMRPC’s may be virtual if COVID numbers increase; OGI hosts a great GIS Day event.

6.3 MOGISCON’21 – Colin Duewell (Brandon Wolfe by proxy) & Melissa Johnson

The consensus from the group was that everything went very well – the presentations were great, and the social was well attended and fun. The next conference is set to be back at the Stoney Creek hotel in Columbia in 2023; always looking for planning committee members and presentations.

  1. Liaison Reports

7.1 MidAmerica GIS Consortium – Steve Marsh

Save-the-date postcards should have been or soon be received

7.2 National States Geographic Information Council – Tony Spicci

Upcoming election for Board Members for NSGIC (email sent out earlier this morning) – each state elects a member and director (2-year term): It was suggested by multiple members to vote for Jonathan Duran (AR) for NSGIC President-Elect, and Ken Nelson (KS) for one Director position. It was suggested that Tony Spicci take suggesting into account, and cast his votes accordingly. John Watermolen would be another Director choice along with Richard Wade.

NSGIC is soon doing a hybrid conference in Texas – Tony will be attending in person, and will report back to the group.

  1. Cooperating Agency / Organization Reports (Brief by Exception)

8.1 USGS – David Nail

David shared a LIDAR status map (QL2 data, 1m DEM), many available for download; others are in-progress. When the project is done, ~81% of the state will be captured. When more funding is available, the remainder of the state will be captured.

8.2 NRCS – Katie Philbrick

Craig Best – the first dataset was released August 12 in ANSI format (difficult to use); the same data will be released in late September in a much more usable format. Redistricting was discussed, but the Census Bureau cannot comment on recommendations, etc. Melissa Johnson asked Joe Eckmann if ESRI still had the redistricting add-on; it is available as a SaaS, and at a cost, and for Desktop only (not Pro).

Joe: Esri redistricting (note 21-day free trial) https://www.esri.com/en-us/arcgis/products/esri-redistricting/overview

Joe: Free redistricting extension for ArcMap (last updated in 2018): https://www.esri.com/en-us/arcgis/products/districting-for-arcgis/overview

Other software for redistricting was discussed.

8.3 Missouri Mappers Association – Amanda Bybee (absent)

No report

8.4 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors – Jon Cole (absent)

No report

  1. Open Discussion

Toney Spicci – Next GISCI testing is December 4-11

Alex Lebowitz – Does anyone have a personal contact @ Google Maps? Tracy Schloss will pass on information.

  1. Next Meeting: October 14, 2021
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